Monday, March 7, 2005

Ticket To Ride

who's gonna drive you home?

A couple of weeks back, when Jesse turned 6 months, Mae and I decided the boy was old enough to get his first set of wheels. And so we went hunting for a walker.

Jesse had begun crawling lately. And just as Buaya69 said, he very quickly progressed to standing up now holding himself up with anything and everything. We figured he would find a walker most entertaining, given his newfound passion for exploration and adventure! Besides, a walker could also get him out of our hair for awhile, we thought. Heh!

Since Jesse has demonstrated himself to be a bit of a picky little kid of late, we decided that it was best that we brought him along walker-shopping. And so, on a fine Saturday afternoon, we took Jesse out to test-drive his new ride. And right there at Jusco's kiddies' department, Jesse went from walker to walker.

"Pick the cheap one, son," I whispered in his ear, making sure it sounded like some mystical subliminal message. "Cheap is good!". Walkers were ranging from RM 59.00 to RM 169.90 and to be honest, I'm sure they're all the same to kids. But Jesse had other ideas. He had set his sights on the little brown walker - the one with the Winnie the Pooh knock-off. And no matter which walker we put him in, he kept turning towards Fake Winnie Walker. And even when we picked him up off the walker, he stretch his arms towards it desperately trying to reach for it.

"Your son's got expensive taste," Mae said. But I knew he didn't get his expensive taste from this parent. *ahem* I'm glad we didn't take him to some really expensive place. Anyway, we brought the damn walker home and it entertained him for all of 15 minutes!!! 15 minutes!!! RM 169.90. *sigh*

Fortunately, today he seemed to have finally gotten the hang of having a walker. He was laughing away, amused by the fact that he could now go places, speed down Mommy's hallway and pick up chicks. Finally, a ticket to ride.


  1. Watch out girls, Jesse's got a ride now. ;)

  2. Huhu, Jesse can see things in a new view and angle. And now, he is even licensed to walk! A whole new world is waiting for him to explore.

  3. norzu : besides having a ride, he's got the baby face and smile to get the girls to come over and pick him instead of him picking them up.
    :) :lol: :D
    now back to you uncle james," But I knew he didn't get his expensive taste from this parent", do i smell the fact that you're saying some tiffany wearing lady got expensive taste ?? :P
    RM169.90 ish quite expensive, but dont worry for when he grows into the delicious age of "i've got a driving license dad", that walker will be nothing.

  4. Make sure you can walk faster than him when he's in the walker! :)

  5. A happy mummy. Think the money is worth it, as it makes your son so happy. Just look at him sitting in the walker, so satisfied.

  6. This time expensive walker, next time, he is going to get a ferrari. Better start saving now, James.

  7. As usual Jesse is as cute as ever :)
    Time flies yah...he was still in Mae's womb when I first started reading your blog..and now...he is gonna walk!!! :)

  8. a walker! how exciting! places to go, parents to bump into... hehe...

  9. RM 169.90 is cheap, we bought a stroller for RM 1,399.00 and it lasted only 6 months, we also have a fisher-price mobile that comes with flashing lights, different music, volume control and a remote control RM 200++. We skipped the walker bit as Marcus walked at 9 months of age. They grow out of everything so fast, buying the cheapest is a good strategy unless there is a sister coming along the way soon? Ah... we first time parent are always suckers...

  10. picking up chicks aLrEadY? You've got a ladykiller on your hands, James... heh heh ;)

  11. you should have got the cheap one and pimped up his ride! Add Nos! hehe

  12. jesse: wwoooeeeweeeee... freedom at last!! nyuk nyuk nyuk
    :p hehe... pls take extra care when jesse is in the walker. lotsa accidents happen when they use a walker.

  13. Eh, moving off topic a bit, your sons got pouty lips man! Real puckered up there! =)

  14. hey, the expensive ones are good, more sturdy, comfortable and reliable (can last for 5 babies). Lucky u didn't go for the cheap ones, he hehe, it's light weight, and toppled easily.
    if u still remember, Yiyi had some great falls on the walker, so becareful. :)

  15. Am sure the pouty lips are for better kissing? Who'd he get them from? hmmm....

  16. Amir is currently using a hands down walker from the grandparents. No, he's not using the 3rd generation's walker but his older cousin's =)

  17. :lol: Norzu, kinda makes him sound dangerous doesn't it? Hehheh!
    Provided he doesn't get bored of it first, Jason. :)
    That why I'm keeping my car in as good condition as possible, Leo! *ahaks*
    Good point, Iblogme!
    It's surprising what we consider as money well spent these days, MrKiasu.
    No way, Gina. If he wants a Ferrari, he's gonna have to get his own.
    Cherry, before you know it he'll be graduating college and getting married and having kids and starting a blog... Heh!
    Heheh, funny you should mention that CC. Yesterday, Jesse was very entertained bumping into Mae repeatedly. :)
    Whoa Peter, RM1,399!??!!? My heart skipped a beat there. :)
    Nothing like harmless ol' daddy eh, Chun? :lol:
    Too bad they don't have body shop for walkers, 9!
    We're only using it in Mae's office, BabeKL. No steps and no stairs there.
    Annu, in my family we call those "thick-ass lips". Hahhahha!!!
    Yup, we're watching his every step, Papi!
    :lol: PaulOs!
    Cool, Hazel. Vintage Walker!!! :lol:

  18. we were told by this paediatrician during our Prenatal Classes that walkers are not good for baby's development and that they are actually banned in US. Any thoughts on that?
    We just got our kid a play gym. Jeez, the things you gotta get them just to keep them occupied. How come no local guy has seen the business opportunity here and produced Buatan Malaysia stuff at a fraction of the cost?

  19. eh no steps, no stairs doesnt mean he wont trip ok :p this one based on my experience ok *sob-sob* cos these lil rascals can be really FAST!

  20. check this website out for some opinions regarding walkers.
    seems that it's not a good idea to start introducing this walker thingy to your kid...oh well, parents know best : )