Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bathing in Taiping

splish-splash we're takin' a bath

Taiping is one of those quaint little towns where things happen at a leisurely pace. It has the charms of the days of old and enough commercialism to keep city folk from missing home too much. There amidst the tin-smith (Taiping was a tin-mining town in it's heyday) and rattan-maker shops you'll find a McDonald's, Pizza Hut, KFC and even Popular Bookstore.

We got home at 10am on Saturday, so naturally breakfast was on the top of our priority (in fact, eating tops my priority in most any occasion - Heh!). After breakfast, we decided to get Jesse a bathtub since we didn't bring one from KL. And lo and behold, a couple of shops away from Kaka's famous Taiping Shredded Chicken Noodles was a tin-smith.

"We should get Jesse one of those old-fashioned tin buckets," I told Mae. I was thinking "photo opportunity". And in my mind I was already framing up the shot. Baby in tin tub. Huge earthen water jar in background. Moss encrusted walls. Young mother in wet t-shirt. Hehheh!!! Sorry folks, you'll never get to see that last scenario.

Anyway, all in all, it was a fun trip. Jesse was a good boy most of the way home. He slept half the way, sat quietly for the next quarter and whined for the rest of the ride. Of course coming home was another story altogether. But still, we're thankful that we made the trip.

More of Taiping to come. Stay tuned. :)


  1. Jesse is enjoying so much! Look at the smile on his face! Awwwwwww.........

  2. Jesse certainly seems to be enjoying his bath. Look at that big laugh on his face.

  3. So kawaii!!! Did you leave the bucket in Taiping or will Jesse be having all his bath in it from now on?

  4. This is one of the few times that Jesse's cracked such a huge smile for Daddy's camera!:D
    Jesse is looking very much like a young toddler now!

  5. Hey, look who's having all the fun!!
    We used to have those oval tin tubs too but gave way few years back. Sigghhh now everything oso plastic.
    Glad you had a "trouble free" trip :p

  6. Baby Jesse sure enjoyed his bath... :) So cute!! Lucky Jesse!

  7. Wow, James, really? Such tin tubs are still around? So mesmerizing...I can almost hear the clanging and the squeaking when you drag it on the floor. Going down memory lane now...

  8. Sooo cuuuuuteeeee ! I also got one taken when I was a tiny wee. But in the standard red tub. Not so stylo like Jesse's.

  9. I would love to bathe in one of those tin bath tubs just like Jesse! HEhehe...
    Maybe I should get one for me nephew. My mum has been putting him in pails of water instead of a proper bathtub when he's at home.
    Can't wait for more photos of Jesse ! :)

  10. awww... Jesse is so kewte! What a lovely pic =)
    Wonder what he's gonna say when he's old enough to be embarassed by this pic of him in a tub, online for all the world to see *grin*
    Keep them photos comin'!

  11. Taiping!!That word reminds me of its lovely popiah.Sorry,I tend to associate food and place together.He he..

  12. Yo...I missed Taiping liau...must plan a trip home in april....

  13. wah, jesse's pic can make into postcard liao. hehehe, i have only cold memories of taiping. had to take a bath using ceduk and water from a clay urn... brrrrrr! coococollldddd!

  14. would you just look at that gummy smile!

  15. Jason: Actually, he had fun at the beginning but somehow towards the end he was screaming blue murder. :lol:
    He's gotten a lot more playful since the last time you saw him, Jotay. :)
    We left it there Norzu. Somehow the bucket seemed more at home in Taiping.
    Jayelle, actually this shot was taken by Mae. All the ones I took weren't that good. :)
    Yah BabeKL! Somehow plastic just doesn't have a warm fuzzy feeling to it, yes?
    Eileen, he was doing okay till some water went into his eyes. :lol:
    I'm sure you can find it in Penang, Lilian. But I went round and round the town before I found that one!!
    And perhaps you'll post it up in your blog, Bohemianlias? :lol:
    :lol: Cherry, I hope your wish comes true and you get a bath in a tin tub.
    Hahahha. Good point, Chun. But too bad. That's the price you have to pay when you get born to a daddy with Camera and an itchy trigger-finger. :)
    Good for you, Dee. However, unfortunately there are no more good popiahs in Taiping.
    It's very diferrent now, Beauty. Better go home before development changes the whole landscape.
    Hahhah, and did you ever remember that water in Taiping seems to be colder than any other place, Belacan? Brrrrr...
    Yup Anonymous. We better take more pictures of his gummy smile before his teeth come out! :lol:

  16. Really cute picture of Jesse, if you don't mind next time I go back to Taiping I will look for this "bath tub". Is the aunty at Kaka still putting on tons of make-up?

  17. There is always a good thing happening in Taiping. :)