Friday, August 20, 2004

Breathe In, Breathe Out

I forgotten how to breathe. While I am personally breathing fine, I have forgotten how to coach Mae in her breathing during labour. It's all a blur now. Was it breathe-breathe-blow or breathe-blow-blow? But I'm not terribly worried cos I'm sure the midwives will be at hand to help.

But I am, however, worried about what to expect from Mae. I've heard the stories. Stories about wives who scream curses at their hubbies. Wives who shout profanity. Wives who blame their husbands. And then there are those wives who cause their poor unsuspecting husbands grievious bodily harm. Oh boy!

There was this wonderful husband who had the amazing idea of singing a hymn to calm his wife. As our man broke into song, his wife almost broke his head. "Shadddup!!!!" she screamed, "You're irritating me!!" Damn. Talk about a tough audience. I think this girl puts Simon Cowell to shame.

I was thinking of recording the whole event on camera. All of it. That also means shots of Mae in pain. Hehheh! But I worry that I might never make it out of that delivery room alive. And if I did, I might have a Canon permanently embedded in the middle of my face. *sigh*

On the other hand, photojournalists risk their lives all the time, shooting in warzones and in the thick of the action. After all, isn't it true that we have to suffer for our art? Heh!

Besides, I laugh in the face of danger.


  1. Laugh in the face of danger...then hide under the table till it passes...:)
    Oh boy...I can't wait until I have my kids...:)

  2. i wouldn't go there james. i wouldn't go there at all!

    Btw, when you want your teddy? Need to tell me so I can clean it up for Baby ASAP.

  4. me want piccies of james... :D

  5. Oh oh I remember my time. Lon story. But when arrived in the hospital when my wife gave birth, I first sat in the waiting room and read a magazine. Tried to distract me! Thinking, from time to time - oh no, am not ready, what to do what to do. Than I heart my boy crying. Than I thot, oh no - I am not prepared - I had 9 months. What do I do. And, I told you the rest of the story already. I hold him in my arms, looked at him, and felt this ABSOULTELY INCREDIBLE DEEP DEEP Love for him. A feeling that i never ever will forget!!! So you are ready, my man. You are ready, when you have to!!!!

  6. Hey piak kia,
    You will post pics of baby here, won't yah? You can leave out the gross bits, but we wanna see baby!
    *crowd goes WE WANT BABY! WE WANT BABY!*

  7. james...james...james, you're seriously living [i]way[/i] on the age.... probably after you have finished filming mae's pain.... you'll have to figure out which part of your body controls the Canon (DV/Digicam) to playback her pain :P

  8. Know thyself
    Some part of the individual is aware of the most minute portions of breath; some part knows immediately of the most minute particle of oxygen and other components that enter the lungs.
    The thinking brain does not know. Your all-important "I" does not know. In actually, my dear friends, the all-important "I" does know. You do not know the all-important "I", and that is YOUR difficulty.
    He says, "I breathe, but who breathes, since consciously I cannot tell myself to breathe or not to breathe?"
    He says, "I dream. But who dreams? I cannot tell myself to dream or not to dream." He cuts himself in half and then wonders why he is not whole.
    Man has admitted only those things he could see, smell, touch, or hears; and in so doing, he could only appreciate half of himself. And when I say half, I exaggerate; he is aware of only a third of himself

  9. don't forget the ice chips. .. emm.. seen it alot in the movies :D
    oh yeah.. gimme yer address, i wanna send lil Jesse a bear bear or johnny bravo or somethin. :D hehe
    i hope there are pictures tho :/ and good luck James! u are ready! then again even if you aren't.... you gotta be! :+:

  10. err maybe get her a stress toy to grip instead? heehee j/k. Lotsa stories abt abusive laboring wives but heck, they're just trying to include the hubbies in the birthing experience! haha anywayz u'd b helping her concentrate away from the pain ;P

  11. Knowing Mae, she will be doing just fine. Unlike James - he is the one having the hypertension.
    And for goodness sake! Don't even think of recording the Episiotomy for public view.

  12. Yeah Edrei, it's a thrill ride!
    I dunno Mei. I suppose when Baby's out! :)
    I couldn't put my pix up here, Jikon. They might shut me down on account of taste!
    Thanks for that, Andreas. :)
    What? No gross bits, mdmafia? :lol:
    Whoa MWT! That was too intellectual for my brains. :lol:
    Thanks Natasha! Ice chips. Yes. :)
    I have a low threshold for pain Andrea. The stress toy may not be such a bad idea after all. :)
    Man, Gina, I hope I don't pass out or something!

  13. Aiya...but I still have to send it to you mah. ;)

  14. i'm excited ..... very excited.... hey did you get the name for jesse?

  15. Thanks Mei, will write to you soon and see what the best way to get the teddy! :)
    Thanks for sharing our excitement, Minishorts. As for the name, I must say that it was inspired by my countless hours watching TV. Isn't Jesse that cool, brooding scoundrel in Gilmore Girls? Also read it in the Bible the same night. :)