Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Smoke Gets In Your Haze

Last night, as we closed shop for the day, I saw a couple of colleagues firing up their Marlboros at the corridor. "Dammit, you guys are not helping," I scowled at them. "We're fighting fire with fire!" the wise-ass of the two replied. As I walked on, I realised they weren't the only ones. It was the same with the other offices in our building. All the smokers were out on the corridor contributing to the haze.

And then I remembered. Smokers can't really help it.

At the peak of my smoking career, I was sucking up three packs a day. I was pulling an all-nighter one night when I felt a sudden urge to light up. Unfortunately for me, it was 3:00am and there was nary a cigarette in sight. I had done all 3 packs that day and now when I needed it most, I was all out.

And so I sank to new depths. I scavenged the ashtrays for half-smoked butts. And when I found one, I dusted off the ash and dirt and stuffed it between my lips and fired it up. I dragged down hard and the putrid smoke of a stale cigarette filled my black, tar-laden lungs. It was as vile as you could imagine - stale smoke in my lungs, ash on my lips. It wasn't my finest hour, but I didn't care. When you gotta smoke, you gotta smoke.

The haze must be the worst we've gotten this time around. I'm not sure if it might help but if millions of Malaysian could quit smoking right this minute, maybe the haze will lighten up a little. So, quit now. Do it for your country. If there was a better opportunity to show your patriotism, this would be it. And just in time for Merdeka Day too! Heh.

And say, if you're in the midst of quitting when the urge hits, you could always drag in a few lungfuls of the haze.


  1. Fuyoh...James speaking against smoking! You've come a long way dude! RESPECT.

  2. Say NO to smoking !!
    I want my son to breath in fresh air instead of fresh puffs from other people's lung !!

  3. A father actually quit smoking after he saw his 10 year old son stole his cigratte and try to smoke. How can you teach a child not to smoke when you are smoking. So bravo for YOU!

  4. ah. must get my boyfriend to read this. hahahah!

  5. My colleague made a funny quip about the haze.
    Jerry: Hey man! You know the haze is so bad when I was in Klang, that when I blew the smoke out from my mouth .. I couldn't see the smoke.
    PaulOS : Then you should stop smoking lah.
    Jerry: Ha! Ha!.. I can't help it.. I must smoke.
    PaulOS: Go to the car exhaust pipe and inhale lar. don't add to the haze lah.. he he he he
    Jerry: Ha ha ha ha

  6. Ew Ew Ew ew ewwwwwwww !!! (about the ciggy smoking memoirs)
    I'm glad I live far away from all that shite. Haha my aunt escaped it by coming to visit me too.

  7. James, its an addiction and takes nerves of steel not to pick up a ciggy when stressed, when out for drinks, after a meal etc etc. And you will have this urge to smoke even years after you've stopped. So here I am to wish you more nerves of steel.

  8. Thanks Babe!
    Actually, I'm not really speaking against smoking lah, AhPink. But I am speaking for quitting. Big difference, okay!? :lol:
    Now we're all breathing from Indo's lungs, Egghead! :o(
    Wow. Good father, that one, Michelle!
    Indeed, Inn. :)
    Remember to take photos if he ever takes your advice, Paulos!
    Good on you Gwen. :) I'm thinking of moving too.
    Inspired? I didn't know you smoked. Or did you leave a comment on the wrong post, Minishorts? hehhh...
    It's been over 5 years since I quit. Smoking again would be like starting over, with all the hacking, choking and nausea, minus the novelty. I think I'll pass, Mumsgather. :)

  9. no i was inspired to do some song writing AGAIN!

  10. * Salute * Champion la you. Cannot beat your 5 years record. My longest period lasted only 1.5 years. Now I've stopped again and going into 8 months liao. And the word I use is "stop", not "quit". Should promote you as a role model to all other smokers to stop smoking le. Want to take the job ah? LOL

  11. :lol: You're in the wrong line, you know Minishorts!?
    Hahhhah, naah Willwolf, I don't have that kind of clout to be a role model.

  12. Good one. I know some very Dedicated Smokers and while it takes a lot of self-control not to bat away their carbon-filled exhalations when they fire up, I realise it's very hard for them to stop.
    I have never smoked simply because of the fear of getting addicted. You see, I picked up someone's still-smoking cigarette once when I was six (when all the adults weren't looking), puffed on it, coughed like hell but thought it tasted real good! I haven't dared take a puff since!

  13. woh!...
    The part about rumaging and scavenging around for butts to smoke is really, really pathetic. And it really resonates with me. Kudos to you james, for the complete honesty... Me was there, done that, and, same as you, I'm DONE with it , for good!

  14. You thought it tasted good, Zsarina? Hooboy.
    Congrats Percolator. I know how hard it is to quit.