Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Women Are Shallow Too

I've been thinking.

My wife, along with millions of womenfolk around the world, say men are shallow. "You men only go for attractive women," and so the women scream. And elsewhere, ugly women of the world slip into oblivion. But are men really shallow? And what of women? Don't women want a good looking partner too?

I was speaking to a female colleague about this just yesterday. And I formulated a theory. Heh. The way I see it, both women and men go for looks - one way or other. The difference, however, is that men are honest about it. You see, when men are confronted with the prospect of ending up with a less-than-attractive woman, he says, "Euwwww! No way, she's bug-ugly." Now women on the other hand, when put in a similar situation, will merely say, "Uhm... sorry, no chemistry."

Chemistry? What kind of a crappy, non-committal, half-assed answer is that anyway? Trust me on this, even if they guy was ugly enough to scare the red out of a baboon's ass, I assure you he has chemistry oozing out of his crevices.

Let's be honest here, people. We all go for looks. After all, do you really want to be looking in the eyes of an uggo every time you wake up for the rest of your life? The good news is, cliched as it may be, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So even if some people think you look like evolution skipped you by, chances are there's someone out there who'll appreciate your... erm... raw, masculine looks.

A lot of people think that Mae is way out of my league. And they're probably right too. But fortunately for me, for some reason or other, Mae saw something in me. Kinda like how Belle saw something in the Beast.

Yup, there's hope.


  1. Ok.. let me think.. lets put it this way.. i think..only for me ok.
    I think that good looks really ain't that important.. most important thing to me.. is .. a man gotta behave like a man.. not like some wimp.. or wuss.. of course.. i'm not saying.. that the man gotta beat up his wife.. to prove that he is a man lah..!
    I mean.. do the things that man do.. and of course.. i gotta feel safe with my man. Must be able to protect me in times of danger..and very .. very important.. must be able to carry a conversation..and not be stupid..!! Also must be hardworking.. and have a good head on his shoulder.

  2. Mae is a pretty young lady and so do you, a handsome guy. ;) And definately Mae has seen something in you that made her said "Yes". ;)
    Anyway, what you said are very true and it always happens to me - ugly people. Sighs... Girls and their so called no chemistry. Bah!

  3. *points and laughs ... then runs away*
    I got so many things to say about this, but I won't. Coz I'm feeling nice *lol*

  4. Like I always say, you have to withstand the outer "beauty" before you get to know the inner beauty of a person.
    But hey, like James said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or else, the world as we know it would come to an end with all the single, creepy and horny people everywhere!

  5. I always think God is fair. Someone with the looks may not have the brains, or the common sense, or the humor, or the length *ahaks*, or the gentlemen-ness, or or you get my drift.
    I for one go for the tall, scrawny (those with coconut trunk masquerading as their body), with the drug-addict look type. And thatz sexy for me, man. ;-)
    And sometimes it's not just no chemistry la, itz also no electricity. Tenaga's off day, I guess. :lol:

  6. I watched an old season of Average Joe and this babe says she wanna meet 'men with lots of personality and a sense of humour' so they paired her up with 15 erm, below average looking men. You could see the disappointment in her face when the guys got down from the bus one-by-one to meet her. :lol:

  7. Good for you James, that Mae saw something in you! :lol:

  8. flash that platinum card. a lot of hotbabes will say that you are quite handsome. *grinz*

  9. Hmm interesting topic.. however take a look around you..what are the odds/percentages of seeing a fat butt-ugly woman with a good looking guy VS a good looking woman with a butt-ugly fat guy? Think about it... :)
    Just my 2 cents

  10. sighhh hubby told me he's the beauty and i'm the beast! u r so lucky dat mae told u dat u r hansome...
    anjali LOL

  11. simply put, men are honest, frank simple minded creatures. women can be sickeningly twisted. i'm a woman. i should know. ;)
    anyway, between 'how do you do' and 'i do', somethin beautiful must have happened.
    happy anniversary btw.

