Friday, August 20, 2004

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I've never been so busy in my life. A colleague had gone off on a vacation from Monday through Wednesday and I had to hold the fort. Which would have been fine except that we had a sudden influx of projects last week.

On Friday last week, just before Brownie left for her vacation, I assured her that all would be well. At the back of my mind, I was worried no end! What if Baby decides to show up early. Mae felt he was coming quick, "I don't think Baby can wait till Brownie gets back to work on Thursday!"

I decided to take affirmative action.

"Son, be a good boy," I spoke into Mae's womb. "Daddy's gonna be busy so don't come out yet, okay?" Mae patted her belly to reaffirm Daddy's words. Then Baby kicked! It was as though he understood.

Then she did the math. "Wait, Brownie's coming back on Thursday isn't she?"

"Yes, Baby," I patted Baby Jesse in the general direction of butt, "But Daddy's going on with the boys Thursday!" That's about the time that Mae bopped me - in the general direction of my brain! I love living dangerously. Heheheh!!

Well, it's Friday now. Let's wait and see.


  1. Been an avid reader of your blog. It's nice to hear a male's point of view throughout the pregnancy. My prayers are with both of you, that Mae will have a smooth delivery. ;)

  2. hehe... you're lucky it was just a bop on the head...

  3. james, are you trying to shorten your life by asking baby jesse to stay in mae's womb till brownie comes back ?? if you are.... congratulations, you just shortened your lifespan considerably.
    "But Daddy's going on with the boys Thursday!"

  4. (mistake, forgot about the html enabled feature)
    "But Daddy's going on with the boys Thursday!"
    ---what are you thinking ? mae will need you now and for the next few weeks. Don't go for your boys outing, for i suspect that your life will be shorten again if you did

  5. Jesse would probably wanna join you for the boys outing. :lol:

  6. And scared the boys in the process. :lol:

  7. Thanks for dropping by MandY!
    CC, yeah. Coulda been a kick in the crotch instead. Hehheh!
    Leo, yesterday the boys toasted to my FINAL night out for the next six months. :)
    You're mistaking crazy for funny Jikon. I AM Hainanese, you know? :lol:
    Start 'em young eh, Fly? EHhehhe!
    Nah, all the boys are daddies already! :) Nothing can scare them anymore.