Saturday, March 26, 2005

Taiping, Here We Come!

It's 5:20am. In half an hour, Jesse will be on his first trip to Taiping.

Our strategy is simple. Jesse usually wakes up at 7:30am - 8:00am. Leaving at 6:0am should give us a couple of hours of peaceful journey home. If all goes well, he'd be fast asleep in his car seat and we should be able to make it home safely and stress-free, and just in time for a nice Taiping Shredded Chicken Noodle breakfast. :) Yes, it's all about eating.

Hopefully our strategy pays off. In any case, it should be a pretty interesting trip. Details when we return.

And oh, pray for us. We'll need it. *ahaks*


  1. have a safe trip! and about food, remember that you can't button your suit liao? *muahahahar!*

  2. Keeping my fingers and toes and thumbs crossed that James, Mae and Jesse will have a smooth trip. And don't forget the photos.... If you see Taiping Lake got lotus, buzz me ok? I am dying to take photos of beautiful lotus.

  3. all the best lor. hope u prepared barf bags and assorted accessories :P

  4. Have a safe trip home, James! Happy Easter to you too! :)

  5. *praying that jesse would be a good boy in his first long-distance car trip and thus save mummy and daddy from headache*

  6. THAT"S why my dad always used to do those long distance journeys early in the morning. I guess we did annoy him with the "Are we there yet?"..and "Daddy tell us a story!!"..

  7. cant wait for u to post some nice pics from taiping!

  8. the famous, kaka shredded chicken soup noodle for breakfast? ...yum yum

  9. Jesse be a good boy :)) to and fro - Have a nice trip :))

  10. happy easter james and family :)

  11., this is a thought...bloggin of a married couple now that just inspires my dreams of big big wedding and a cutesy child like jesse...i have been to taiping some years back, tranquil place...but i guess to me, there is nothin like KL. still, i wish u a pleasurable trip. take K...

  12. :lol: Time for a new suit, Buaya. *buurp*
    Lilian, the lotuses are in full bloom now but I didn't manage to snap any - it's been raining quite a bit in Taiping.
    Yes Grace, we're fully equipped these days. :)
    Thanks Jayelle. We made it there and back safely.
    It was a good as can be expected, Ariel. :)
    Lucia, he was a good boy all the way there. Coming back was a slightly different matter. :lol:
    Good point, KC. Come to think of it, that must have been why my dad used to travel in such weird hours.
    I didn't shoot much, BabeKL. But I'll show you what I've got. Soon. :)
    Ah, Catwoman, I see you're acquainted with the wonders of Kaka. :lol:
    It was a great change of pace for us Visithra. I think he enjoyed himself too.
    Thanks KA. Same to you.
    Thanks for dropping by, Sapphire. And may you have your big big wedding and cutesy child. :lol: