Tuesday, March 8, 2005

A Hard Day's Night

Today is one of the toughest days in recent memory. Mae is down and out with something - probably the flu, and I'm left to hold the fort. I do all the night feeds. I wash all the bottles. I wash the kid. I wipe his ass. I dress him. Thankfully, Mae's mom agrees to take Jesse for the day. That gives Mae a little peace and quiet to recuperate and I needn't have to take a day off.

Work was crazy. Deadlines. Meetings. Decisions. And I was fighting to keep awake all day long.

Lunch was dismal. To console myself, I bought a little dessert in the form of Penang-style Rojak Buah with extra Keropok. Didn't help one bit. In fact it only managed to cheese me off further. Heh! Boggles the mind how anyone can screw-up Rojak Buah! *sigh*

After work, I had to pick up Jesse through some pretty bad traffic. I get home at half past eight. Bo Bice had already done his thing. I get Mae dinner and it smells heavenly. Unfortunately, I didn't get enough for myself. And so I end up eating instant noodles.

Fortunately it wasn't all bad. Mamee Super Shiok Mi Rebus was pretty good. American Idol had a re-run at 11:30pm. And most importantly, the kid was an angel this morning.

"Son, it's just you and me today so go easy on Daddy, okay?" He understands. This morning he sat in his car seat and never made so much as a peep. To further demonstrate his compassion towards his poor daddy, he even falls asleep along the way.Hallelujah!!!

Thank God for small miracles. Good sleep tonight would be considered a miracle. Here's hoping...


  1. Father and son bond huh...He could read your minds. :) This is awesome. Jesse is just so understanding. :)

  2. Poor James. Hope Mae recovers soon. Meantime, enjoy your father son bonding time!

  3. Poor you! I hope Mae gets well soon. When I was sick the other day, hubby had to help as well so I understand how you feel :)

  4. awwww jesse is so scweeettt!!! remember to add this brownie point into his buku 555 :D

  5. Poor James, hang in there dude!
    U know, sometime babies seems to understand what we r telling them, u know. Just look them in the eyes and tell them.

  6. i think, if i ever fall sick, Amir wont have problem to be with the husband. like i said in my post, he is sssooo into his father.
    he sleeps with his father every nite too.
    guess, i'll be in big BIG big trouble if the husband falls sick. oh god, please dont let that be. ever.

  7. Enjoy your father and son time with Jesse. Tell Mae to get well soon.

  8. Have a good zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Let's pray the Sand Man will get the right address :-)

  9. Hope you had a good sleep tonight and yup...God works in small tiny ways :)
    And hope Mae gets better soon. Give her more TLC lahh...cook chicken porridge for her or something?

  10. Yeah Jason, surprisingly, despite his age these days he seems to have a grasp on the things we tell him. :)
    Wiping ass isn't exactly my idea of bonding, Mumsgather, but thanks anyway! :lol:
    I guess hubbies will have to take good care not to let their wives get sick if they know what's good for them, Ariel!!! :lol:
    Nah BabeKL, today I took back the brownie point! Heh!
    Sure Papi, except the times when he cries like a crazed lunatic. Those times he usually closes his eyes.
    :lol: Hazel. Pray it never happens.
    I told her, and all her germs too Jotay! :lol:
    He did, Anjali. :)
    I need chicken porridge too Cherry. *whimper*

  11. you're such a good dad and sweet husband. mae and jesse are so lucky to have you.

  12. Who your daddy! Who your daddy!
    Hehehe. Great work, dad.

  13. Kate, "sweetness" is all relative. :lol:
    :lol: Ah Pink, sometimes I suspect Mae is the Daddy!