Monday, August 16, 2004

Nesting Instinct

Over the weekend, Mae and I did our final preparations for Baby Jesse's arrival. We decided to organise Baby's wardrobe and get the house in order. But what started out as a little housekeeping soon turned into a full-blown cleaning frenzy!

Mae was like a woman possessed. By the ghost of Martha Stewart, no less! By the end of the day, she had gotten quite insufferable. I steered clear of her path and just went about with my chores like an obedient half-starved little slave-boy.

"I think Baby's gonna get here in the next few days," she said finally, coming out of her drone-like trance. "My nesting instincts are really coming out."pix from

Nesting instinct!? I was freaking out. That sounded like something out of National Geographic. Or Animal Planet. Narrated by Alec Baldwin.
"Ko-Mae, the she-wolf had gotten quite large now. It would only be a matter of days before the arrival of her cub. As her nesting instinct sets, she makes final preparations to their cave, clearing the area to welcome her little one. When her mate Bo-Jame returns with the kill of the day, she growls fiercely at him, warning him to keep his filthy body away from their nest. Bo-Jame retreats, his tail between his legs."
"I need to clean, clean, clean," Mae tells me. That means I need to shut up, shut up, shut up.

I also need to clean. Our little cub is coming soon! *ulp*


  1. DAMNIT, it's not here yet.
    *goes back to EXCITEMENT EXCITEMENT*

  2. hehehe.. i think we're ALL waiting in anticipation!

  3. ohmigosh *gibbers* tick tock tick tock...

  4. This is the most volatile blog, expect false alarms :lol:

  5. I think Baby's waiting for us to finish cleaning house, Mei! :lol:
    :) Thanks for the sentiment Najah. It's a nail-biting moment for us.
    Like a timebomb, Andrea! :)
    You bet, KA! :lol: We've had quite a few of those.

  6. I've never even met you and I'm damn excited about this baby. I'm on pins and needles here. And this is one of the funniest posts I've read in a while...:)

  7. *biting nail* coming soon!! anytime now
    *biting nail*

  8. haha. Alec Baldwin - that is way funny, man. Love this post. And have a happy time building the nest.

  9. sigh here I am waiting for baby when you and Mae are in a panic. *hugs the both of ya* :D take care of Mae and yourself properly ya.

  10. Hello... I just came across your blog. Never had so much fun hearing about someone's pregnancy before! haha... Good Luck! God Bless...

  11. Haha! James, James, James, didn't I tell you? Make a backdoor, dude!

  12. Martha Stewart has become a ghost now?

  13. Hey James,
    Here's wishing you and Mae being parents for the first time. I'm sure both of you make a good dad and mum :)
    Remember to keep us all updated about the last few days of Mae's pregnancy and the birth of baby Jesse :)
    God bless.

  14. Eeesssshhhhh.... *waits some more albeit more impatiently*....Note to james: I WANT PICCIES! ^_^

  15. Btw James, would you like to half a three foot teddy bear? I'm giving one away...and the first person I thought of was you. If you'd like it, I'll have it spruced up and I'll find some way to get it to you. ^_^

  16. :lol: Thanks Jordan!
    I've progressed to my toenails now, Papi! :)
    Thanks Fly. The nest is coming along quite nicely.
    Thanks for the hugs, Natasha! :lol:
    Glad you like it CC. Come back often. :) God bless.
    No time, Yahkid. Better to just back out the front door. Hehheh!
    Hehheh Peter. I'm sure it's just her Astral Projection from prison.
    I hope we do well, Cherry. God bless.
    3ft teddy? Awww... how sweet of you. "paiseh" lah... :)
    As much as I can, Olivia!

  17. SMS me when baby Jesse arrives!!

  18. Well, I think it's three foot - it was a gift from someone...and I don't really fancy soft toys anymore - or at least from this person, so I'm giving my soft toys away...
    And's not 'paiseh' - just think of it as pressie la!

  19. I've been reading your blog but have not been commenting, yeah.. very much a lurker.. can't resist this time 'round. :) really excited for you guys...

  20. Sure thing, Gina. If I don't suddenly leave my brain at home, that is!
    Then thanks in advance, Mei. :)
    Thanks for dropping by our blog, YP. :)

  21. Okies...but no your address? So how? I pass to who ar? Esssh...logistics, logistics...btw, don't worry - that 3 ft bear I reserve for you wan. :)