Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Fantastic Frog Legs Porridge

here lies Jeremiah

Last Friday, Mae and I made our way to downtown KL for Frog Legs Porridge. With Jesse in tow, of course. Since my Valentine's plan has sort of evolved into a belated birthday celebration for yours truly, it would seem wrong to exclude the boy! "Daddy celebrated his birthday and I was not invited!" Poor kid will need therapy for a long time.

Anyway, Frog Porridge in Jalan Alor is possibly the finest in the Klang Valley - perhaps due to the fact that not too many places sell the stuff. Situated towards the end of the road on right hand side, right next to 21st Century Internet Cafe, the place is a little nondescript so watch out for it. This time, we sat out on the five-foot way under a huge Acacia tree for a little alfresco dining. Heh! You can actually sit inside the shop but it's a furnace there. Couples with the steaming hot Frog Porridge, you'll melt in the heat.

This place serves frog in two different styles. You can order Frog Porridge, where the frog legs are cooked INTO a rice porridge. Or you could order Kungpao Frog and a Plain Rice Porridge separately. Or you could lose all inhibitions and take the Frog Porridge WITH the Kungpao Frog! We go for option 2 because I can never resist the Kungpao Gravy.

Most establishments that serve Kungpao Frog Legs usually cook the stuff in black sauce, dried chillies and cashew nuts. This place does away with the frills and gives you your frog legs in a thick, starchy, oyster-based sauce with ass-burning Cili Padi. Woooo!!! The result is a tasty, rich sauce to go with their succulent, tender frog legs. The porridge is seasoned with Sesame See Oil for an extra Umph! Great stuff. Prices are not to bad too although, for the life of me, I can't seem to remember how much we paid for the food.

Another specialty here is their Deep-Fried Spring Chicken. Unfortunately, they had sold out that day. Still the meal was great and if you're ever in the neighbourhood, do give it a try.


  1. I'm so hungry...! Thanks James, its all your fault. :P I think "tin gai" should be cooked together with the porridge though. Well, its up to one own's preference. Anyway, Jalan Alor hor, I shall watch out for it on my next trip to KL. ;-) Thanks alot for introducing the shop.

  2. My sister who is visiting me from KL wants to know where exactly is it. The instructions still not clear x_X She said Jalan Alor is huge. Too bad I will have to wait another 6 months before I can actually fly back to KL to try *cries*

  3. I see Frog Legs at PPS and quickly leap over here. I love frogs. When I was small, I even followed my bro to the sawah padi to catch frogs and then, we come back and cook. Nice to skin them though. I am barbaric, die lah.

  4. lilian : same here, i jumped here when i saw frog legs.
    james : happy belated birthday, that's one year added and one hair less on your head =p, you should start another blog...and blog all about food. esspecially chicken rice. oh yeah..if you know where Amcorp Mall is, i recommend the fried rice which is available on the 3rd floor. it's delicious in my opinion,the shop is called Uncle Snacks

  5. bro-in-law swears by the same frog's legs porridge. He, too, goes for option 2. Can't wait for an opportunity to try this myself.... *salivates* Will have to be solo though coz spicy will give wife gas and bloat up baby!

  6. Yummy!! James, I am actually going to go through your blog one day, and copy down all the food reviews. Coming back to Msia in June with some gwailo friends, and my mission is to make them super duper FAT! HAhahaha..

  7. Mum used to make frog leg porridge when I was much younger. A bit hungry from the stress now. ~_~

  8. The way you describe, I really must try it......

  9. Can you ta-pau for me n send it over to UK please??
    I'm already salivating!!

  10. frogs? eweek!! no way! not for me!
    well ok call me not adventurous if you like, but it's not that. i had decided no to take other meat except pork, chicken and beef.
    btw, i had been to jalan alor before 3 times when in KL and oh boy, there were lots of good food there. is this place you talked about near the hotel nova? i once stayed in hotel nova.

  11. aisay, din invite me geh? its so near my opis! :p
    hehehe sighhh... cant enjoy it cos me hubby dunch eat frogs *blah* when he sees me eat, he'll go make funny faces... how to eat la?
    yes, this stall is towards the end of jalan alor, near hotel nova.
    usually we patronise the last shop opposite hotel nova for delicious Wong Ah Wah grilled chicken wing!!! yum yum

  12. Hi James!
    Do you know that some Chinese parents give their babies frog leg soup once they start crawling? It is said to give their legs strength and prepare them for walking :)

  13. Papi : slurrpp....*droool*
    Mami : Ewww.....!

  14. Aha! Promoting a commercial establishment - sure you must have shares in the shop, right? ;)
    For exposing this act of commercial self-gratification, I expect gifts. Cash preferred. Heheheheheh....

  15. yum...thanks for the reminder... !!!! now that the appetite is back... ohhhh.... think my baking bub will be hoppin' inside! kah kah kah...

  16. Jason, the Kungpao gravy is a killer, dude!
    Gwen, Jalan Alor is just one straight road about 200m long. This place is after Nova Hotel, right next to 21st Century Internet Cafe. :)
    Whoa Lilian, you actually skin them?! You have my respect!
    Thanks Leo. Right now, 1 blog is about all I can handle. Perhaps I could compile all the foodie posts on the sidebar. We'll see.
    I'm still drooling over it, Mumsgather!
    Husband, you could always order Option 3. Wife can eat all the frog legs in the porridge! ;)
    Keep your eyes peeled KC. I'll be blogging quite a bit on food. :)
    Food is good for stress, Mei. Though it's murder on the waistline.
    Yes Ann, you must. :) If you belanja I will take you there. Hehheh...
    :lol: Sorry Cherry, you'll just have to make do with the pics since I doubt if the stuff can make it all the way to UK without turning gross.
    But it taste just like chicken, Lucia!!! :lol:
    Hubby don't eat better mah, BabeKL. Less man more share.
    You're welcome, Hustler.
    Hmm, then I should have fed Baby some, Ariel!
    Poor Mami never acquired the taste eh, Papi?
    Sashi: Hey! Soliciting cash on other people's blogs is illegal! For exposing your criminal actions, I expect gifts. Cash is preferred. Hehhehh....!!!
    Glad you're doing okay, MOO+1. :)