Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sleeping Like Logs

At 3:00 am this morning, Jesse woke up a little upset. He usually sleeps right through. Fortunately, all he needed was a diaper change.

I do the deed like a good Daddy should. Mommy gets the diaper and wipes. The boy struggles a little bit, crabby, for having his sleep disrupted. But in less than 2 minutes, we're done. And in a flash, Jesse falls back to sleep as if nothing had happened. The boy sleeps like a log. I pick him up and put him back in his crib - probably not as gently as I should have but no, he slept right through that too. I turn around and Mae is fast asleep as well.

"I can't sleep," I nudge Mae. Nothing.

"Let's have sex now," I whispered in her ear. Hehhehh. Somehow that always gets her attention. "Heheheh...awwwhoneyIwannasleep," she pleaded. "Goplaywithyourinternetorsomething..."

And so here I am, 5:30 am in the living room, wide awake blogging this and watching Oprah and Sidney Poitier talk about his first time being a daddy. Meanwhile, inside, mother and child are snoring away.

Heh. No prize for guessing where the boy picks up his sleeping habits.


  1. :lol:
    Poor you! There will more of similar nights like this to come...*kekeke*

  2. Political racist garbage deleted by the King of the Blog.
    You write with such conviction yet you didn't have the balls to put down your name and email. Oh, by the way, when I say you write with such conviction, I'm just assuming. Cos I couldn't be bothered to read your drivel.

  3. Who is this "malaysia is no future country", I guess james kena spammed liao..
    Horny after a diaper change?? Hmmm... never had that feeling...
    I think Mae's "Goplaywithyourinternetorsomething..." was asking you to go to some internet sites (wink.. wink) to settle yourself instead of blogging :P

  4. All my friends said I am VERY lucky as my husband is the one who did all the night feedings and changing diapers since the born of our 2 daughters...ha ha ha !!!

  5. Fuh seh! Ganas-nya~! *LOL*
    Echo with egghead by the way!

  6. You better not be right, Mei. :)
    It's gonna be a terrible day, Babe.
    Yeah, Egghead. I definitely got spammed. :lol: And no I did not get horny. I just said that to get her attention.
    Yes Beauty, you are lucky!!!!
    Jason, hopefully this keeps him out.

  7. Before marriage : "Honey, let's make love."
    After marriage: "Honey, let's have sex!"
    Typical, typical. :lol:

  8. aiyah! ur whole family so cute one lah!

  9. aiyo.. what's with the political garbage nonsense? it's only a diaper change... can so much shit cause so much disruption?
    sorryla james..once a woman becomes a mom, all she really wants is some good zzzzzzzzzzz.... ;-)

  10. hahahahahahahaha if i was married , and my husband said that to me while i was in a deep slumber , he'd get a piak piak from me right away lol... never disturb a women beauty sleep!!! haram to get eye bags :P

  11. oops, being..errm, turn away I mean :D

  12. lol, not the 1st time being eh? heheh!

  13. Too much info... too much info...

  14. good excuse to get a PS2 or XBox. ;)

  15. Anjali, it could have been worse. "Let's make another baby!" :lol:
    :lol: You're probably the only person who thinks so, Inn.
    I want some ZZZZs, too, MOTT! BTW, the political stuff is just an completely irrelevant spam.
    :lol: Cardiovascular activities are good mah, Deepsy!
    Hehheh... *piak* Leokoo!
    Loopymeals is all about too much info, Sarah! :lol:
    Aiyah, why didn't you leave a comment earlier Belacan. Now I'll have to wait another year!

  16. sounded very familiar to me. you guys, when cannot sleep, nothing else in ur mind meh except having sex??? and ah...after doing it, the husband will sleep like a log and the wife will be staring at the ceiling! *duh*

  17. like you, i also sleep like a lo.. zzz zzz zzzz

  18. Ahhhh.. james..!! too funny..!! but i'm glad you wrote this.. coz' now i know i'm norm.. hahahhaha!! it's not only me.. i told my spouse just a min ago.. hahhahha!!!

  19. hmm..i wonder what's in between sex and making love...haha...anyone?

  20. :lol: Miche, that is a very good observation.
    Unlike me, Adriene. These days I can hardly sleep like a log anymore.
    Hahahh... well BigBoK, you just gotta ask, rite?
    In between, Glinar? Who's got time? Hehhehh...

  21. Adoi, want to ask, ask with coy la. Mana boleh terus demand like that?