Thursday, March 24, 2005


eat me!

Having Jesse has been educational. Suddenly, Mae and I are learning things we never knew and picking up skills we never had. One of the things new parents learn is how to eat with just one hand. :)

In the early days, when Jesse was asleep more than he was awake, we'd time our dinner outings. The moment the boy dozes off, we'd shoot off to the nearest eatery faster than you can say, "A-Quarter-Pounder-with-Cheese-and-Yes-We'll-Have-the-Bloody-Fries-with-That". But for some strange reason, the little rascal had a knack of waking up at that very precise moment our order arrives. Food arrives. Baby cries. Like clockwork. Mae and I had to take turns with our dinner. Something had to be done.

And so, leaving behind our worldly possessions, we traversed the plains of old China to the Shaolin Monastery where we sought the tutelage of an old Shaolin sage. "Oh venerable Sifu, impart upon us the art of the Secret One-Armed Hungry Crane Kungfu," we begged. "Teach us how we may defend ourselves from mortal hunger... erm... and cold dinners!"

And thus Mae and I returned, equipped with ancient kungfu of holding Baby in one arm while the other arm manipulated the eating utensils. We had gotten so good we could even go thru an elaborate 8-course Chinese dinner using just a pair of chopsticks. Or an entire chicken chop meal with just a fork. Of course, along the way, we also threw etiquette and our table-manners out the window.

Thankfully, things have gotten better. Jesse has been able to sit up for awhile now. These days we just plop him in a baby chair, toss him a plastic spoon or something equally entertaining, and we may proceed with dinner uninterrupted. Well, almost uninterrupted.

And so the Secret One-Armed Hungry Crane Kungfu has finally seen the last of its day as its warriors retire to a quiet, civilised adult dinner. But it shall return when the appetite of mankind is once again threatened. *ahem* That is, when we decide to make a little playmate for Jesse. :)


  1. Haha, interesting way to blog this one hand eating meal kung fu. :P Jesse, you have been very naughty, don't want to let your papa and mama eat their meals nicely heh~!

  2. eh sounds so familiar geh??? :p hey i knew the same kung fu too so its not so "secret" after all hehehe...
    jesse looks so cute, i wanna cubit his cheeks, can arh???

  3. hehe. we obtained the skill months ago =)
    to us, having a baby chair around didnt help much either. Amir will let himself out to reach us. hmm..

  4. and everyone was kungu eatinggggg... those guys were fast as lighting...

  5. and twinsdad always showing off our "kung-fu" fo dining in the restaurant, got everyone staring at us want to see how we eat *roll eyes* macam watch freak show :lol:.
    oii yoh, Jesse going to have sister or brother soon? :)

  6. Jesse you so cutelaaaaaaaaaa
    Lol James wait wait till Jesse gets sick of the chair and looks for alap - then you'll be back to you kungfu eating :p

  7. one of my ex neighbours have to chase the kid around with food. from the 6th floor till the pplayground and it takes the kid about an hour or more to finish a plate of rice.

  8. Oh ya, I have a black belt in that. Eating with an octopus baby in the plane! No joke, I was too famished (due to flight take off delay) and survived it to boast to James. *muahahaha* James is going to say this old timer parent is rubbing it in, again. BTW, in case I forget, Happy Easter and peace be with you! God bless!

  9. LOL! I love the way you described it. Hubby and I made a pack. At home, I am the care-giver but when we go out (shopping or eating), he takes over. Everywhere we go, I see women with kids looking at me enviously..hehehehe :P

  10. He is so adorable James. So when are you going to make Jesse's new playmate?? :-)
    I have mastered the art of eating with one hand too. Now my son is starting to reach for the food and it's making it slightly more difficult than it used to be. It's all in the name of fun though. :-)

  11. btw, new parents, do get a portable seat wid a belt. its a very very useful item to have around. u can use it at home or bring it out wid u as its foldable. fits most chairs and its quite secure unless u put it on those plastic chairs wid curved backing.
    this seat has a belt where yr kid cant simply get outta the seat since they can do so in lightning speed in a high chair.
    its definitely more hygienic than those public high chairs esp in kopitiams.
    i've got one of this
    we brought it along wid us to all makan sessions incl wedding dinners where my boiboi managed to sit in there 80% of the duration hehehe but of course must give him food and toys to keep him occupied.

  12. Yeah man, Jason! Having a meal with your infant child is nothing short of KungFu!
    His cheeks are all for "cubiting", BabeKL. And thanks for the tip on a booster chair, though I foresee lugging the thing all over the place.
    Hazel, Amir lets himself out!??! Oh boy. I think Jesse's gonna be that way soon. *sigh*
    CC, that's very telling of your age. :lol:
    So Twinsmom, you and hubby are like those roadside medicine show performers, eh? :lol:
    I think you're gonna be right on that one, Visithra! *sigh*
    Hahhah, Neeshen! I think I used to be like that too. I better be prepared - perhaps a kid-sized straightjacket.
    Lilian: Happy Easter to you too, old timer. :lol:
    Hahhah! Careful now, Ariel. Women might try to snatch him from you. :lol:
    Revlon, Mae will kill me if I even suggest another baby so soon. :)

  13. James, can Jesse come help beat gong? :lol: or shake rattler also can :P.

  14. Funny you should mention that Twinsmom. Jesse just recently learnt to shake a rattle. :)
    Jusssstlikedadddyyy, Najah!!! *ahaks*