Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mommy Who?

Jesse has learnt to say Mommy. Not Mama or Meh-Meh, but Mommy - and properly enunciated at all the right places too. So, occasionally, he'll look up at Mae and just call out to her, "Mommy, mommy!"

This morning, the boy woke up on the wrong side of bed - at 6:30 am, mind you. It took awhile for Mae and I to pacify him. Finally, I brought him out to the living room and played with him a little, if only to give Mae and extra hour of sleep.

He felt a little better after 15 minutes of quality Daddy Entertainment. And then Roma, our Domestic Management Assistant, walked in. As she did, he lifted up both his arms to her, gave her one of his effective puppy-dog expressions and called out, "Mommy!"


And suddenly, flashbacks of "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" plays over in my mind, like a dark cloud of despair looming over me! Was Roma slowly replacing us in Jesse's heart? Was our child being hijacked away from us? Is she secretly feeding him some twisted propaganda!? What!??!?!...

"No, Jesse," she gently replies in her newly acquired English vocabulary, "It's Kakak." She turns to smile sheepishly at me, somewhat embarassed by the incident. Yet, it was a little disconcerting, that smile. It was as though behind the flashy, pearly whites hides a sinister little secret seething with conspiracy. *ulp*

Mae and I had better be on our toes.


  1. -lol-
    Honestly, it is nothing wrong when I read about it. But the way you write it makes it so evil, as if Roma IS really planning something behind.
    I think you think too much already. After all, I believe Roma is a good Indon maid, right? *cross fingers*
    Don't worry, but don't let your "alarm" off. :) Take it easy. :)
    -lol- I just love the way you write it.

  2. That's one of the reason why I do not endorse hiring of "Domestic Management Assistant". Guess the recent PR about them is quite bad on the news.
    However, I still believe there are people out there trying to earn an honest living.
    Alas, I was raised by one from Philipines for 10 years. She is married now to a local and live nearby. We still keep in touch.
    Good luck!

  3. Children will be closer to whoever that spend more time with them. I for one, don't want the DMA to handle the children at all for fear that they become closer to DMA than the parents. May be I'm just paranoid; but it's better to take precautions to avoid incidents like "maid runs away with employer's kid"...

  4. no need to be alarmed yet cos babies hv limited vocab... dun be surprised jesse calling another lady mommy too. it's just too early for him to understand the differences but he'll know.

  5. Don't worry too much, lah. I heard that babies will name all of a certain thing the same name. Eg, all vehicles would be cars, regardless of whether it's a car, bus, van etc. Maybe Jesse thinks all females are mommy? Hmm.

  6. Thanks Jason. Actually, Roma is as good as can be expected. :)
    True, Egghead. We hope ours is one of the genuine ones.
    I agree DomesticGoddess. But Mae is with Jesse 24/7. So, technically, Jesse should call her Daddy. :lol:
    Thanks Babe, I hope you're right.
    Hehheh! No wonder some boys grow up to find women who remind them of their mommies, Jacky! :lol:
    No such luck, Primrose!

  7. isn't jesse turning one soon? what a huge milestone! enjoy his toddlerhood!!!! It's going to be tons of fun!

  8. Hey.. Jamesy,
    Donch worry .. just a slip of the tongue.. no fault of the mind.. i'm sure.. heh!!

  9. chill la.... it happens :D poor kid was probably still sleepy when he called roma mommy :P ... nevertheless regardless of everything else im sure jesse knows who his mommy and daddy are :D

  10. Does she babysit Jesse alone when you guys are working?

  11. You think Jesse would call me mommy too??? :) I can't wait to hear Caleb call me Mommy (and potentially his pig, his dad, his poop and his toys too). :D

  12. probably when he first said mommy all of u would have gone wide eyed and fussed on him and he loves that. So he thinks the word gets him treats so thats why kot. ;p lol theory
    and boys will be boys theyre attached to the women right from their toddler days! ;p

  13. Indeed he is, MOTT!
    Either that, BigBoK, or a slip of the mind. Which is no fault of the tongue. Heh!
    I sure hope so, Deepsy.
    No Sarah, Jesse goes to work with Mae. Roma goes along too to watch over him.
    :lol: I wouldn't be surprised if he did, Melo-Jo! Oh, when Caleb gets there you'll be loving everything that he says.
    Momma's boy lah, Visithra. :lol:

  14. :lol: You're watching too many movies, Sashi!