Saturday, August 21, 2004

Stone Age

It's back to the stone age at the Tan household. My notebook is on the fritz. That's what you get for going cheap and buying a second-hand notebook.

Mine's a PowerBook G4. It wasn't all that cheap to begin with. But now, it's really gotten expensive. My favourite Apple dealer tells me it would take about RM 3,000 to repair. After a good few years of continuous use, the monitor has finally retired. Now it's blacker than Samuel L. Jackson! And not even half as cool.*sigh*

But RM 3,000!??! That's almost the price of a brand new iBook! No honest hard-working man can afford this. Looks like I'll just have to get me an el-cheapo monitor and hook it up to the PowerBook and voila - Desktop! But that too will have to wait until I can spare the cash for a monitor.

I hate not having a computer to use at home. Now, the most advance piece of equipment in our home is Mae's pocket calculator. And that can only sustain my interest for so long.

Baby had better come out soon. I need stimulus.


  1. lol com'n James.. what about your handphones?!

  2. You should get a second opinion... It can't cost that much... it just can't!
    (Will soon have under my care 3 x 2nd/3rd hand iBooks...)

  3. o.O NOW you want the baby to come out. your last post, you were in a panic. tee hee kiut lah when da baby gonna come out soon. mixes of emotions strolling down strawberry hill.
    buy a new computer! :D there are soo many promotions and some of them are soo cheap yet so uptodate

  4. Way to expensive to repair man. Get a new one. I'm using a second-hand Dell Inspiron, touch wood, it hasn't conked on me yet.... ;)

  5. you can't wait to play "kuci kuci koo" with baby, eh james? :)

  6. Hopefully, baby Jesse doesn't drag till the 14th day of the seventh month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar to come out.

  7. Baby Jesse's just listening to Daddy right? When you told him that you were busy and not to come out yet? heehee.

  8. 5 more days James!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG~!!!

  9. get a pc lor. macs are expensive mar, u shld know dat :P baby baby baby!!!!

  10. Handphones? Bah, Jolene. Those are no fun. :)
    Turns out that the monitors are the costliest part of the PowerBook, Najah. But I'm sure it's not a typical problem. I'm sure it's just my luck (or lack of)!
    Now, why didn't I think of that, Bumbung! :lol:
    Looks like I might have to get a new one, Natasha. Hardly worth the money trying to repair this one.
    A Dell, Sashi? I will crush you with my Mac... Muahahahahhaa!!!! Didn't anyone tell you you can't talk a Mac user out of using a Mac? :lol:
    We're already playing koochikoo, KA! Mae likes to try and grab Baby's feet whenever he kicks. Cracks me up. :)
    We've covered, Gina. :P Baby can come out anytime he likes.
    Yeah, YP, looks like I pushed the point a little too far! :)
    Yeah, kev!!! 4 more days, now!
    Olivia, Olivia, I belong to the cult of Mac. Once you get in, you can never leave. :lol:

  11. whee! coming soonish!! ;D

  12. good luck with your baby ;)