Tuesday, August 24, 2004

This Comfort Zone

Yesterday, we saw our Gynae. This should be our last visit. In fact, Doc had expected Baby Jesse to arrive sometime last week. But it just didn't happen. "He's getting too comfortable in there," Doc said half-jokingly. But something in her tone made me feel uneasy.

We have heard many opinions about this. A lot of people tell us that most firstborns arrive early. Yet, just as many tell us that the first baby should be late. Statistics don't say much except that only 5% of babies arrive on the dot.

"I'll give him up to the 30th," Doc advised, "If he doesn't show, we'll have to induce labour". That's just a nice way of saying, "We'll force him out!"

Doc doesn't like the idea of a post-date baby. Apparently, they tend to poop when they're late. This first-time shit is called Meconium, usually expelled when babies come out. Post-date babies tend to inhale or swallow the stuff. And while it's not a serious problem, it's never a good thing to eat your own shit!

But we're not really hot on inducing labour. We'd really like things to take their natural course. The way biology intended. The way God had made it just so. Yet at the same time, we don't ever want to put Baby at risk. At times like this, I feel weak and my faith in God tends to shake a little. I hate that I waver at the slightest sign of trouble but this human form always feels threatened outside its comfort zone. *sigh* I need strength.

So, in the event that you bump into this God, or if you happen to speak to Him, do put in a good word for Mae. She'll be needing a safe delivery. And of course, a strong husband.


  1. I'll put in a word to Jesus when I ring him up tonight :)
    God Bless!

  2. James, hope everything goes well and we'll be seeing (the already almost famous) baby Jesse's mug uploaded here soon!

  3. Noted,James.;) All will be fine

  4. No problem! But just keep your fingers crossed k?

  5. It's natural to get the jitters when something's happening for the first time. I'm sure things will turn out fine. :)

  6. today till the 30th leaves plenty of time for Baby Jesse to make up his mind :)

  7. Am praying for Mae, Baby Jesse and you. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength. Hang in there, dude.

  8. Don't worry man. Everything's gonna be fine.
    Baby Jesse wants to be a Merdeka Baby!

  9. My thoughts exactly Papi! James, you might be able to celebrate Jesse's birthday with the whole nation! :)

  10. i just thought abt it... y not just do wat u blogged abt on June 29th? heehee

  11. Don't worry, everything will be fine. God is in control. Will pray for you.

  12. i was thinking along the same line as andrea, cheaper on the wallet too heehee *piak myself*

  13. as much as my mother wished me to arrive on the 31st, God decided i would be one week early. all the best!! :)

  14. all will be good :) hehe maybe your patriotism is about to come out in the form of a little bonky boo boo? :D like papi said? ehhehhehe you'll have two things to be joyful about. fireworks and baby Jesse

  15. james , everything will be fine , because , you are baby Jesse's protection...

  16. i like reading ur blog...
    i have a suggestion, if you a fan of Friends may be you could try what Rachel did to induce labour.. hehehehe.

  17. Bless you Adriene. :)
    Thanks, Ted. I will put up lots of pictures. :)
    It's already feeling fine. Thanks Dee!
    Fingers, Toes and everything else that can cross, Mei.
    Thanks, Olivia.
    I know, Strizzt. I'm just so not used to this anxiety!
    Currently, his mind is bent on making Daddy anxious, Andrea. :)
    At times like this, I'm glad we have SOmeone to hang onto, Ariel. Bless you. Thanks!
    You're right Papi. Little glamour hound! :lol:
    I hear Medeka babies get gifts, Sashi. Hehehhe!
    *ahem* Naughty Andrea!
    Thanks a bunch, Jotay.
    :lol: Thank you for *piaking* yourself KA! Saves me the trouble.
    If he does come out on Merdeka, I'll wrap him in the Jalur Gemilang, Natasha.
    Aw, but I bet there was still fireworks that day, Pickyin. :)
    He better come out so I can do my job, Phoenix. :)
    Thanks for dropping by Lisa. No, I don't watch enough of Friends, but I'm sure I know what you're driving at. ;)

  18. Hang in there. Praying for the best for Mae's delivery!

  19. My sis' friend's baby shitted in the womb three weeks earlier before delivery time. The healthy baby boy is her first born.
    Pilot boy's son also getting too comfy in the womb and was late. He is the first born too.
    I arrived on the dot, but I only weigh 5.9 lbs. Look at me now! I am HUGE!
    Just leave everything to God. He will take care of everything, Mae, Baby and you. Don't worry. (this advice is from a pagan)

  20. Hey, hope that your kid comes out soon, and comes out fine!
    Really excited and happy for u and Mae...!

  21. i'll pray for you, mae and the baby... :)

  22. *waiting with bated breath*
    (oh, and praying too)

  23. what's this smell on my breath?
    smells like... fish.

  24. dont worry James... the baby will be fine. loads of prayers coming your way...

  25. My prayers are with you man...:)... I wouldn't wanna eat my own Poop too.... especially when I just arrived.... Godspeed baby Jesse...

  26. Thanks, Janus.
    Wah, Gina, so much wisdom in you ah?
    I hope so too, Roy. Thanks!
    Thanks a bunch, kev! And no, we don't need to sample your breath. :)
    I'm feeling really tightly wound-up, Irene. Argh!
    Thanks in loads, CC. :)
    I can't stop thinking about that now, Alvink! :lol:

  27. Wow, How is Mae doing? When my sister-in-law went into labor, her feet were soooo swollen.