Friday, August 19, 2005

Big Is NOT Beautiful!


I've been thinking. When I tell some people I'm trying to lose weight, they tell me, "You should love yourself for who you are." For some reason, I also notice that these people are usually fat. Coincidence?

I'm a fat guy, I'll make no bones (pun not intended) about it. But I refuse to accept that I should be confined to this gargantuan body for the rest of my life. I also refuse to accept that I look good as a fat guy. Now don't get me wrong, some fat people DO look really good. Like Queen Latifah. Hot woman in a big body. But tell me the truth; do you really think that she'd look less appealing if she slimmed down to, say, Halle Berry proportions?

Women magazines seem to be pushing the "Big is Beautiful" thing. They say it puts undue pressure on girl to stay skinny, and gives rise to dangerous eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia. And every time a celebrity puts on weight, they'd applaud her and say she's a good role model. Feh! Come on, aside from Karen Carpenter, how many people actually die from being thin? On the other hand, fat people are at risk from all kinds of things - cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and a whole bunch of cancer specially dedicated to the fatties.

Women magazines have become such patronising drivel. If I weren't trying to understand women or their silly little conspiracies, I wouldn't even bother reading them. Heh! I'm kidding, I promise.

So yeah, back to being fat. I'm fat, but I don't wanna be. If you're fat and you love the way you look and feel, then fine. But if you think you would do better, look better and feel better being thin, then stop making bloody excuses and stop lying to yourself. If you think you're hot even though you're fat, trust me, you'll be a whole lot hotter when you're thin.

I lost 5 kgs in the first month that I started eating sensibly and exercising. The following month, I lost only 1 kg. Now, I hardly exercise and I'm back to my old eating habits. *sigh*Time to get off my lazy ass and hit the gym again.


  1. James, I dare you to read my food blog. :)
    and I also dare you to read my husband's blog
    (read the last few posts about health and weight loss)
    And tell me what you think... :)

  2. Okay, my husband has blogged a lot recently, but here is a post I would really like you to read, just something to think about. :)

  3. i'm large but i go to gym to keep fit :D

  4. i'm large.....and i is very hurted. i is not beauuutifulll meh??!! sniff sniff.....

  5. i am going to old klang road for BKT. wanna join? *I AM EVIL* heh! ;)

  6. For me is different case, I am trying to get fat.
    Eating more doesn't help at all for the past 2 years.. sigh!
    Do provide tips..

  7. eh james, i saw you in june during the PPS bash, you are not fat lah!
    fat is ok as long as you are healthy. fat can be beautiful too so as long as a person is not overweight and healthy, doesn't matter if s/he is fat. it's society that judge it is not ok!
    btw, i'm not really fat but i have a belly that protrude which made me look fat! couple with the fact that i'm a shorty, yes, all that add up, makes me look fat. but me no worry lah. me cannot stop eating all those fried food esp. char koay teow. :)

  8. here's some consolation... you certainly don't look fat on photos! set realistic expectation for yourself on the # of kg to loose, then you'll be motivated :P

  9. You go girl... errr... dude!
    It's not really as simple as thin is good, fat is bad. One would have to look at his/her eating habits - a healthy weight is always good, even if it looks 'fat' to the outside world.
    Since I got pregnant, I feel like I've been eating more, but I lost 2 kilos. There's the nausea factor, but I'm convinced it's something else. I realised that I've substituted gerai-cooked food with home cooked meals, cakes with fruits and cafe latte with juice. My nasi lemak breakfast is a thing of the past, I'm having cereal for breakfast now.
    Anyway, only you would know what weight feels good to you. If you feel uncomfortable with your body, if you feel like you can be more active, then you need to do something about the weight.
    Good luck!

  10. The key issue here is to stay fit. Some people are born being big boned, like Serena Williams. But she's fit like a horse mah. So do whatever that will make you feel great about yourself.
    I used to be quite fat myself and how I remember hated looking at myself in the mirror.
    So I decided to exercise regularly on my own. And the results: Let me paint this picture for ya...
    I used to own a truck tyre, then it's reduced to a car tyre, then bicycle tyre and now still have a tricycle tyre to get rid of. Heheh.
    Good luck, dear James! ;-)

  11. Fat people need to go and die.

  12. I don't look down on people for being overweight. However, I do not think its merely an issue if "big bonedness". I also do not think that its "okay to be fat as long as you're healthy." I'm not a nutritionist (yet), but I have a passion for health and nutrition and everything I've researched tells me that people with extra weight are indeed setting themselves up for future disease, if not already experiencing symptoms. (Kinda like James said in his blog.) Fat= Waste and waste makes you sick.
    I'm not saying this to put anyone down at all. If I thought that a fat person could be in perfect health, I wouldn't care if anyone was fat. My husband used to be quite overweight and is on his way back to normal weight, through a SUPER ultra healthy diet and some exercise.
    People, diet has everything to do with your health. I sure wish more would realize that. You can cure and prevent SO many things by changing your diet. And, those of you who are parents, should read up on health and nutrition for your kids' sake, even if you don't care as much about yourself. :)
    *Stepping of my soapbox. :) Thanks for listening.

  13. I live in the USA.
    In KL I am a size L. Here I am S-M.
    In other news, my 8lbs 9oz son was welcomed into this world via c-section after 28 hours of labor. :) I now fully join the ranks of mommies.

