Monday, August 29, 2005

New Baby in the Family

a spanking new baby

There's a new addition to the family. Baby Danielle was born on Thurday, 25th August 2005 last week - just one day short of Jesse's first birthday. Baby Danielle is actually my Sis' and Bro-in-law's second kid, and 2-year-old Joshua Boy's little sister.

We visited them last week at the hospital. Having not held another infant since Jesse's birth, I took up my Sue's offer to carry her little girl. That's when Jesse kinda felt a little threatened. He gave me this sad puppy-dog face, reached out his arms and called out to me. "Deh-deeeeehh. Auwwaaaah!" It was the plaintive cry of desperate little boy. I taunted him a little before setting Baby Danielle down and taking him off Roma. Only a little, I promise. :)

Still, I thought that it was cute that he felt jealous. Ahhhh... there's nothing like a little jealousy to make you feel wanted. Hehhhehh...


  1. awww... how scweeettt. to tell u the truth, i kinda feel helpless carrying a new born now hahaha like lost touch how to do it right :p congrats to yr family!

  2. I'd wait a month before carrying a newborn. Too scared ;p Congrats on the new addition! ;p

  3. I know what you mean, Babe. I was hesitant too!
    You know, you just gotta do it Visithra. Otherwise you'll never dare to. I know some fathers who never even carried their own babies for fear of hurting them. :)

  4. i'm also afraid of new borns coz their neck n top of the head is so soft n delicate. scary!! if drop, that's it - all mush....:(

  5. ya me too, scared of holding new born.
    bad daddy james! teasing jesse like that just to feel wanted!

  6. I love your posts about Jesse, and I've been following your blog for some time... ( I love the silly comments your friends leave also..) tickles me.. :P
    can i link your blog?

  7. Ahem. So.. is this a hint to Mae to make one right now? Ha ha.

  8. Hey.. James,
    Lucky you.. lah..!! my brat.. tak hiaran...!! you carry baby.. you go right ahead attitude.. hahaha!!

  9. Newborns aren't all that delicate really. My son punches me in the eye at night and it really hurts! He also punches himself in the head, so I figure, if he does those things to himself and it doesn't damage him, then it should be ok to slightly manhandle the little booger a bit! :P

  10. :lol: Yvy, I know what you mean. But reast easy cos babies are more robust that they look.
    Lucia, that the price you gotta pay for being my kid. You have to amuse me. Hehhehh...
    Thanks for dropping by, Jo. And yes, I would be honoured if you linked me.
    Hahhah, you know me too well Gina. I told Jesse, "You want a baby? Ask Mommy!"
    But that's quite a good thing BigBoK. At least you know he'll never be threatened by a kid sister or something.
    Hahahah, now I can't get the image of your son punching himself out of my head, Gwen!!!

  11. Unfortunately, i will never be able to give my brat a kid sister or brother.. :(
    too old already lah.. 41 yrs old.. plus my brat is a miracle.. so i shouldn't tempt fate.. eh..??

  12. aiyoooo poor jesse... dont make him so jealous la james day he makes u jealous then you know :P hehehehe congrats on being a proud uncle :D

  13. Who know how many miracles can happen, BigBoK? :)
    Thanks Michelle!
    He does it all the time when he's sucking up to Mommy, Deepsy. :P