Monday, March 14, 2005


Parenthood has changed my perspective. If you've ever viewed the world with rose-tinted glasses, when you become a parent you'll be viewing them through shit-stained diapers.

These days Jesse can really kick up a storm when you attempt to change him. And when he's had a long call, you can be assured it's gonna be a shitstorm. The little guy is pretty strong despite his minute stature. So when he's had an accident in his diaper, the shit can really hit the fan - sometimes even literally!! So as far as Mae is concerned, it's a dirty job and Daddy's gonna have to do it. "I gave birth to him, you can wipe his ass!"

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on whether you're the father or the mother) when we're out shopping, we find that most places have a diaper room incorporated into the ladies toilet, if at all. Which pretty much means that Mommy's gonna have to get down and dirty. Heh! Personally, despite the occasional feeling of relief (pun not intended), I tend to find this a little chauvinistic on the part of the shopping mall's management people. This is where my new perspective comes in. *ahem*

So, what's the message here? Are we supposed to just accept that changing diapers is a woman's job? What next? Should we ban women from shopping malls altogether so they can go back to the kitchen where they belong?

Now Ikea is different. In the Gents you'll find this nifty little folded apparatus attached to the wall. Unfold it and viola, instant changing table! Apart from designing such a cool gadget, Ikea must be lauded for their attitude. In this world, attitude is everything. Is it any wonder why Ikea is one of the biggest corporations in the world?

For the rest of you Juscos and Giants out there, take a lesson from Ikea. You can wipe a little shit and still make it in the world. C'mon now, us daddies have a job to do, even if it's a dirty job.


  1. ooh! am the first to comment!
    lol .. that's a very adorable act from Ikea:) you're a good daddy, yes you are!

  2. That is freaky. Just the other day I was wondering if there were changing stations in the male toilets. Here in the US there are changing stations in ALL the female toilets I have been in to! Was wondering about the male's ... hmm must ask the husband. Enjoy cleaning up poop!

  3. Wow. another thing which they can incorporate into the Gents is a cubicle for an adult with a small child. Just like what we have in the Ladies.

  4. viewing the world thru shit stained diapers? :lol: now that really cracked me up!

  5. other than those foldable table in female/male toilets, check out the babies room. some of them only allowed mothers in there, well maybe bcos they needed privacy to breastfeed.
    if u r a daddy, knock the baby room door b4 u enter lorrr and take a slow peek, if no mummies ard, go in and wipe shit :p
    baby rooms r available here:
    1. most jusco, children dept
    2. parkson 1U, children dept
    3. parkson sg wang, children dept
    4. parkson klcc, children dept
    5. ikea/ikano but the ikano ones do not provide soap!!!
    6. isetan klcc, children dept
    7. bangsar village, 1st floor near 1920 cafe or something
    anymore?? me very concious and can only go malls wid such facilities... otherwise i pinjam the dept store changing room :-(

  6. excellent practice by ikea. someone from the media should write about this and praise this very progressive move.

  7. hehe. i wish i could tell my husband like Mae told you =)
    well, yesterday I was away. so Amir was left to his father. He has this routine of er, dirtying his diaper b4 we send him to his babysitter, but yesterday, he didnt. the husband thank God for it. Grr

  8. James! My Yahoo group email comprising almost 300 moms are praising you about this blog. must be damn kembang, man. So many women puji-puji your thoughts. Ooohhh, you better go comb hair and wear a nice-nice shirt 'cos they are looking....

  9. Didn't know they got that thing in the gent's. Thx for info. Must let hubby do the nappy change, instead of just waiting outside the baby's room.
    Anyway, I just loooove baby rooms at IKEA, nothing bad about them. Have seen fathers cleaning poos there,too.

  10. Didn't get to go to the men's loo, so have no idea. In fact, I never thought of it till you say so. Guess parenthood broadens one's horizon. :)

  11. Yes Jayelle, and you win a no-prize for being first. :P
    :lol: Gwen, somehow enjoyment is the last thing on my mind when I'm cleaning poop!
    JustMe, you mean mother and son can poop together?
    I'm glad you enjoyed that CC. :lol:
    That's a good list BabeKL. Thanks!
    You're right Kate. Stuff like this should be applauded.
    :lol: Hazel, I know exactly how you feel. When Baby poops in the morning before we leave the house, I do the clean up. When he does it in the office, Mae will have to do it. I always hope he does it in the office. Heh!
    Hahhah... waaah Lilian, I kembang kau-kau so many women watching me. *comb hair and wears clean shirt* Hello ladies. :)
    Yeah, Mama22beas, I did a change there once.
    It sure does, Gina.

  12. James, James, my Mr MG always calls himself Modern Liberated Daddy just becos he changes diapers amongst other stuff. Ah... men. Do little bit of work, kembang so much hor? Summore must comb hair and wear clean shirt ;)

  13. Hehe,it is only disposable diapers right? Imagine like last time we used to wear the washable (recycle) lampins..hehe..:)

  14. You so cultured la...actually go into the loo to change Jesse's diapers. My sis used to do it on the spot, right at the restaurant dining table when everyone is eating. She claims baby poop is clean. I am surprised she did not breast feed in public.
    Now I know what NOT to do. Heh.

  15. If I don't praise me, no one else will, Mumsgather! :lol:
    Bigmugmug, good thing they invented dispo. diapers!
    AhPink: :lol: Your sis is too gross.