Thursday, August 5, 2004

All Creatures Great And Small

faux furballs

Yesterday, while clearing out the guestroom to make way for a new wardrobe (yay!), I unearthed this treasure chest of soft toys. It's a collection both Mae and I have gathered over the years - even before we met each other.

Yes, you read right. Some of those toys are mine. And no, I generally do not buy soft toys for myself. Really. Which is why all of mine were given to me.

I have a theory about this. Hehhhehh...

In a new relationship, the girl will buy the boy soft toys. She will lovingly wrap it with the sweetest gift wrapper. She will lovingly tie a dainty little ribbon around it. And she will attach a dainty little card. "For you to remember me by, my love," she writes, "When you're out there, alone, on the road".

"She really loves me,"
he thinks as he displays it in his car.

No. No. No. No. No. It's not love, son. It's the secret coded language of women the world over. It's a message that says, "This man is taken. Lay off!"

So boys, the next time your girl gives you a soft toy to display in your car, she's really just marking her territory. And now you know. Hahahahah!!!

Still, looks like Baby will have quite a few soft toys to inherit! When he's old enough to sit up, I'll seat him right there in the box amongst the toys and we can have a nice little photo session. Watch out, Anne Geddes!

It won't be long now. Wooo~


  1. a reader of your blogAugust 6, 2004 at 1:06 AM i know why i got those toys...
    james, it's plus/minus 22 days away !!
    i can feel your excitement !!

  2. Baby will arrive at about the same time my A-levels trials start.. =) somewhere in the world someone is smiling at his newborn, somewhere else in the world someone's scratching her head over biology.
    :) will this blog go on to log Baby's progress as a, er, baby?

  3. I know my theory is damn true. Whenever you see a cute man, look out for a toy in his car. If he has one, meaning, he has a gf.

  4. Mae lets your son play with the toys your ex-gfs gave you? Cool woman.

  5. eh better than having it marked like a cat would ;-)

  6. Girls give soft toys to guys? Eh, is this like a new trend or what? No wonder I've been single for so long hehe!!

  7. Oh my, I think I just had a taste of what is to come for you! My sister in law here (hubby's bro's wife) just had her water broke last night and we spent all night and pretty much all day with them at the hospital. We drove over with the mother-in-law (his mummy) because the hospital was around an hour's drive from where we live (the mummy and daddy-to-be live on the other side of the city area). Eventually this afternoon mom-in-law said we should go get some sleep and dad-in-law can pick up the car from our place.
    Let me tell you, the hubby is now ready to have his own little nest of chicks. *LOL*

  8. Err, so what does a guy give his girl then?

  9. i've always wondered about those cars with a whole Pooh collection in 'em.

  10. girls give soft toys to guys? geez... i must've left out this point sumwhere! :lol:

  11. Haha. You guys sure love going to McDonalds and getting those soft toys eh. :D

  12. bf would send me for a brain check if i gave him a soft toy.. ~!

  13. James, soooo many ex-gfs ar? Or do most of them belong to Mae?
    btw, no way am I marking territory with a pooh bear. Just so not me. :lol:

  14. Reader, they help you behave eh?
    Jolene, this blog will go on as long as I have breath in me. So it should cover Baby and his many siblings. Hehheh!
    So, it's your hairbrained theory eh, Gina? Stop filling my head with such things! :lol: And yeah, Baby will be playing with some of Mae's ex-bf's toys too! No biggie.
    DB, I was gonna draw that parallel but I was afraid for my life. You, on the other hand, are a brave man! :lol:
    Yes, Sara, go out and buy a soft toy today!!! Hehhehhe!!
    :lol: Jas, looks like you better ready yourself.
    Hickies, Sashi! :)
    Lara, those "toy-shops" are surely the signs of a girlfriend with a serious inferiority complex!
    Maybe it's just me, Olivia! I have the kind of face you just wasnt to give a cuddly soft toy too. *ahaks*
    :lol: Strizzt, I know many boyfriends who brave the morning crowd just to get the whole collection. It's the modern-day version of slaying the dragon for their damsel-in-distress.
    :lol: Annu, I'm sure you'll do okay!
    Fly, nahlah, only one or two of those were actually given my exes! :)

  15. james...what toys in the basket are gift by ur exes? :?:

  16. i wait either! *hop hop* :D

  17. oooh plushies.... i love plushies.... heck, soft toys are so much fun than power tools...

  18. *piak* phoenix, for asking such dangerous questions!!! :lol:
    Down, kev, down!
    I'm a power tools guy down at heart, Leo!
    Yup, yup, KA! :)

  19. OoOooOoo.....
    So that's whut it means.....
    Well Too Bad I ain't anybodies teritory yet.... *sighs...
    anybody wants to buy me a soft toy....? *grinz

  20. darn, u've discovered part of the secret code among females! haha :) i think itz more of a test to see if a dear bf is willing to display the toy u gav him instead of being embarrassed by his frens' hootings.