  14. im a plus sized female too ... but i go to the gym ... at least i try to go regularly and i watch my intake on carbs ... pretty soon with my the teeny weeny bit of determination i have .. i shd be able to do justice to nt short height :D

  15. You'd lost altogether 6kg?!!!
    Brother, please upload your pictures here asap. One of us might get some $ by recommending you to some slimming contests. You know, lose 1kg get $1000 kind of stuff.
    We're gonna make it big if you can lose 20kg. Then we can work together and start a slimming centre/gym too. You can be the best looking model ever. Anyway, the haze is back, visibility is low. ;)
    Have been really enjoying reading your blog for the past years. Thanks!

  16. Hey.. James,
    I'm fat but my spouse say i am not .. but i know i am.
    Over here in Canada.. where most ppl are obsese .. i am consider the right size. But who am i kidding.. i'm FAT.
    I love to exercise but i can't because i've got 2 huge fibriods.. that deters me from doing so.
    I'm not lazy.. but i love food.. and even though i donch snack.. not because i donch want to.. but because i am just not into snacking.
    I love tofu, vegies and fruits.. but i also love my meat.. and i'm still FAT.
    If i'm expected to go on a diet.. i will DIE... coz' i love food too much.
    I eat like 5 meals a day..but they are all small meals.. not because i do not wanna take big meals.. but because my stomach just can't stomach big meals. And i'm still FAT.
    Do i feel bad about being fat..?? nope.. not until i had to catch my breath while playing with my brat and had to tell daddy to continue.
    So next year.. i'm taking out my fibroids.. if my gynae see fit.. and i can exercise.. and try and stay not FAT.

  17. hey.. as long as u don't have any psychological reason why you were fat in the first place... I'm sure you'll continue sensibly to losing your that you can stick around long enough to see your future daughter-in-law twist your poor lil jesse's arm. heh heh heh

  18. hey there james, do me a favour and change my link ....thank you

  19. Whoa Sarah! You guys are really determined. Good on you. I'm too greedy for this, so I'll just have to settle for smaller portions and plenty of exercise.
    Good for you, Babe. Any step towards better health is a step in the right direction. :)
    Aww... Fashionasia. No, no, no. Quite a few people can be big AND beautiful. Just not me! :o(
    *piak* Belacan!
    You'd be surprised, Egghead, but working-out also helps put some meat on dem bones. :)
    :lol: Lucia, thanks for saying so. But I do admit, I was thinner during the bash. Unfortunately, the belly has returned. BTW, I read somewhere that a big abdomen, or beer gut is a serious health threat. *sigh*
    DomesticGoddess: If my years in advertising has taught me anything, it has taught me that anyone who tips his head down a little and turn it 30 degrees away from the camera can look instantly thinner. :lol:
    Najah, Mae had the same thing happen to her. She lost 2kgs with the nausea but when that was over and done with, she put on a whopping 12kgs. BTW, did your ob-gyn restrict your weight gain?
    Good for you Anjali. Now, can we have some before-after pictures?
    Unfortunately, ShaolinTiger, some of them actually do go and die. My grandfather was one of them. He had heart problems, diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. It was a stroke that did him in when he was just under 70.
    Congrats Gwen!!! :) And he's a cute little fella.
    Good on you Deepsy!
    Thanks for dropping by, Eve. Yes I did lose 6 kgs. But it's all relative lah. 6 kgs might be a big deal if you weigh 60 kgs, but not if you weigh 86 kgs! :lol:
    :lol: That is exactly the same motivation I had to lose weight BigBoK! Jesse was sapping all my energy away. Thankfully my little workout at the gym had improved my stamina.
    No psychological reason here, MOTT. I measure my fatness at the mirror. If my jaw fuses to my neck, I'm fat.
    Ah Leo you dogg you, you got yourself a domain name. OK, will try and get round to it.

  20. James,
    I confess that I am a larger girl, even by American standards. And I take full responsibility for my non excercising, junk food etc. Anyway, I think that magazines don't need to emphasise fat models, thin models or whatever. Just show models that come from a variety of sizes, ok? Don't need to mention that this is a big or small sized one.
    In the mean time,'s my responsibility whether I choose to excercise, right. I think most people who are overweight can lose weight if they try, but it's their own business. If they don't have discipline, then they have to accept the consequences later.

  21. im no dog .... me is a hamster. =p
    you should get yourself a domain ^_^

  22. I used to be skinny. Now I'm lean. In a few more years, if I'm lucky, I just might upgrade myself to thin. Hehehheh..

  23. I is fat too.. will read the other comments later and comment on it..
    man.. i oso wanna go gym... but the food keeps calling me.. ha ha ha.. "eat me seymour.. eat me! " *Little Shop Of Horrors"
    In fact today, I brought my MTB in my car.. and I am gonna put air into the tyres and after work.. I am gonna take a bike ride somewhere..

  24. You're right, Jacky. Ultimately, you're the only one who can decide what you wanna do with your body.
    Leo: Ugh! The way I procrastinate, I'd probably forget to pay and have my domain cancelled or something. :)
    Stop gloating, Sashi. Or I'll get a few of my fat brothers and head on over to give you a work-over. :lol:
    :lol: Good to know someone who remembers Little Shop of Horrors, Paulos!

  25. I often come across folks who tried to loose weight by getting more exercise. But they end up gaining more weight instead. What I discovered is the great appetite your body creates after your exercise, which makes you eat more. It's probably a natural response by your body to get more energy to make up for the "new" requirements. I wrote a piece in my blog some time ago. Lose weight Wisely - Don't do it in a Hurry Maybe of help to you.

  26. LC: Their weight gain is probably because muscle weighs more than fat. What you desire the most when you are 'losing weight' is the loss of inches or fat around your body. Muscle is good because it helps push your metabolic rate - after all, muscles are the one burning fuel not fat.

  27. No hurry here, LC. :lol:
    Wow, that was informative, Mei. :)

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