Friday, August 13, 2004

Cord Blood Revisited

Mae and I have decided that we might go for cord blood banking after all. Initially, we had pretty much decided that we would not be spending the extra money. But then, things have a strange way of working out.

A lot of your comments (thanks!) on previous post about the subject made us think. And boy, did we ever. Spending vs. Saving. Science vs. Faith. Insurance vs. Investment. So finally, we told each other that we would just leave it to faith. If God meant for us to do this, He would somehow give us a hint, if not a sign.

A couple of weeks back we met up with some of my college buddies at a friend's baby's Full Moon party. An ex-classmate who came, was recovering from a relapse of Leukemia. Seeing Mae in with one in the oven, he said to me, "James, whatever you do, please consider Cord Blood Banking." Just like that. Totally unprovoked.

So yesterday, Mae and I visited StemLife's lab and containment facility in Cyberjaya. A wonderful Dr. Wong gave us a run down of what goes on at StemLife. We were given the grand tour.

In the containment vessels, cord blood was stored in individual sachets and frozen with liquid nitrogen at a temperature of 190 below. "Hey Doc, I hear you got Alex Yoong's baby's stem cells in here," I enquired. Hehhehheh!

"You betcha!" Doc exclaimed. Then he whispered, "You wanna see?" My eyes narrowed into little slits and I cackled like a witch over her unholy brew. "Give! Give!"

Doc handed me the freezing sachet. I clasped it in the palm of my right hand and raised my fist to heaven. "Alex Yoong, I have you in the palm of my hand! MuahahaHhahaHahaHAh!!!!" Thunder clapped and lightning crashed. "YOU'RE MINE NOW!!!"

Okay, so it quite happen like that. But yeah, we did have a tour of the place and it looks like we'll be banking with StemLife after all. And by the grace of God, we will never need to use it.


  1. I didnt know it was THAT expensive :o better safe than sorry though.. go for it!

  2. you squashed alex yoong??*lol*

  3. Yeay!!! Another thing to learn... Maaan I don't think I'll ever get the hang of this....:P

  4. Why do I get the impression that some people here have mistaken a cord blood bank with a sperm bank - WRT comments made about Alex Yoong? It's not exactly his blood in the freezer, y'all know that?

  5. let's hope you will never need it.

  6. hi james, ur posts went missing???

  7. james it shld be u'r holding on alex yoong jr's stem cells. make sure alex doesn't read this... otherwise he might think u'r trying to do something! LOL

  8. Hi - ever hear of cryocord - friends of mine used that facility instead coz they store the cells in 5 small vials instead of 1 large one so you can use it 5 times separately. Also a minute vial for testing! Seems to make sense.

  9. kev : o.O grab him? dude.. that did not sound right.. lol!
    anyways it is a good thing that the both of you considered this. it is always better to be safe :) in case.. ya know... Jesse becomes a superstar and you can sell a cell for $345645332345.00 mana tau right? hehhe

  10. natasha :
    it doesn't sound politically right, but trust me.
    i'd grab alex yoong's crotch. ask james.

  11. Oh Andrea, everything about having a baby is expensive. *sigh*
    Ain't that a thought, Dee? :lol:
    Trust me, Alvink, you'll have to, dude!!
    Kev, you slut! :lol:
    Hahahah Wei Yi. I suppose they're just going with the flow that I have the spawn of Alex Yoong in the palm of my hands! Hahhha!
    Yeah Papi. But I also hope that someday it will be helpful to someone in need. :)
    Nope, they're all still here Adriene! Perhaps you clicked on the permalink?
    OoOoO, just think Olivia.... :lol:
    Yes CK, we did check out CryoCord as well. :)
    No way Natasha. I would never. *ahem* :lol:
    *sigh* kev!

  12. wow ....stem cell blood,
    James and Mae, without you realizing ...your participation in keeping your baby's cord blood will save many lifes. As the stem cell is at its purest form
    God bless you all.
    Oh yeah out of curiosity, which hospital will you be in ? i would love to pay a visit. :)

  13. wow james 12 more days!!! Good luck with baby and all!!

  14. Is the baby here yet? *EXCITEMENT*

  15. Leo, I doubt I'd be able to update when the day arrives, so I guess it might difficult to tell when you should visit! :)
    Thanks, Hani!
    Almost there, Mei! :lol:

  16. I think I'll be asking this at every opportunity I can get. :S

  17. can i grab Michael Schumacher's one instead? :D

  18. Schumacher's what, Johnnie? *ahem* :lol: You know Alex Yoong is easier to catch duncha? He's not as fast. *ahaks*