Friday, August 12, 2005

Animal Children

I've been thinking. Apparently, more and more girls are named Joey these days. Joey, in case you didn't know, used to be a boy's name. Short for Joel. Which is a funny statement in itself since both are 4 letters long. But I digress.

So now we have boys and girls named Joey. But hey, did you also know that a baby kangaroo is also a joey? Which brings me to my next point. When Joey grows up, can we call her Kangaroo? Hehh.

How about Kid and Kit? Do these guys grow up to be Goat and Fox? What about Pinkie? Does she ever grow up to be Mouse? And don't forget Colt. He might someday grow up to be Horse. Or worse yet, Donkey. And who can forget the great western sharp-shooter, Billy the Kid? Did he ever grow up to be Goat the Goat? Hehhheh...

Okay, that was a lame Friday evening post. Apologies to Joey, Kid, Kit, Pinkie and Colt.


  1. not as lame as my underwear post for a friday. bwahahahaha!

  2. Good to know though.. ! maybe kids with animal names.. might grow up.. and behave abit like the animal they are named after..??
    hehehe!! another lame observation.. hahha!!

  3. On the subject of ridiculous names, Richard ... aka. Dick ... oh my how his name would influence his personality? (No I've never had an ex-bf whom I dislike called Richard, and no this isn't a lame attempt at getting him back)
    It's always amused me how so many pure Chinese speakers that just tab on the name Richard for the hell of it, as an attempt to sound more "foreign"? And nevermind the name sounds like 67 (lok-chat) hahaha ... I'm so evil. Let's be anal together.

  4. I thought Joey is short for Joseph? :P
    Looking at how my son is behaving, I may have to change his name to "chimp" or "Marcel"...
    Guess what animal he resembles??

  5. I know someone named Katie katherine. Aiyah... Her mither liked Katie but her dad said no, because Katie is just short for Katherine, not a real name. They wouldn't compromise so she got both names. Worst was when she was baptised, her priest/minister person stopped the ceremony to ask her parents "You named your kid the same thing twice, is that ok?"

  6. Names are so important, huh, so that the kids, when they grow up, won't put up with name-calling. How about planet names like Jupiter or Venus? Or how about flower names like Primrose or Edelweiss? How about name of months like January, April, May or June? I think I'd like my little girl (in the far future) to be named Faith. :)

  7. :lol: Washing your dirty linen underwear in public, eh, Belacan?
    Hopefully not, BigBoK!
    Hhahhha Gwen! No comments there!
    You're probably right Egghead. And yes, Marcel would be a lovely name for a kid. :lol:
    I gues they just like the name twice as much as everyone else, Jacky. Hahhahah!
    Faith is nice, Primrose. As long as her surname isn't Chee, or Chow.
    You mean, Billy the Kid, Remore? :lol:

  8. Believe it or not, my mom suggested once to that take the name, Pinky. I almost bought it....

  9. erm.... think hongkees would most likely name themselves after choice, some more! what more, hitler, onion and garlic. hmmmm

  10. It's a cute name, though, Bohemianlisa! :)
    Yes, yes, MOTT!

  11. I think a singer having a name of "Fish" is just as in Fish Leong....

  12. Coulda been worse, Cheayee. What if she decided to name herself Prawn Leong?! :lol: