Friday, August 27, 2004

Introducing Jesse

hello world!

There's a new kid in town. Our spanking new little boy Baby Jesse, all 3kgs worth, landed on earth on 26th August 2004 at 2:16pm.

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. Both Mae and Baby Jesse are doing well. Me, I need lots of fluids and plenty of sleep.

To all of you who have cared to leave a comment throughout this rollercoaster ride, please know that Mae and I appreciate you. You have been great encouragement, for this blog, and also for the last few months of our live. We'd really like to buy you all a dinner, but that would be too costly. Instead, do take yourself out for a nice juicy steak and imagine us picking up the bill. Heheheh!!

I will get around to responding to your comments. I will also give you all the gory details in vivid, livid colours. I promise. :) Meantime, there's this strange little boy in our home who needs a whole lot of TLC. That, of course, and a diaper change.


  1. jesse!!!!!
    hahaha.. have u watched 13 going on 30?
    one of the songs on the soundtrack is called: Jesse's girl!!;) ..awwww..
    so sweet..
    give him a kiss for me will u!!!

  2. I Wuv the bABY....I wanna hold the baby.... Muaks.... Have anyone claimed him as a god-son yet? *grinz.... Boooo Chiak!!!!
    Mien... barely 2 days old and he has more fans and admirer's than me... hehehe... Congrats to the parents for having such a cute little angel.... God bless ya James and Mae.... Greetings from Cyberjaya....

  3. Hi Jesse!!! Congratz to both you and Mae, James. Oooh, he's so cute!

  4. He's shooo cuteeeee!!!! Congratulations to both of you!

  5. hey james,
    congrats. he looks gorgeous.
    from ur long-time-no-see-friend-with-a-memorable-face

  6. Congratulations!
    Wish you, Mae and baby all the best. Take care now and welcome to the world of parenting!

  7. James and Mae - you are so blessed! He looks adorable and he's healthy! Now, given you will be besotted with the kid, don't forget to shower a lot of TLC on Jesse's Mother too okay?

  8. Congratulations, James and Mae! Jesse looks soooo utterly adorable. Praise God for a smooth delivery!

  9. Congratulations james and mae,
    what an adorable baby :) just like daddy ;)
    take care,

  10. Eh.. Soo Ting? LOL
    No need to see your baby then, James. Can see thru here, minus the jam! haha!
    Hope to catch up with you this weekend. Life has been hectic these days.

  11. very cute baby congrats!

    *gushes on excitedly*
    Wait... *slaps herself silly* Sorry, gotta stop biological clock from even thinking about ticking. But congrats and OHNO! I have to spruce up that teddy! ;)

  13. I know that God will bless you guys and Jesse so much! I pray that his hand is over Jesse's life and guides him. I pray that God has his hand on the rough times (for you all).
    He's sooo cute!

  14. I absolutely love this picture! especially when he is in the cute "Let's be friends" hat! Baby Jesse is so adorable ... James you took a really good shot!
    Once again, congratulation to the Tan family ... have fun with the newborn! ^_^

  15. jesse's adorable!!! congratulations to james and mae. Welcome to a whole new world!

  16. I'm impressed. Usually newborns look like Jack Nicholson or Winston Churchill, but Jesse looks like a cute baby! Congrats guys, I wish you three all the best, and I'll definitely be following your progress:)

  17. SO cute...!!LOve and hugs to Baby Jesse and of course..COngrats to the parents. ;)

  18. fuiyohhhh!!!! Gorgeous!!!
    God ROCKS!!!! ENjoy your gift from Him!!!!

  19. so cute :) we deserve more pictures ;)

  20. awwwww.... lookit the pitty leeetle baybee... in his winnie the pooh outfit too!! too cute! Congrats James & Mae!

  21. Handsome little fella.. :) Muchos congratulations, James and Mae! And welcome to Malaysia, Jesse!

  22. auww.. isn't he the cutest little thing... congratulations, both of you :)

  23. Aww.. the third baby I've seen this year. Wonderful year, this is.. have fun with the little guy! Bwahaha.

  24. a reader of your blogAugust 28, 2004 at 1:25 PM

    congratulations James !

  25. wooweeee! so cute!! he must be pretty sleepy, yawning so big. Cute!

  26. Here's a smiley for a perfect launch :). Congrats again.

  27. james , uncle james oo.... congratulations.
    Baby jesse is so adorable it's killing me. I just cant stop smiling
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  28. omg.. i remember when there was still 193 days to go before Jesse arrives and today he is here. he is a beautiful baby, James. :) very beautiful. Congratulations and it is wonderful that mummy and baby is happy and healthy.

  29. heya! CONGRATULATIONS! he's so cute! now u get to celebrate father's day! woohoo!

  30. many, many congratulations james and mae!! may god continue to bless you all and shower your family of three with abundant kindness.
    And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. - 1 John 5:14-15

  31. Baby Jesse is so so so cute!!! He's really such a bundle of joy! Wish I could just hold him in my arms...and cradle him to sleeep !! :)
    Mae...take care of your health during this confinement month...the food may not taste the best...but its for ur own good!! If you don't like those pig kidneys...give them to me ok? :P're finally a dad! I pray that baby Jesse will grow up all handsome and healthy :)

  32. he's soooooooooo cuuuuuuuutttttttttteeeeeeee!

