Friday, March 4, 2005

Little Man of Steel

I always worry that I have a wussy kid. Not that there's anything wrong with a wuss, just that you can't roughhouse with the little guy when you want to. I mean, daddies are supposed to play WWE or Kungfu with their little boys but how can you BodySlam a fragile little boy? And so I worry.

Yesterday we took Jesse in for a jab. It's one of those anti-polio, anti-hepatitis, anti-everything-or-something injections that a 6-month old needs. "This one's gonna sting," doc tells us grimly. Apparently, during an injection, it's not that needle that hurts you. It's the drug. Jesse, in the meantime was having a ball at the clinic, oblivious to his impending fate.

I lay the boy down on his belly on the doctor's examination table and he was still smiling away. "No, you better hug him close to you," doc advised emphasising once again the pain that would ensue. I hug Jesse close to me. Mae in the meantime cowered behind me not wanting to witness her son in pain. And then, doc administered the injection.

"WauuggghhhhHHH!!!!" Jesse screamed at the top of his lungs as the medicine passed from the syringe to his tender little tush. I held him tight as doc quickly massage the target area. He cried and cried. And suddenly, he stopped. Just like that. And everything was back to normal.

"You got a tough boy there," doc was amazed. "They usually cry all the way home." Nope. Not my boy. Not my tough-as-nails, take-no-prisoners little man of steel. And at that very moment, I was the proudest daddy on the planet.

Jesse's next injection happens when he turns one. Bring it on, baby! :)


  1. Tough kid,Jesse!You are the boy!No pain no gain hor!James,you sure is the proudest daddy on the planet. :D

  2. Hehehe, you should give Jesse a light saber and let him loose!!

  3. Yes, James go brag about it. It is a wonderful feeling ya? Kids usually pick up the signals from the person holding them, i.e. a brave daddy and hence, he is so macho. Whereas, give a nervous person holding him, and that's it. That's why no one gets to hold my kiddo down, only this steel mama. Hahaha.

  4. you should get jesse one of those cute superman outfits complete with red cape once he starts to walk :)

  5. Must be really pround of your son. From young and until now, i still afraid of injection.

  6. Emily's like Jesse too. She cried when the drug passed from the syringe into her flesh but she usually cried for only a little while :)

  7. Sasha didn't cry either. In fact, she looked at the needle being administered and grimaced at the doc. Tough girl, too.

  8. What a brave boy :) Better get ready for a good WWF brawling session with Jesse then. He definitely ain't a wuss!

  9. yes...some rough play with daddy is a must (this applies to both sexes...not just boys).
    have observed several male tots who stand aside (and run to mummy, if too near) when my samseng and his pal does the WWE.

  10. *clap clap clap* good on ya, Jesse boy! Takes after daddy lar ;)

  11. Amir didnt cry. he just went "ha?" or something like that. he giggled after we went out of the doc's room. how's that?

  12. No pain no gain, Jason. :lol:
    Not just yet, Sashi. At this age, whatever we give him he sticks in his mouth. :lol:
    Steel Mama Lilian. I like that.
    Good idea, Ted!
    :lol: MrKiasu. Hope you'll get over it someday.
    Looks like Emily is a trouper too!
    Must be the naughty genes in her, Gina. :)
    Already started, Coolcat!
    MOO+1: Are little girls supposed to play WWE too? :)
    CC, yes, yes, there's a song we don't hear anymore!
    Nah, Chun. Daddy's not half as tough.
    I have to be more like him, Lucia. Hehheh.
    Hazel, must be this generation of tough kids.