Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Soundly Sleeping

It's been over a year now and yet every time Jesse goes to bed, I still worry if he'd wake up again.

SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a frightening prospect. So much so, I wake up 2-3 times a night just to check on him. Even though statistics show that kids are really only in danger of SIDS in their early days, I still get up to check. Force of habit, I guess. That couple with the information overload you get from parenting books. *sigh*

Some days, as if just to freak me out a little, the boy would sleep really still. I mean, really, really still. No movements. No sounds. Nothing.

That's when I'd prod him a little to check for reactions. Sometimes I'd lift up his arm and plop it back down. He'd move a little but would continue to sleep soundly. Heh! I bet I could lift both his hands to do the Macarena (I know how old this makes me sound, ok!) and he'd go back to sleep like nothing happened. I think I'll try that tonight. :)

The boy sleeps like a log. He gets this from his mother, I swear.


  1. I still check on Yiyi whenever she sleeps. Whenever she comes back to us on weekends, I would have sleepless nights. Worry if she's too cold or too hot, or not comfortable. :)
    And sometimes, I would do the wrestling countdown, lift her hand and drop it. One-Two-THREE!!

  2. Bwahahahaah!!! Do all fathers do THAT when their kids are asleep???? :lol:

  3. all this while i thought mothers are the one worries over their children. didnt know dat the fathers worries also. my hubby sleeps like a log. i'll be the one waking up a few times at nite to check whether they are still breathing.

  4. hehehe my hubby does that too, just to make sure ... SIDS is frightening, but I will onl worry when he is in a crib and far away from me. Mothers probably worry less about it because we have this instinct that will let us know if something is wrong.

  5. i know my hubby stroke boiboi's cheek sometimes but never does the macarena hahaha

  6. I donch think my spouse ever worry about SID with my brat.
    But yes.. the SID thing kinda scare me alot too.. when my brat was younger.
    But lucky you .. james.. that jesse sleeps like a log. Mine.. !!!! ahhhhh..!! wakes up so many times.. i'm deprived of sleep.

  7. Ha ha.. when I was little, I did that to my mother. Worried she might not wake up again, I would nudge at her, or feel her nostrils for hot air. I did the same to my brother and sister too.... I was paranoid when I was little.. not now.. not anymore.

  8. :lol: Too much WWE lah you , Papi!
    I dunno Oli, but maybe they should. Hehhh...
    Hah! Some fathers are worry worts mah, Miche.
    Hmmm... kinda like some weird telekinesis, Gwen? WooooOoOOooOoo~
    We should rally up all fathers to do that, Babe. Think of the fun we can have. :lol:
    I suppose as they get older, we worry less about certain thing BigBoK. But then again, pretty soon we'll be worrying about new stuff.
    Hahhah... normally, for my siblings I try to stop them from breathing, Gina. Hahahahh!

  9. You know, I work w/ kids here in the USA and at nap time. we are supposed to check them every 5 minutes to make sure they're ok.

  10. That's good to hear, Jacky. I'm not sure if our folks here do that. But then again, statistically SIDS is not such a big threat here in our part of the world.