Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Birthday Bash

Jesse turns one this Friday. As it goes, the rest of the family had been pestering us to throw a party. Mom would make a 3-hour trip for her first grandson's first birthday. Mae's parents insisted that we do something - with cake and camera and all that jazz. My siblings threatened to throw their own party if we didn't. Aunties offered to cook their specials. Uncles offered to help out. Can you believe it? All for a little kid who probably doesn't even understand what the fuss is all about.

The first birthday is a big, big, BIG thing where Chinese are concerned. Very big. Back in the olden days, they'd roast their finest pig and cook their fattest chicken just to mark the day. Neighbours and family members would come and celebrate a child's transition from baby to toddler. They'd pray to their gods and ancestors and make offerings of thanksgiving in appreciation of the child's good health. And parents had to observe all sorts of customs and taboos. These days, it's more of just celebrating and eating.

We took care of Mom early. A couple of weeks back in Taiping, we bought a nice ice-cream cake, sang the song and we all ate cake.

Last week, however, was a whole new kettle of fish. Despite our best effort to keep things small and simple, that was just not to be. Despite inviting only family we ended up with guest list of almost 40 people - Jesse's cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, granduncles and grandaunts. And with such a big crowd, Jesse got a little clingy. So there we were buying stuff, preparing food, serving guests and pacifying the little guy.

There were so much we wanted to do but were just simply overwhelmed by the magnitude of the kid's birthday. We would have liked to invite friends. We would have liked to have games for the kids. Heck, we would have like to have shot more photos. We were so busy we didn't even manage to snap some nice pictures. *sniff*

Next year we're going to McDonald's. *sigh*


    and also hats off to James and Mae for successfully completing the one year course of taking care of him :P
    Yeah... chinese like everything big... I had to host a 8-course thing for my whole family... luckily only 20+ people came... or else... susah to maintain...
    One thing good about it is... the ang pows you get is always more than what you pay :P

  2. yeah, do throw a party for jesse! he deserve it! but not necessarily a big one, because you see, sometimes, sorry to say this, a big birthday party for a child (esp. as young as one) is more for the adults than the child! it's the adults who eats eats a lot and have fun a lot and gets to enjoy a lot. they will enjoy more than the birthday boy/girl!

  3. Jesse does look like his dad! Why don't you and Jesse wear identical costumes and take lots of pics? =)

  4. Happy birthday Jesse! Did you like your cake?

  5. aww aww...happy bday lil jesse.
    *cough* can i pinjam your son ? wanna use him as my chick magnet :P :P

  6. Leo, if I see a guy with a baby I will assume he is the father. Then I further assume that the mother [wife/gf/whatever] is nearby!!! If it was a cute puppy.... different story.

  7. hahahaha i guess all Chinese parents have to go thru this traumatic experience on the child's first birthday. we did too ok so u r not alone. so the subsequent birthdays were just close family. kid still too young to have young frens to have parties at mcd :D
    btw today's my boiboi's 3rd birthday :)

  8. happy birthday to jesse too :)

  9. Yes Egghead. This is proving to be quite a profitable venture. Hehehhh!!!
    Hahha, you're probably right, Lucia. But we had a whole bunch of kids that day and in the end, he was quite a happy little boy.
    :lol: Mae will get jealous and she'll make me suffer when we have a daughther.
    Thanks Domesticgoddess. We gave him Chocolate cake with Vanilla ice-cream. He love that.
    :lol: No borrowing, Leo. But we'll consider a good rental feel. Heh.
    Good point, Jacky. :lol:
    Traumatic is a good word to describe the day, Babe!!! :lol: Happy birthday to boiboi.

  10. Happy birthday .. Jesse..!!
    When my brat turned one i was more excited than her.. hahahah!!!

  11. Jesse's is one! How time flies. Congratulations!

  12. Happy Birthday Jesse. Hey a good excuse to get together, have fun and catch up. I think the adult have more fun then the birthday boy at this stage...."MANY HAPPY RETURNS!!"

  13. aiyah. thought of texting the parents this friday. suan lah.
    happy bday, jesse.

  14. YaYYYYYY jesse big boy already!! now can chase gurls ;) hehehehe happy birthday jesse *throws conffeti* ermmm got cake ah? lol ... and happy birthday to jesse's wonderful parents also :D
    psst ... 2nd one on the way ah?

  15. Happy birthday to Jesse! Emily's turning one in 6 weeks and we are going to throw a party for her too. I've been planning and making the preparation. Sadly, the new house is still under renovation and I really hope that we'll be able to move in before her birthday!

  16. Hye.. its me again -(the guy who ask about teh liang kee - though haven try it..)
    Congrats on the boy's bday..
    By the way, i had a birthmark which stretch from my upper right hand till the middle of my back...but it looks like a broken region of map..
    *sigh.. i grew darker and larger as i grew.. and there is one light color spot in the mid of my body where my heart was..
    so.. u can say tht i m pretty badly coloured... hahaha... they call it erm.. some coco - something.. bah.. its some scientific name.. !

  17. omG, it has been one year already? how time flies! May you all have a great great celebration!

  18. WOW time annabelle is turning 2 this merdeka day :) no intention to celebrate with friends but just a small do with family at home. I still remember when i plan one for her sister way back in June...paid deposit at McDonald, sent out invitations...ended her sister got real sick 4 days before the birthday bash! In the end we have no choice but to call off the party...we learned a lesson, never ever make a hoo ha infront the of the birthday girl - kind of pantang larang here and there :(

  19. Happy birthday, Jesse from Coolcat Cieh Cieh (obviously, this Auntie is still in denial, heh!). Man, can't believe that a year has passed since the bloggerdom waited with bated breath for your birth. Have a grrreeeat one!

  20. One year already? whoa! happy birthday, jesse!

  21. Time flies when you're having fun, Norzu. :)
    Hahah, I know what you mean BigBoK.
    Not this adult, Michelle. :lol:
    You can still text, Gina. We'll pretend to be surprised by your thoughtful gesture. Hehehh!!!
    After that bash we threw, it'll be some time before we consider a second one, Deepsy. Ehhehh...
    Awww, hopefully it all works out Ariel. BTW, when we were throwing Jesse a party, we went round looking for the Party Shop that sells all kinds of party stuff for kids. When we got to 1U, we found that it was no longer there. Yesterday, however, I stumbled upon Party World at Ikano. So there. In case you need to get stuff and didn't know where to get them.
    Thanks for the wishes ZZ. So what are you waiting for, go Teh Liang Kee already!
    In the blink of an eye, Greenapple.
    Awww, Beauty. Still, a celebration is a celebration. Have fun.
    Thanks Coolcat Cieh Cieh! :lol:
    One heckuva year, Sashi! :)

  22. WOW! A year already. How time flies. And to think I start reading this blog when he was still a fetus. (And Najah was still single!)
    U're a wonderful dad James! Jesse, u are lucky to have James as ur dad. Happy 1st Birthday!

  23. HEY lil jesse..happy 1st birthday!
    James! still can have mcd's party, this FRIDAY! hee hee... infact, for the next 5-10 years, use fast food restaurants for all birthday celebrations... much less mah-fun... haha...
    from a most lazy mom

  24. Thanks for being with us for so long, Inn. :)
    I like less fuss too, MOTT! :lol: