Monday, August 9, 2004

Space Travelling

the perils of space travel

Yesterday, Mae and I decided to go to one of those baby specialty shops. We had gotten most of the stuff we need, but we decided to go anyway to see if we might have missed out anything.

I don't quite know why, but i was excited like crazy. Woohoo! We're going shopping! And my mind was swirling with images of car seats, bassinets, strollers...

The next thing I knew, I was checking Mae and Baby Jesse out of hospital. We had dressed the little guy in cute little blue jumpsuit. And he was wearing his new blue hat with his matching mittens and booties. I carried him out on his brand new bassinet car seat amidst a chorus of ooh's and ah's. When we got to the car, I fastened the bassinet onto the back seat of the car. I then got into the driver's seat.

As I reversed the car out of the parking lot, Baby Jesse cooed at me. I looked upon his angelic little face and he smiled at me. And then suddenly... WHAMMMM!!!!!!

I was shocked out of my daydream. I was reversing the car out of our apartment parking lot when I scraped the side of my car against a pillar! Oh man, what a crackerhead!!! *sigh* What's worse, it's not the first time my daydreaming led me to damage my car. My mind drifted away to space and it cost me.

Space travel is fine. It's the re-entry that burns you up. This time, it's gonna burn yet another hole in my pocket. Hmph!


  1. OHMIGOD! The baby came already! ^_^ Congratulations!!!!! I wanna see piccies!!!!

  2. Eh...bleh. *palms forehead* excitement obviously got to me. Bah.

  3. ROFL Mei! you are not the only one .. adui.. :P
    I really thoguht the baby was already heeeereeee!!! i mean .. James.. you stopped blogging for 2 days and stuff.. *twacks James* don't do that! heheheh

  4. Aiyoo. You better be more careful James, baby Jesse might just take over the wheel when you day dream. :D

  5. whoah!!! the baby's here??? how did it happen? so fast!!!
    btw, now i understand y they put the sign up on the backscreen of cars : CAUTION, BABY IN CAR! u never know what they're parents are getting into, just looking at them. u better go get urself a sticker:P

  6. Heh, u remind me of Calvin and Hobbes. A Hyperactive imagination say you? :P

  7. Hey man, I hope it was not the BMW that got crashed.
    Won't want a dent on my car now or I won't be killin' no ladies tonight with Abimelech!
    Ngaf! Ngaf! Ngaf!

  8. james james, better watch it man :P but then, u can tell baby jesse the dent is one of many dents u made when thinking about him.

  9. Don't tell me you are driving a Toyota RAV 4? Looks like my dream car!

  10. :o Looks like a Renault Kangoo... or not.

  11. OoOOOooooo.... I wanna see the baby...!!! WHat? He ain't here yet? But then...? Hmmmmm.... Well... Oh... I see... tsk tsk tsk.... james oh james..... :((

  12. Poor pillar. Was it ok? :lol:

  13. gosh, lucki the bump didnt scare Baby and make him kickstart his way out immediately.

  14. Pray that your daydreaming in your car will not cause an accident where people get injured or worse.

  15. Yea man. How was the pillar? Was it bad? Oh gosh i am worried.

  16. hehe, graceshu seems happy that you scraped the side of your car against a pillar :lol:

  17. was all a dream kinda story huh! darn that dent:P

  18. love your blog. very der cute! i just had a baby myself and can relate to the agony and excitement :-)
    when do we get to see piccies of baby?

  19. :lol: Mei, sorry for the false alarm!
    That's a Citreon Berlingo bread truck, Ryuu!
    I thought I'd give you guys a bit of excitement mah, Natasha! :)
    I'll send him for classes, Norzu. God knows we need at least one good driver in the family!
    Nah Weeliem, I think the sticker should read: CAUTION! New Parent driving!
    You betcha, Leo!
    *piak* Grace! :)
    No Ian, I didn't drive your Beemer. :)
    Olivia, better yet, I'll take it from his allowance someday! *hyuk*
    Quite close, Strizzt.
    Nah Mdmafia. Unlike you, I'm a poor schmuck!
    Get in line, Alvink! :)
    Fly, you pillar fetishist! Of course it's okay!
    Now, THAT's a thought, Andrea! *evil grin*
    I will be more careful, Peter!
    No kev, it's not. It needs some TLC now so I'm sending it over to you! :lol:
    Damn straight, KA. *piak* Grace again!
    Thanks, Kate and congrats on your new baby. Pix should come soon enough! 17 days to go!!!!

  20. 17 days! *HOPPITY HOP HOP*
    :) :) :) :) :)

  21. Congrats, dude!!! Btw, u??? a DUMC-ian???
    >>>>The world is shrinking! *rolls eyes*

  22. Congrats!!! Praying for your little family!! (PS, I did a special post for you the other day...and I'll have to do another one now lol!)

  23. Oops forgot to finish my thought lol - was day dreaming :P . I am praying for you, cause I am beginning to think that you will need it getting out of the hospital car park!

  24. meh.
    so much spanking going around here.

  25. :lol: kev!
    Welcome to the Amazing Shrinking Planet, Deb! :)
    Hahahahah!!! You crack me up, Rachel!
    Practicing fatherhood mah, Grace! :)