Thursday, August 26, 2004

It's Now!

It's 4:30am. Mae has been having contractions since 2:00pm. This is it.

Funny. I always imagine a lot of kicking and screaming. But no. We're calm. We're cool. OHMYGODWEREHAVINGABABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!! Breathe! Breathe!!!

HEhheh!! But seriously, we're ok now. Mae's gonna wash her hair (go figure) and we're gonna make sure we got everything. Then we're gonna drive to the hospital and hopefully Baby Jesse will be out by lunch. :)

I'm nervous as hell. Blogging calms me.

Pray for us. We need peace of mind. In your prayers, pls remember two words. Painless & Safe. Oh yeah, Natural Birth. And Healthy.

Ladies & Gentlemen, standby for lift off.

Oh, I even have time to ping this in PPS. :) Hallellujah!


  1. Funny, taking time to blog hehe. Praying that all has gone or will go well! Let me be the first to congratulate you!!!!!

  2. YES!!! Congratulations and do keep us posted.. :)

    good luck!!! :DDDDDDDD wheeeeeeeee!!!!
    congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

  4. Fuwah. Congratulations...
    and you got THAT much time to blog. ^^ at 4 am summore...

  5. a reader of your blogAugust 26, 2004 at 8:49 AM

    FINALLY !!
    I am so happy and excited for you !

  6. Ooohhh.. The baby's finally here! Yay!!
    May everything goes well. Good luck!!
    And Congrats on Baby Jesse's arrival!!

  7. Go for it guys, I hope everything goes well. Can't wait to see all your parenthood experiences in the blog...who knows, I might need them someday!

  8. Congrats dude!! Best wishes! And do say Welcome to baby Jesse for me!! :)

  9. James - wonderful! OK, OK, it's not so wonderful for Mae who has to do all the hard work but I'm sure you'll be by her side constantly giving comfort, reassurance, and - most importantly - your hand for HARD SQUEEZING!!!!!

  10. ^_^
    /am excited! ;D

  11. yea! yeay!! Baby Jesse is coming!! Now..where's the champagne...hmmm? *looking for the champagne*

  12. I have been reading your blogs for awhile now and I find the way you see life very interesting and fun! Thats great and I really hope to hear more good news about baby Jesse's.
    Take care of Mae well and God bless.

  13. Woohoo!! I am so excited. How sad, I'm on holiday in Canada, and am still reading blogs to check how ur baby is doing!!

  14. YEAY!!!!!!!! BAby coming out..!!!!! WooHooo... Houston We have a landing we have a landing....!!!!!!

  15. joy to the world!! good luck to the Tans - James Mae and Baby Jesse. Remember to breathe and don't forget the pix!

  16. ooooo!! how exciting!! GOOD LUCK to mae!! and james of course. its amazing that you still can blog man...
    Dear God(s?), Pls let them have a safe delivery. Amen.

  17. LOL.. it's good that u blog!!.. this whole blog is dedicated to this entire event..and of course you must blog1!!!! LOL:d
    wonder what ur doing now... it's lunch time!!
    :D Baby jesse is so special! He has got so many friends even before he is born.:) PICTURES..WE WANT PICTURES!!

  18. Wa lau...your wife is about to have your baby and you're blogging? You're something alright.
    I wonder if you'll blog right AFTER the delivery...with pictures. Yeah...
    Congrats man...:)
    Truly the catch of the day...:)

  19. Hurray!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

  20. Yeah yeah yeah go go go for it!! And dont forget to post pics pics pics

  21. Yay! Can't wait. Give baby Jesse a big kiss for me.

  22. Very good to hear that you finally remembered how to'bring' on labour... (cannot forget THAT post!)

  23. OK. you are definitely mad!

  24. SHIT. I'm always late. -.-
    Anyways GOOD LUCK and CONGRATS! ^_^

  25. This must be the hundredth time today I've returned to this blog today.... a hundred more best wishes, dude!!

  26. i am so bloody excited to be able to teach baby the wonders of christina aguilera. it should be out by now right james? james??? you're a daddy!!!! :D omg i am so excited i feel like hopping again...

