Friday, September 23, 2005

I Believe I Can Fly

I had the weirdest bloody dream this morning.

For some reason, Jesse had turned into a housefly. Only thing was, despite being an insect, he still had his baby voice. And the whole experience of having turned into a fly was so traumatic for him that he started crying. And there was nothing I could do for him since he was crying and buzzing around my head.

And then horror of horrors, while trying to catch the little guy, Mae accidentally squashes him a little. His abdomen was dangling from his thorax, and he was crying his heart out! I was mortified. And the only way I could console myself was to dig deep into my memory for my long forgotten Form 6 Biology lessons to convince myself that insects don't really have the necessary anatomy to feel pain.

My son turns into a fly, my wife squashes him and I have to remember Biology. This is the worse dream I've ever had, by far. I must be losing my mind, what little I have left of it. Trust me, Form 6 Biology will zap your mind away. The two textbooks were 7 inches thick combined!

Any psychoanalysts out there willing to give me a free dream interpretation?


  1. The "Fly 3"??
    FOC dream interpretation:
    maybe that is what you really feel about your son "crying and buzzing around you" :P
    and Mae will "take care of it!" (PCK voice)
    just kidding... I had worst... but don't dare to tell it out loud... even to my wife :(

  2. A chance to turn this into a short story, thats what the dream interpreter said.

  3. Better than remembering Chemistry, right? Three textbooks, summore (actually, there is a higher chance remembering something from Form 6 then elsewhere simply because you are craming so much in so little time and you have to keep it in there for as long as one and a half years).

  4. You did Bio?? I find dat hard to believe ;) so not you la.. art is so much more your style. aiya, maybe you're just stressed ;)

  5. Think you watched too many disney movies like honey I shrunk my kids plus you are way too stressed out!

  6. LOL and u still can write out so vividly about it. take care and chill out!

  7. echo chun; i thought you are more of an arts/fine art person :lol:

  8. don't worry. i heard that usually what happens in your dreams, will happen the opposite in real life. er... so then? sorry lah me of no help and no consolation here.
    btw, the title of your post 'i believe i can fly' is also the title of a popular song right?

  9. jesse turns into a fly = growing up sooner then you expect :p thats all i can make out of it, why mae squashed him abit , hmmmm maybe she'll be the one to take care of matters :D , and i have no idea how biology got in there :P well have a great weekend james ;)

  10. Dude .. you gotta hold off those magic mushrooms before you go to sleep ;)

  11. oh man, I was laughing out loud so hard when I read this post. Oh sorry sorry, I know it wasn't supposed to be funny, but with your vivid description, it's like we're having the same dream like you ... man you really can write.
    nah, it's just an ordinary dream. don't bother to interprete it ... who asked you to remember your dream? we don't remember most of our dreams, unless they're of extreme cases (like this one, of course), or the last one you had before you wake up from sleep.

  12. That is why I keep the url on dream interpretation handy on my blog.
    To see flies in your dream, symbolizes feelings of guilt or a breakdown of a plan. Flies may also forewarn of a contagious sickness or a surrounding of enemies.
    To dream that you kill or exterminate the flies, signifies that you will regain your honor after you fell from grace and will be recapture the heart of your intended.

  13. somehow reminds me kafka's metamorphosis.
    my booklet says it's 'teasing'. erm, gina has the more coherent one.

  14. Hmmn... fly baby could mean you're worrying too much about him and what he might do to himself. You probably think that in the situation, Mae would only make things worse and only you with your infinite knowledge of Biology and protectiveness can save him.

  15. funny james!!!
    i once dreamed of 5 poop-filled diapers laying around in a room. i had to pick each one up and carry them to the trash can. all this happened with the sound of a baby crying in the background. finally, i dumped the hand full of heavy diapers into the trashcan, then i threw up cuz it stunk so much :P im not a mom but i live with babies and i see different babies every week. i love them, but i know i was overwhelmed when i had that dream :P hehe.
    gina what website did you use? so interesting!

  16. :lol: Egghead, don't quit your day job!
    Good idea, Yvonne! Wahahah!
    Trust me Rajan, for months after the STPM, you'll be waking up screaming. :lol:
    Well Chun, sometimes when you're young you do the dumbest thing to impress girls. Hahah!!!
    Boo, I never get to watch Disney movies anymore. :)
    Erm... DomesticGoddess, I'll take that as a compliment.
    I would have forgotten, Babe. That's why I blogged it as soon as I got up. :)
    Lucia, "I believe I can fly" is an R. Kelly song. I think.
    Good try, Deepsy. Hah.
    Can't Bob, magic mushrooms are our friendses. We likes thems. :lol:
    Of course it's funny, Greenapple. :)
    Fuuh Gina. Deep stuff.
    Infinite knowledge, Gwen? I only remember some insect thing and of course, that whole part on reproduction. :D
    Kafka, Gianne? Isn't that the short funny guy from that 70s TV series, Taxi? :lol:
    I dream about shit a lot, Jane. Hahha.

  17. ha ha.. i dreamt my 2nd tyke came out normal but ended up being a feeding tube.
    then at the hospital due to some complications, i ended up with it...the feeding tube, i.e....
    mebbe, jesse will fly off some furniture..doing some know la BOYS!

  18. Jane: it's