  33. Welcome to the world Baby Jesse.......... Congratulations to the new parents!!

  34. oh me, oh my.. reality sinks in...HE'S HERE!!! ^.^ he's beautiful... no icky wikle wrinkles, n oohhh okies i wanna be frens!! goodness.. he's so cute i dunno wat to say...heehee gosh i've gone stupid.. Baby Jesse, u made this girl speechless*muakz*!! Congrats James n Mae ^.^

  35. congratulations james and mae... jesse is gorgeous! praise the lord :)

  36. Congratulations to both of you, James & Mae on having a healthy and beautiful baby boy :)

  37. OMG OMG! Baby Jesse is here!!!
    Oh dear, i have tears in my eyes seeing the baby picture... He's adorable...
    I am so happy for you and Mae...
    Welcome Jesse! Uncle Kev is so proud of ya!
    Be good now... Uncle Kev will tell you about the wonderful things of Christina Aguilera real soon...

  38. Baby Jesse is not ready for Aguilera anytime soon Kev!!!
    hey, popped by here to congratulate you guys on the arrival of baby Jesse! *swoons at the sight of the baby*

  39. so are we all aunties and uncles now?
    or am i still a cheh cheh?:P

  40. wah wah so nice nice nice .... cute... *hugs hugs* so happy for you

  41. Babies are very nice to smell at.. Hehehe.. Jesse's already a handsome little fella!

  42. i wanna hold baby jesse....! pleeeeeeeaaaasseeeeeee............. i'll buy you a cookie......

  43. Thanks Jolene. You have been promoted as Jesse's girl. ;)
    Thank you to all of Cyberjaya, Alvink. :)
    Takes after his mom, Janus. Thank God. :lol:
    Thanks Najah.
    Hey there, Soo Ting! Thanks for stopping by! And yes, I still remember your face! :lol:
    It's a crazy world, that World of Parenting, Ash! :lol:
    Praise God. Thanks for your prayers Ariel.
    Of course, Mermaid. Jesse's mommy is the queen of my heart. Even more so, now!
    Hehheh, thanks, Adriene!
    But you came anyway, Gina. :lol:
    Thanks, toru.
    Biological clock eh? :lol: You crack me up, Mei!
    Thanks Rachel. God's been really good to us. :)
    :) Jesse's still learning how to grin, Grace.
    Thanks, Emma. And yes, he is a lot of fun to be around.
    Thanks Nurul!
    Believe me Jordan, he did look quite "uncle-ish" when he first arrived. Which is why I posted a later photo, otherwise he might scare all you readers.
    Thanks Dee!
    It's the bestest gift I've ever received, Mel. :)
    Yes you do, KA. And you shall have soon! :lol:
    Thanks CC!
    Just like daddy, Sashi. *ahem* :lol:
    Thanks Ted!
    Best year of my life so far, Strizzt!
    Thanks Lara!
    Thanks Reader.
    This little boy can sleep, I tell tell you Johnnie! :)
    Thanks for that Peter!
    That Daddy James now, Leo! :lol:
    Yeah, it HAS been quite awhile, Natasha! :)
    That's one of the perks of fatherhood, Weeliem! :)
    Thank you Jack. God bless you!
    Oh Cherry, we hired this amazing confinement lady who's a real kick-ass cook! :)
    Just like daddy, Jikon! *ahaks*
    Thanks Ann!
    :lol: Andrea! Hope this luck with the ladies will continue into adulthood!
    Thanks CN!
    Thanks Sara.
    Be good now, Uncle Kev! Baby Jesse's still too young for Christina!
    Thanks for popping by, Ping!
    Do you see yourself as an Auntie Jolene? :)
    Thanks Minishorts!
    Jesse "Hi" you back, Ryuu! :)
    He's the sweetest smelling thing in the house, MandY! :)
    Just a cookie, Kev?

  44. i'll still call you uncles james ~~!!
    he's so cute oo ^_^

  45. hahaha ok
    i choose to belong to your generation then!
    hi jesse!! say hello to auntie jolene!!! koochi koochi kooooooo..

  46. Baby Jesse's finally arrived! Was at my cousin's engagement yesterday and was really impatient to get into your blog. Hope you and Mae will get some rest in between changing Jesse's diapers and all that TLC.

  47. Aww.... he looks adorable! Adorable enough, to be hugged and kissed... LOL, if you'd allow a complete stranger to do so. ;) But don't worry, I have no intentions to kidnap your lil one... I just popped by; from a link a friend of mine posted on LJ.
    Anyhoo, thank God for bringing baby Jesse into this world safely - as you and Mae wanted it. :) I pray that He'll continue to look out for the kid from his 'loft' up above... as always.
    Will pop occassionally by for more updates on the baby. In the meantime, do take care and God Bless you and your family.
    A fellow sister-in-Christ.

  48. Phew! Thank God he looks like the mommy. :lol:

  49. cute!! koo-chi-koo-chi-kooo....
    Congratulations to James and Mae!!

  50. So adorable! Glad to hear of the safe delivery... ah, praise God!!


  52. ~guCci guCci gu~ :)
    such a cutie jesse

  53. James: WHaaaa? It's not nice to tease me, y'know. Besides, can't blame me for wanting to have cute babies when men like you go around gushing about them. ;) How's 'breastfeeding' going? :)

  54. congratulations!!!! may Jesse grow up to be a great man. :) :)

  55. Sure, Leo. ;)
    OK, Auntie Jolene it is. :)
    Oh Norzu, he keeps us busy. We're practically running round-the-clock!
    Amen, Sapphire Pearl.
    Thanks Annu. We can't stop looking at him. :)
    :lol: *bops Fly on the head*
    Thank you Papi & Mami. :)
    Hahahah, mdmafia! That's a phrase I haven't heard in ages.
    Thanks again, Shine!
    Amen to that, Irene. :)
    Thanks Aeryn.
    :lol: Until he starts screaming his head off, Glinar. :)
    Hmm... Mei, the feeding's been challenging. How did you think to ask that? ;)
    Thank you for that blessing, Pickyin! May he indeed. Not in size like daddy, though! :lol:

  56. Congrats!!! (I know I'm a little late..) and Hihi Little Jesse!!! :)