Wednesday, August 4, 2004

First Words

I realise that on the day that Baby Jesse arrives, apart from the midwives and the doctor, his first encounter with another human being would be with me. Yes, I will be in the delivery room with Mae. And with the camera. :) And if things go well (i.e. I don't pass out at the sight of blood or get terribly nauseous) I would even cut Baby's umbilical cord!

Technically speaking, Baby's first contact would be with Mae. However, since both Mae and Baby will be on opposite ends, daddy's gonna have to be the first one to greet Baby and welcome him into the world. Whoa! The thought of it is pretty scary. Basically, we're talking first impression! What do I do? And most importantly, what will be the first words I say to my son?

I told Mae, the moment Baby is out I'm gonna be scrambling my way to the end of the bed. I'll be pushing and shoving those nurses and midwives aside as I grab on to my infant son, cradle him to my chest and speak into his ear. "Remember Jesse, Daddy is the best!" My words will be engraved into his mind, etched forever in his memory. MUahahhahhah!!!

But seriously, it would be a defining moment in our lives and I can only hope I find the words. Something poignant. Something profound. Perhaps something philosophical. Heck, I'd even settle for something sensible. Who knows what can happen with all that excitement in the delivery room?

I suspect Mae thinks I'll say something dumb. Man, I hope I don't screw this one up!


  1. "Hello, I'm your dad and I kick ass" can? ;)
    I don't think you'll screw up. Just becareful with the camera yeah.

  2. How abt, ' Welcome to earth. Me dad, she mom, you Jesse ' and then grin the best grin you could ever do? ;)
    Ahaha, more down to earth is,'Christ loves you and so do I. So dun be a noti baby and we shan't have to spank u boy'

  3. take a digicam and snap a pic of his little pink head(just as it's showing.. u can photoshop the inappropriate bits off later) and get someone to snap a pic of you taking him in your hands for the first time.
    :) but it's really sweet of you.. :) congratulations.

  4. Or you can just say: WHASSSSSUPPP???!!!
    Bet that'll send the doctor and nurses into a frenzy! :lol:

  5. "Welcome to Fantasy Island!!!"....but of course, you'll have to be able to do a decent Ricardo Montalban impression. Did that show air in Malaysia or do I sound like I'm on crack?

  6. Jordan: Yes, it did air here - "The plane! The plane!"

  7. I was speechless when my Yiyi was born. It's happiness, joy, relieve, fear, nervousnous all rolled into one, and my mind went blank. And it's one of the most wonderful feeling i ever had.
    OMG..u gonna cut the cord??!

  8. hi alien. welcome to earth. we come in peace

  9. heheh, more like 'Who's your daddy?!?'

  10. I don't think you will manage anything coherent. At best, you'll cry. :lol:

  11. "love ur aunt phoenix"....hhhhhhh :lol:

  12. Actions speak louder than words :)

  13. Just so you know what's in store for you, might want to train the midwives to operate your digicam. Its only practical. YOu cannot be holding the camera, cutting the cord and holding your baby all at the same time... you'll probably be wearing gloves as the procedure needs to be aseptic. then you'll have photos to remind you of teh memories =) In your excitement, don't forget mae =)

  14. Yucks. Are you going to air Mae's widen vagina here?
    Also, one piece of advice, please wear boots. You don't want the smell from the uterus (due to water broke) on your feet for months.

  15. DIVINE BOVINE.....23 days left. Ooo here's a poem you can give to give to Mae,when baby is old enuff
    9 months
    [9 months you had me in you,
    270 days you carried me around,
    You couldn't eat the food you love,
    Cause you cared for me and I thank you,
    I was your joy, your pain, and hope all rolled into one,
    You carried me when I cried, comforting me in your breast,
    The warmth of your love stopped my crying,
    I'm now going to school and I feel sad to leave you,
    You smiled and said "I'm here always",
    A strange love surged through me and I know I'll be alright,
    Deep within me I know that,
    That if the mountains failed to cover me, you'll be that mountain,
    If the oceans should go dry, you'll flood the seas once more,
    And if all hope in the world fades away, you will be hope,
    Hope that will bring hope to a hopeless nation,
    I know that it's true, and I thank you
    9 months you had me and I thank you]

  16. :lol: Norzu. Yes, I will be careful with the camera!!!
    Leokoo, wah, a threat so early in life!? :)
    Thanks Jolene, but I'm afraid that it won't be a pretty pink head that sticks out. It'll be a bloddy, slimy blob!!! :lol:
    Hahahah! Yeah, Sashi - that would be different.
    Jordan, I'd put on Ricardo Montalban's white suit but the midwives did warn that it was gonna be messy in there! :lol:
    Yah, Papi, I think I'm probably gonna be speechless! And yeah I'd try to cut the cord if I'm still up to it then!
    :lol: Ryuu, too much sci-fi, eh?
    Mdmafia, haven't I always been?
    Heh, Olivia, that sounds very S&M lah!
    You're probably right, Fly. Even under normal circumstances I can never really manage anything coherent. :lol:
    Hahahahahahahah!!!! That has got to be the cleverest suggestion, phoenix!!
    True, true, natasha!
    Huh? Who's Mae? :lol: Thanks, Janus!
    Hahhahha, dammit Gina you're gross. Thanks for pointing that out Jolene!

  17. y not " who's your daddy?" . i guess leokoo has a point:p start 'em young!
    on 2nds tots, "rock on" or something like "peace" wouldn't be too bad. but u gotta imagine urself in front with the vidcam, and the commmotion and the other stuff....nah!
    but i wouldn't blame u if all u could let out was a *squeek* strong!

  18. Am so excited for you James...
    As for the first word, well how about something simple like "Hi there Jesse, daddy's here"...followed by tears of JOY.. :) Whatever it is, I'm sure you'll be able to say something meaningful to your beautiful new born son when the time comes :)
    Crossed my finger that you won't faint during the digicam shooting...can start practising eating coagulated chicken/pig's blood... in case you can't stand the blood...better still drink snake's blood...sounds disgusting rite, but all these are good for your health too... :)

  19. Its not so much the sight of bloor rather than the smell of blood =) No i'm being gross. But seriously, the smell of blood, mixed with smell of water and some faeces from overstraining... you'll remember it

  20. Why Leo, you romantic fool, you!! :)
    Hehheh Weeliem, we'll see how it goes! :lol:
    Snake blood, WY!?!? Pls don't tell me you eat snake blood!
    Oh man, Janus... that was graphic! :)

  21. Whether you like it or not, it is a smelly event.

  22. NO lar... I've seen ppl driking it. I've eaten snake meat when I was in HK during their cold season...
    Anyway, I'm anxious for you and Mae. Wish u both all the best!! :)