Thursday, August 11, 2005

Haze Haters In KL

There's a new kid on the blog. If you haven't already discovered Haze Haters In KL, then go there now. Brownie the Colleague From Hell keeps bugging me to post a photo since the blogger is a friend of hers. But it is a nice little blog which may, perhaps, archive all our grouses, visually. And so I'm plugging our new blogger friend. Here's what they have to say:
We want a proper page to display all the pictures before we can ask our Indonesian friends to have a proper look at it. So this is a temporary site. But send your pictures to and now, and we will do the rest. Remember, think of it as a Pictorial Petition. Spread the word!
Uhm... okay. End of plug. Now go fire up your cameras and submit your pictorial protest to Hazehaters.

I'm thinking perhaps the blogger should gives us some guidelines - like the size of photos to submit. That would help standardise the look. Damn, I'm so anal with these things. *sigh* Okay, okay, go, go!


  1. Yeah this is just nice, i would like to do it as well

  2. Readers can also come here to shoot your comment about stupid haze.

  3. wow, i just went there, good stuff...

  4. James, I hate to do this, but I just have to.
    Malacca's API index is below or near 100 only. (If not mistaken.) It rained heavily this morning. Its a sin to stay indoor now. :bpbpbp
    Why not consider of spending your weekend in Malacca? :P

  5. Too bad my trip to Genting is not until the end of the month :(

  6. The haze is so bad at my place this morning, it looks like evening cos the sun rays kenot come thru anymore :-(

  7. Good, Ah Kiong. I wanna post one too.
    Okay, Haze Sucks!
    Indeed it is, Simon. Wish I thought of it first.
    Hahhh, stop tempting me Jason. I just might!
    Mae suggested Gentings too, Egghead. But I worry that I won't be able to tell the Haze from the Fog! :lol:
    Same here, Mumsgather.

  8. I heard air purifier sells like HOT cakes!

  9. You sure you just anal about -this-?
    Poor asthmatics :( and those old people with breathing problems ... think they will be the first to go. There were some strong comments from a few people that there should be another tsunami to wipe Indonesia completely from the face of the Earth. I just feel that all this blame and scapegoating is just the same as sitting around and waiting for it to kill both parties (although another tsunami might be nice to douse the flames!)

  10. That's exactly what I heard too, Michelle! *sigh*
    I'm anal about plenty, Gwen. :) And yes, the haze must be the worst we've ever had for people to be lashing out the way they do.

  11. I hear mask prices are shooting up, perhaps the govt should regulate them to protect the man in the street.

  12. I think the Govt should give out free masks, Metria. :)