Saturday, August 7, 2004

Full Term

Woohoo! Baby's full term at last. Today, we're officially 37 weeks pregnant.

I'm freaking out a little.

Our buddies in Singapore just had their kid. Blowfish and Eel delivered their baby 2 weeks early. I call him. "How did it go?" I asked. "We went for an Epidural," he explained, "Just like what we wrote in our Birth Plan."

Birth Plan!?!? What on earth is a Birth Plan?!? Okay... calm down... breathe... you've read about this, James. You know what a Birth Plan is, don't you?

Baby Jesse is engaged. He's in his full term. And we're three weeks from the due date.

I need to get a Birth Plan out. Instead, I'm blogging. Sheesh! Sometimes, I swear my priorities are all screwy. Seems like I'm always blogging. I should be doing a Birth Plan. Instead, I'm blogging. I better not be blogging when Mae's in the delivery room. Heh!

Blogging calms me down. I'm better when I'm calm. I'm going out of my mind!

Okay, I'm calm. And I'm better. Now to search for that damn Birth Plan off the web!

Yay! We have a Birth Plan now, thanks to I'm calm once again. :)


  1. birth plan ? there is no such thing as a plan for you. You need instructions... and i will impart my juvenile deliquent advice.
    Instruction numbah ONE :: make sure in the 2nd week, get all your design work done and dont make any appointments.
    Instruction numbah TWO :: DONT BE LATE.... there's no rewind button for this glorious event.
    Instruction numbah THREE :: As soon as baby jesse comes forth into the world, CRY and CRY tears of joy. and do bring a six-pack

  2. can i add something?
    numbah four : when u get into the car and drive to the hospital.. make sure Mae is in the car with you.
    numbah five : during labor, numb your fingers with an ice spray before you hold her hand.
    numbah six : don't get possesive that the first spank on the baby's bottom is not by you, but by a doctor (tee hee)
    anyways.. im excited too! wheeeeeee!

  3. james, you have heard from natasha and i ... follow our wise words ..... ^_______^

  4. A 6-pack, huh, Leo!!! :lol: I'm not sure if that's allowed on hospital ground!
    Natasha, I think I better tattoo No. 4 on my forehead! :lol:

  5. Well with the jumps and joys that you WILL be doing ...... the 6-pack is actually for the doctors to -forget- about your loopy ways.
    oh yeah...make sure you tattoo that on your head !!

  6. Aiyo..feels like the whole bloggin community is having this baby man~! Everyone is just as anxious and excited as you are.. =)

  7. stay cool my friend.. you, mae, baby jesse will be doing just fine. fingers crossed!

  8. Thanks for the visiting, dude.
    You know how I got to know it's your blog? It's really funny, I have a few friends who occasionally visit your blog, not because they know you but rather they find your blog interesting.
    So on one fine day, I started visiting this blog called "Loopy Meal" by James. And I really liked it. Read it for a couple of days and I started surfing and typed "DUMC Blog" and googled my way around cyberspace.
    And I found this comment on some guys site that said "You from DUMC too?! What a small world!" by James. I clicked on James and guess where it brought me?
    Right here!
    And suddenly, all the puzzles started to fit together and I realised that it was YOU! Ngaf ngaf ngaf! Such a small world lah, friend!

  9. it is normally 2 weeks earlier than the ETA. so be prepared, my man.
    birth plan? WTH is that? ha ha ha. I thnk once u r in there, ur mind goes blank, ur plan goes down the drain, everything goes haywire!
    But it is a wonderful experience!

  10. Hey, chill man. Mae & I are the not the first beings in the world to do this. Adam & Eve didn't have a birth plan or a blog. God is with you, Mae and Jesse.

  11. Sorry, Mae and YOU ... I mean. Not me. I'm not pregnant. Phew! Honest Freudian slip. :lol:

  12. hehe looks like you googled and picked the first entry for birth plan :) that wasn't hard was it? ;)

  13. Bwahahahahah... anybody wanna bet that James will faint in the delivery room? kihkihkih...

  14. hehe... Leo and natasha are funny. *tickles*
    aww man, i don't know how you do it. i'd probably be stuffing myself with loads and loads choc cake while waiting furiously/patiently for the baby...
    you blog lights up my day. thanks james.
    arrrrrhggggggg!!! i can't wait.
    ooooo i can't wait to teach baby the beautiful wonders of Christina Aguilera! :)

  15. *yelps* .... no sensitive :)

  16. :lol: Annu, remind me to pass out cigars!!
    Thanks, Nurul.
    Elementary, my dear Ian! :)
    2 weeks, Papi!?!? Fuuh, that's next week, dude!
    It's really just a list, Alvink. :)
    You know what Freud says about slips, eh Fly? Methinks perhaps you're thinking of starting a family... hehhehheh!
    What can I say, KA. I was frantic and in a rush!! :lol:
    Irene, you meanie!!! :lol:
    Nice of you to say, kev! :) As for Christina, looks like its best left to Uncle Kev!
    You again, Leo! SHeesh, anyone would think that YOU'RE having the baby! :lol:

  17. Leo :
    Haha!!! You're so funny.
    *how do i make the laugh icon yo*