Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Family Photo

meet the family

No, no, no, it's not our family. These are the Soongs. They're the family in which our church play revolves around. It's Jesse's first acting stint though his role is only confined to this one appearance - on this photograph. Dad is played by Chris Chin, Mom is Ariel and Sis is Sarah. If you think Jesse looks a little blur, it's because he was. "Who are all these people!?"

A Little Less Conversation is our offering for this year's drama thing that my church has been doing for the last 5 or 6 years now. This time around, we're doing a light-hearted comedy musical centred around a man going through a bout of mid-life crisis who's only solace is in the King of Rock & Roll. Heh! Chris Leow and I wrote this with a little help from Julia. And if you didn't already know it, I'm a huge Elvis fan. Also, if you don't know it, it's my first stint as a playwright, so don't expect too much. :)

Our drama thing is open to public and is a yearly affair for our church - just to get people to step into our church and find out that, "Hey, church isn't as stuffy as I imagined it to be!" :) As such, seating priority is given to non church going folks. So, if you'd like to come, do call our church office at 03-78031526 and see if there are any seats left.

So there you have it. A story of life, love and rock & roll! And when you do see it, do drop by here and tell me if you liked it or if you thought it sucked.


  1. I once rewrote the entire Shakespeare play Twelfth Night into a script with a modern day twist for some random project in Form 4. It was brilliant too because the people I casted were excellent. Then I had to go and lose every copy we ever had of the script. :( I shoulda kept it.
    As long as the English is good, and toss in some laughs (which I know you're probably great at both!) it should be fine. Too bad I can't go and watch, take some videos and upload them so those of us who are far away can stream. :P

  2. For a while I thot Jesse's blur look was taken after someone :p **cabutz**

  3. cool! i'm supposed to write this year's christmas play, i need some inspiration...

  4. Aww Gwen, that must have been a kickass play!
    Babe! *dush*
    Whoa! Tell me where to go, Simon. :)

  5. Wah, I saw family photo title from PPS, quickly run over, recognise Jesse and without reading, I thought James just had #2. And I don't mean, #2 child.

  6. Just imagine Mae's reaction when she read about lilian's comment :P
    Also imagine the fun look on james's face when he read the same comment :P
    Good luck on the play!

  7. Aiyooo, Lilian... James doesn't remotely resemble Chris Chin now, does he?

  8. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Chris and James resemble each other? ha ha ha ha ha.. no offence meant.. but yeah.. ha ha ha ha ha..
    But James, thanks for writing out the play.. it's been a lot of fun.. now if my ankle would only get better for me to "function" well... *grin*.. please pray..
    But I absolutely lurve the picture..
    (Minishorts.. what's DJMC? I know DUMC.. heh heh heh)

  9. Lilian, you think I have balls of steel ah, to publish my #2 on the blog? :lol:
    Thanks Egghead. Rehearsals are coming along nicely.
    That's DUMC, Minishorts. Should get Eric to ask his cuz for a couple of ticks.
    That's a disservice to Chris Chin, eh, Ariel?
    I'm glad you're enjoying it, Paulos! And hope the ankle gets better too. Let's not try to redefine the term, "break a leg"! :lol:

  10. just get julia to pass to eric.

  11. Eric say got home fellowship wor, apparently.

  12. yeah tonight got home fellowship... sunday i can't make it cos i have to do the blogathon. sigh.

  13. You know after seeing this picture one more time.. i feel sentimental.. wondering when it'll be my turn to have a family photo taken. man.. long time more..