Thursday, March 10, 2005

Game On!

Lookie what I found. Heh! Back in my day, this was the flavour of the month. Back then, we didn't have Playstation or XBox. We played all our games in the video arcades at 20sen a pop. Growing up in the 70s, we developed our hand-to-eye coordination on Pacman, Space Invaders, Boot Hill and that old west game with the holographic cowboy.

Sorry, you will need the <a href="" target="_blank">Flash Player</a> to play PacMan.

Yup, our games were pretty simple back then. And even so, I sucked at it. Which probably explains why I still don't have a game box at home. But I suppose I'd have to think about getting one soon, seeing as to how Jesse's gonna need a complete... erm... education. *ahem* I'll probably have to get one soon if I'm gonna get a headstart. Kids tend to get very good at gaming and I'm not about to let any kid cream my ass, even if he's my own kid. Heh!

In the meantime, I think I'll practice on good ol' Pacman!


  1. Pac man... Pac man..
    What about Super Mario Brothers ? Shud teach him play the classic game mah! Not the new Mario lah! those old days one!

  2. I can't get pass Level 2!!!!! Isk..

  3. PACMAN!!!!!!!!! Kill them ghosts!!! Pwoar!!!!
    Err. sorry.. sorry. Back to work... ;)

  4. Ah haha. James using Jesse as excuse to get gamebox.

  5. Aww man! I used to be soooooo addicted to pac man. We had one of those gameboy things when we were kids, my brother and i had to share it. So he played all the kung fu games and i played the sissy games like pac man, frogger and the bubble buster! Heheh..
    Oh waitaminute! Pac man is not sissy..i take that back :)

  6. The only game I can play is Mario. I never touched PS1, PS2, Xbox and whatever. On the flight to UK, I only played Mario... oh.. and maybe a game of tetris. hehehe

  7. james!!!!
    i have been looking for this very exact software for ages!!!! i found alot of other pacman copycat, but not this exact one! where did u get it from?
    u have done me a great service!
    adriene :)

  8. Oh my, how I remember that old west game with the holographic cowboy. I used to be sooo addicted to it!!! And Super Mario too :D

  9. Jason, in my day we didn't play Mario. Instead we played Loderunner. :)
    :lol: Pickyin, I'm only slightly better. I didn't make it past level 3.
    Back to work or back to your transformer episodes, Sashi? :lol:
    *ahem* Mumsgather... shhh....
    Yes, annu. You take it back. :)
    Eileen, on flights I only watch movies cos I can't play anything but Pacman. Up to level 3, of course!
    Adriene, this one was already taken of the net by it's programmer but I stumbled upon it on someone else's website. Go to - he's got Space Invaders too!
    :) I'm glad someone remembers that holographic cowboy, Ariel! :)

  10. Holographic Cowboy? I only know the Game & Watch.. called Western Bar.. played it to bits! Not mine though.. belonged to my friend. I didn't have a Game & Watch before.

  11. I think it's Load Runner right? oh man.. i'd forgotten about that one. When the brick solidifes... 'trit trit trit trit'.

  12. hahaha..... those games are classic. but no one has mention the god given game of doom
    PONG !

  13. i miss this game soooo much! Now I'm addicted! Oopsz.. :)

  14. I used to spend hours playing the game called Prince of Persia on my old MS-DOS run P486 computer. Die and then start all over again. Anyone remember this game ??

  15. Adam, it's a 80486 pc not a P486 :)
    and i remember prince of persia, i played that on my 80286 pc and i remember playing the first Monkey Island series from Lucas Arts