Monday, August 16, 2004

Maternity Leave

Mae is on maternity leave as of today. She's actually perfectly fine despite being quite rotund, but we agreed that she should take some time off for a bit of R&R before Baby Jesse shows up.

Pops was just telling me about Mom a couple of days back. She was preggers with my eldest brother Jeff when the rascal decided to come out while she was at work. This was sooo typical of Jeff - a pain in the butt right from the very beginning. Hehhehh! 38 years on and nothing much has changed. Bwahahhahha!

Anyway, both my parents were teachers in the same school. One day Pops returns from an outing and the principal tells him the news. "I sent your wife to the hospital," he says. "Her water broke."

Pops was confused. So her water broke. What was the big deal anyway? "I could always buy her another," he tells the principal.

"Not her water bottle. Her water!!!" The principal was amazed at such a display of ignorance. "She's having the baby!"

And there in a time when ante-natal classes were unheard of; there in a time when fathers didn't witness their children's birth; there in a time before it was fashionable to read pregnancy books; my mother gave birth to her firstborn. It was a time of ignorance and a general lack of intelligence.

Says a lot about Jeff, doesn't it? Hehhehehehheh!!!


  1. i agree with u, jeff is good, but james is the best of the best..hehehe 8)

  2. James is merely saying this coz Jeff is better looking than he is. James is jealous.

  3. The anticipation is killing me - and I'm just a reader of your blog! I can't imagine what you must be feeling right now! Woo hoo! :)

  4. Gawd...without pictures how am I going to know who's cuter than who? -.-

  5. James, when Mae gives birth I am so coming to visit you guys somehow. I don't care that you've never met me and don't know me from Eve :P
    I will get Ariel to bring me. Bwahahahahahah!

  6. jeff: *ah chew* *ah chew* *ah chew* omg, wat is wrong with my nose... *ah chew* *ah chew* *ah chew*

  7. LOL Olivia!
    I gotta see pictures if im gonna know who is better than who :D hehehehhehe
    11 DAAAAAAAYYSSSS! wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  8. Hahhahh Phoenix!!! You're too good to me.
    Feh! I'm not jealous of anyone, Gina.
    That's why I bring a change of pants everyday, Sashi. :lol:
    You'll just have to guess for now, Mei.
    *piak* Ryuu, for just laughing.
    Hahahha, you're most welcome to camp out at DSH, Irene. :lol:
    I sent him a mail, Olivia. Let's see if he makes his way here. Hehheh!
    11 days, Natasha :)

  9. But I no wan to guess.... *whines in hopes that james WILL post pictures of himself*

  10. hey james,
    after having followed your road to fatherhood for so long, would be nice to meet you and wife in person, however briefly. i know we were wanting to do this a few mths ago.
    i stay v near dsh, so i guess you do too.
    juet lemme know where/when's a good time for this. i can belanja u char kway teow!
    best wishes,

  11. So is Jeff married? I heard he's the cute one? ;)

  12. I'll say this...when compared to Jeff and Stephen, James has the loverboy look (his hair is heart-shaped) and his smile hits you hardest (like a truck). :lol:

  13. Hey James, can't wait to hear the good news soon. And Irene, you can drag me along as well, the more the merrier *grin*

  14. I will bring my camera and snap both James and Jeff side by side. Both of them look like my dead uncle. :)
    Steven on the other hand.. ahem. CUNNNNNNN..
    No worries, Mei & Natasha, you didn't miss a thing. Heheh.

  15. eh, just heard on the radio, abt a woman who gave birth in a car in the middle of the traffic... assisted by the ahli2 bomba.
    [long shot, i know], but, was it you guys? ;D

  16. Yes Andrea, I will be taking a few days off to do my fatherly duties - change the diapers, bathe the kid, etc. :)
    I'm shy, Mei but I'm sure it will happen.
    Thanks for your wonderful offer, Adriene. I will take you up on it soon. :) How do I write you anyway?
    Naughty, naughty Fly.
    :lol: Jotay. Do you guys are gonna storm the place, huh?
    Hahahhah! Bet your uncle's tossing in his grave now, Gina!
    Naaah Grace, I wouldn't have needed any assistance. *ahem*
    Wah, mdmafia! So terror meh? :lol:

  17. Sure what will happen? I'm lost la. -.-

  18. I think he means he'll eventually post pics of himself here, Mei! Wheeee! That'd be great. I'm dying of curiosity...
    Done, Jotay, we'll go, all 3 of us, and koochi koochi koo the baby, and access James' looks so that we can report back here... muahahahahah!

  19. Mae said, James looks like Aaron Kwok.

  20. james..sigh..pls post up ur pictures soon so i am not loosing anything here... :o(

  21. Hey, you girls are gonna get disappointed lah! :)
    Mae never said that lah, Gina! *piak*
    :lol: Phoenix, if I'm ugly you will stop reading my blog? Hahahaha!!

  22. james,
    my email add is adriene at heyadriene dot com
    take care :)

  23. JAMES...SORRY NO....unless your ban me.. :o(