Friday, August 5, 2005

I Don't Like To Sleep Alone

Mae has been bugging me to let Jesse sleep in his own cot for awhile now. "It's about time he learnt to sleep on his own," Mae explained.

"But I slept in my mother's bed till I was 12 and look what a wonderful guy I turned out to be," I protested. Truth is, I have grown accustomed to seeing out little boy sleeping in between us. There's just something comforting seeing Mae and Jesse sleeping peacefully by my side.

But Mae puts forth a good argument. Let's just say it doesn't take to much to convince me that Jesse belongs in the cot.

And so, on Tuesday, we let the little guy sleep in his cot at the foot of our bed. It was disconcerting to see him sleeping there all on his own. What if he got frightened in the middle of the night? What if he woke up to find his parents not by his side? Would he ever think that we have abandoned him?

I didn't sleep well that night. Neither did Mae. But Jesse, on the other hand, slept like a... erm... baby. And just like that, we're in our third night tonight. So far so good. If this keeps up, I'll give the boy a great big reward.

I was thinking, a baby sister might be a good reward for a good little boy, no? *ahem*


  1. ahhh, another baby in-the-making ... I like this post. It just made my day.
    Btwn, learning how to let go is a must in life, eh? Perhaps this is what Jesse want, leave room for his parents so that he can have more sibling soon!

  2. Jesse's a smart boy. He probably doesn't like to be alone either, as in being the only child ;)

  3. what a nice nice daddy you are.

  4. You wrote this at 12.03 MIDNIGHT, how to get babysister leh? Get your butt off the computer chair and chances will be better. LOL.

  5. Hey.. James,
    That would be the best reward i think..! I too wish i could give my brat a brother or sister.. but because of my age.. and complications when i had my brat at 39.. we've decided to stop at one.
    I await to hear your good news.. reward i mean for Jesse.

  6. good move. so u and mae, kar yau!!! kar yau!!!

  7. James...hope that u will get a pair of twins girls like 1+2moms...:P

  8. Gambate to James and Mae!!
    About sleeping arrangement, Little Skywalker has a cot next to our bed. We do put him to his cot once in a while when we wanna have some time to ourselves (wink wink!).
    Since he is still under breastfeeding, he will still wake up at least once in the middle of the night and will end up sandwitch between his parents in the morning.
    We are still worried about him sleeping in his cot as he attempted to climb over the cot last week while he was playing inside it. It was quite a shock to us as the cot is quite high (up to his neck level).

  9. Baby sister? Yes yes yes!! That's gonna be the best present ever!! :)

  10. All the best & keep your finger's cross. Hahaha..will warn you after you have your second child.

  11. oh yeah! methinks it is time for jesse to have a little sister (or brother).
    go go go, james! (and mae).

  12. :lol: Whoa, Emma, we're not making anything just yet.
    Heh, I'm sure that's not on his priority right now, Coolcat!
    Aww, thanks, Silencer.
    Waah, immediately meh, Lilian? I'm not even sure if we still remember how to. :lol:
    You'll have to wait a little longer BigBoK. We're gonna be taking our time on this one.
    Hahhhah, not so fast Babe. Now start engines only.
    Yes, I'd like twins, Phoenix. Hehhh... Mae says she will only get pregnant 2 times. And I want 3 kids. Twins is the way to go. :D
    Whoa. Better put cushions all over the floor Egghead.
    Wouldn't it now, Cherry!? :)
    What, Michelle!??!?! Warn me now. We're not having a second one so early lah.
    One more year lah, Lucia!
    :lol: Primrose.

  13. wah, no need to buy condoms anymore. yay, big savings for James! :lol:

  14. *plays English teacher*
    Truth is, I have grown accustomed to seeing out little boy sleeping in between us. ** You meant "our" right?
    There's just something comforting seeing Mae and Jesse sleeping peacefully by my side. ** You meant "... something comforting ABOUT seeing ..."?
    (I guess people make this mistake often:
    Let's just say it doesn't take to much to convince me that Jesse belongs in the cot. ** You meant "... too much to..."?
    Gahaha ... sorry. Being notti tonight, can't sleep, baby kicking me :O (oh sure blame him) And on the topic, my bed is too small for our son to be sleeping with us anyway, I don't feel comfortable without some sort of barrier to keep hubby from rolling over and squishing our bundle of poop. Plus, mommy and daddy spent $$$ on his bed that is 2X bigger and prettier than our own! He better damn well learn to sleep in his crib from the start! >:O

  15. One may be a lonely number...but I tell's SOOO much easier to handle. Having another kid.....most the heck can ppl have more than 2 kids????? But..Heck.... making babies is mighty fun anyway! Hee Hee Hee...

  16. We're still co-sleeping with Emily because we like it that way. Occasionally we let her sleep in her cot but she usually wakes up after a few hours so we have to bring her back to our bed. We're moving out soon and she'll get her own room. I guess it's time to let her get used to sleeping on her own but I know we'll miss her...
    Good luck with No.2! :)

  17. *sigh* my 2 little setans still sleep with me and my wife. I have to kick them off the bed if I want to ... ahem. *grin*

  18. Memang no need, Belacan. There's no birth control more effective than a baby in between your wife and you. :lol:
    :lol: You got me there Gwen!
    MOTT, you're speaking from experience now, aren't you/ :)
    I know what you mean, Ariel. We like having Jesse around too. But then again, he doesn't really seem to care too much, as long as he gets to sleep.
    Ouch, Willwolf! Better not kick them too hard otherwise they might take revenge when you're old and feeble! :lol:

  19. i used to get to put my leg out of the cot .. in event to get between mummy and daddy hahahahaahaha if tht didnt work i'd scream and cry till they realized tht i wannated to be in between them :D

  20. You're such a bully, Deepsy. Pls dun tell me you're an only child! :lol:

  21. sadly james i am hehehehe... according to my parents .. 1 was ENOUGHHHH :p

  22. OH halelujah. The comment box is finally working for me. Have not been able to access here in a looong while.
    Baby sister's are cute! I bet Jesse would love lil sister to bits.