  27. OMG OMG OMG!!!!! James!!!! What's the latest? Is baby Jesse here? Did you faint? How's Mae? Tell, tell!!!!! Ahhhh! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Congrats! I'm sure it was an awesome experience. :) Ahem, pictures of the little one... he's got the makings of a star, already.

  29. He's here! All mom, baby and daddy in good spirits.

  30. congratulations to the new parents!
    and to Jesse Tan - welcome to planet earth :)

  31. Congrats dude!
    And Mae, push! baybee! PUSH!!!!

  32. this is so unbelievably exciting! and we are all witnessing it. all the best baby jesse, we are all rooting for you.
    congrats james and mae, and god bless!!!

  33. the MOST anticipated baby arrives! woohooo! a round of congratulative greetings to you and your family from all your blog fans in cyberjaya.

  34. Congratulations to the new parents!!
    Keep us posted!

  35. I'm just a passerby and is so lucky to be a witness of this wonderful day! Congrats and God bless your family!

  36. have been following your blog for quite some time,
    just wanna say congratss! and pics of baby jesse please! :)

  37. Wooohooo... tick tocking ended!!
    Wishing both mommy and baby safe and sound. Congrats!

  38. Congratulations, James & Mae! Woohooo! Praise God! Welcome to the world, Baby Jesse!!!!!! :D

  39. oh Boy oh Boy! Congratulation to James & Mae. I'm guessing Jesse Tan is the most famous newborn among the blogs ... ^_^
    To James, thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us. May you and Mae enjoy being parents - for the very first time! To Mae, you've done a really good job, and take good care for youself (okay, I know Mae doesn't know about the blog, but James can help us to convey our messages, can't he?)
    Yay, new kid on the blog!!

  40. Dearest Baby Jesse,
    Happy Birthday!

  41. Congrats James and Mae! I'm sure baby Jesse is a healthy baby boy!! Post some pics for us to see!!

  42. Thanks for your prayers, Rachel. It was good.
    Thanks, Pickyin
    It was a rollercoaster, Natasha!
    It was strangely calm that morning, Noor Hidayat! Nothing like in the movies. :)
    Thanks Reader.
    It was quite an arrival, MandY. More on that later! :)
    You'll be amazed what a little package like a baby can do in your life, Jordan. :)
    You betcha, Sashi.
    We had the epidural, Zsarina. Lucky me! :)
    :lol: I almost passed out from excitement, Grace.
    Woooo, Andrea! And Phew!
    Ah, so you drank a couple on my behalf, eh Papi. Good on you!
    At long last, Olivia. And one day early too.
    Thanks for dropping by, Erei.
    :lol: Thanks for the support, -V-
    And what a landing we had, Alvink! :)
    I almost forgot to shoot, Norzu.
    God answered, CC. Thanks. :)
    Thanks Annu.
    You'll be seeing a whole lot more pictures, Jolene.
    Hahhahha. She was bathing, so I quickly shot off an entry, Edrei. :)
    Thanks Peter!
    Thanks Ann.
    It was *fuuh* *fuuh*, Ryuu. But it's *woot* *woot* now. :lol:
    Thanks Andreas, more pix to come.
    I gave Baby Jesse for every single one of you, Fly. :lol:
    :lol: SB. Much as I'd like to take credit, I really can't. Baby just decided that it was time.. :)
    AMEN, Leo!
    It's all that Hainanese Chicken Rice, Jikon!
    Thanks KA!
    No worries there, Mei! :) And thanks.
    :lol: Thanks again Sashi!
    Go make one of your own Kev. You'll like it, I promise. :)
    I was a pillar of strength, Irene. :)
    You wouldn't believe it, Strizzt!
    Thanks for that announcement, Gina!
    He came in peace, Grace. :)
    Thanks ¤måggìé¤!
    Born already lah, Yahkid! :lol:
    You're all a part of this, Jack!
    Wow! Baby Jesse's got fans in Cyberjaya, Mel? :lol: Thanks!
    Thanks Janus.
    Thanks for passing by, Amanda.
    Thanks for hanging around Booha! :)
    Oh yeah, Babe-kl! It was one heckuva long wait! :)
    Mae does know, Emma. And thanks for riding along with us on this journey!
    Thanks, Anon!
    Will do, Anonymous, whoever you are!

  43. *singin*
    congratulation~ and celebration~
    heheheh...dunno da lyrics liao..