  12. yes most certainly women are shallow too.
    those who said they don't go for looks would be lying through their teeth. yes of course what's in the heart matters most than looks but if you do not know a person yet, how do you know what's in her/his heart? let's say you will given to pick 2 ladies/men you haven't met before, one good looking and one not good looking, surely you will pick the good looking one.
    yes right in the beginning we will tend to go for looks. then as we get to know the persons, we will realise the person's heart matters most than his/her looks.
    james, having met you and mae, i must say both of you are good looking lah - sebagai piring dipecah dua. (hope my malay peribahasa is right!). well, only thing is that you are much darker than mae! :)

  13. Yeah right!! Girls are all suckers for personalities. Obviously Mae loves you not only for your looks (like my handsome dead uncle), it is your bubbly personality and always see good in other people.
    Usually when there is a good looking man and ugly woman, people would say, that woman is using magic/witch craft to get that man... and when a good looking woman is with an ugly man, they would say it's for his money. Good looks do not guarantee you a good spouse. Yes - I agree that beautiful people already have half the battle won.. the end of the day, it is still ability to fulfil one's needs and willingness to compromise.

  14. Yes, most women wish to have good-looking partners. Their definition of what good looks are may differ from men substantially, however. Nonetheless, from personal experience, I've come to realize that beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. I think that my partner grows to be more good-looking each passing day.

  15. Wah BigBoK, you sound like a romantic - the knight-in-shining-armour type. :lol:
    Hahahha, I'm so buying you a beer, Jason! But dun worry bout the "no chemistry" line. I've heard it many times in my day. :lol:
    Somehow, I'm not too curious to find out what that is, Gwen! Hehhehhh...
    "you have to withstand the outer "beauty" before you get to know the inner beauty of a person" Well said, Egghead!
    Yes, Anjali, I'm aware of your fixation towards scrawny people. And elsewhere, the scrawnies rejoice! :lol:
    Yah, yah AhPink. And I also noticed most of the girls end up with the lookers despite their comments about personality and humour!
    That's for being in the right place at the right time, DomesticGoddess!
    Ah, true. Nothing like a little "plastic" surgery to improve your looks eh, Belacan?
    That's a very good observation Lyn May. But do refer to Belacan's comment about Platinum cards. Heh! :)
    Babe, I tell Mae that too. Doesn't mean it's true. :lol:
    Hahh.. well put, Jo! :)
    Wah, Lucia, you're too nice to me. :)
    Yes indeed, Iblogme. More incentive to stay together, eh?

  16. Hey I saw your post on TechGadgets Blog and you said that you converted that 3 column wordpress to a blogger. Can you send me the code or give me the URL, I would really like one for my schools theatre blog. Thanks!

  17. Lucia, I think the term you're referring to is "bagai pinang dibelah dua". The pirings will pecah dua when James and Mae fight. :lol:

  18. Yikes, I keep checking and saw 0 comments and dare not be the first to comment. Manatau so many precious words of wisdom here.
    I for one do believe in chemistry. That's how I got hooked up with my atm. In a blink of an eye....the rest is history.

  19. I dropped you a mail, Ryan.
    That was educational, Anjali. Thanks.
    That means what, Lilian? ATM, handsome ah? :lol:

  20. I think women want ok looking men then gorgeous men - a lot of us fear being attached to a potential romeo - that we need to fend of his suitors! Wherelse guys dream of having jolie or ash AT LEAST as partners ;p hehehehe

  21. But thennnnnnn, lucky for us, everything is relative. The one who is pretty to us is ugly for the next. And it is important to be able to talk to the person next to you, when you hit 60, 70, or 80. No chemistry in that age - you are doomed. But then, who cares about chemistry when you are 60, 70, or 80? Argh - i am getting lost!!!

  22. Hmm, okay. I admit it, Visithra! Hehhh
    Yes you are, Andreas. Must be all that chemistry! :lol:

  23. all of you are shallow idiots--no compassion. you better hope there is no God because the way you regard your fellow humans, all of you are going to Hell&you all deserve it! :)

  24. Me: I hope Hell's shallow. Hehh

  25. This blog made no sense, you say women are shallow then explicitly admit how attractive your wife is, with the line "there's still hope" of men being ugly and still scoring a good looking wife. Doesnt this prove that men ARE shallow, and women are less so, based on this post?