Wednesday, September 28, 2005

We Were At That Blogger Gathering

driven mad

We were there. And the moment we got there, Mae decided that we should rent one of those little pushcars-trolleys for the boy. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made. The boy loved it. RM4.00 pays for an hour of peace and quiet.

We met a whole bunch of bloggers - Dustyhawk, Peter, Minishorts, Nilesh, Menj, Sashi, Naoko, Yvonne, 8Dee, Albert, Frostier, T-boy & Hani, Andreas, Redzuan and Fazri - most, for the first time. If I left anyone out, do forgive me. Uncle's memory isn't what it used to be lah. It was a pretty big group and I would have loved to have met more of you but I'm sure we'll have more opportunities in the future.

We didn't manage to stay very long, since Jesse had to be changed. These days, our schedule is very much determined by the boy's shit and piss. He was also getting a little restless. So, after 20 minutes of mingling, we hauled ass.

In case no one thought so, Midvalley is a pain to get to on the weekends. Next time we should go somewhere less packed - like Amcorp Mall. It's got LRT access and a cheap cineplex. If we ever meet there, the first person that asks gets a free movie from me. Heh!


    birthdays must be celebrated for at least 1 month! Applicable only to mothers and fathers tho..kah kah kah.....
    oops...sorry wrong blog..sorry.

  2. I used to walk to MidValley hahah no need parking, no traffic, zilch. :) I would suggest you find a nice spot by Old Klang Road and park there and just walk, but you have a little one so yeah and cars are scary back home. The only culture shock I ever got when moving to the US is that the cars here stop for pedestrians NO MATTER WHAT!
    My jaw dropped as I saw my friend just casually walk across the road and didn't even look both ways. Til this day I still can't do that, and it drives me nuts when they stop and I usually have to embarassingly apologise/thank them for stopping. I tell everyone here that I meet that if they were in KL, surely become road kill.

  3. yeap... the traffic and the huge crowd is the reason that keep my family away from mid-valley :(

  4. take the lrt, then take the works so fine for me...:)
    besides, kids should love it!

  5. heyya uncle james. good to know how you look like :P :P. Your son is adorable, if only he knew how to control his piss and shit =( then you could have stayed longer.

  6. Heylo Uncle!!! Just wanted to tell you your son was so cute!!!

  7. james james james, go to the nearest komuter , then get off at central, from there take the lrt :) frm the lrt statoin in bangsar, take the free bus ride :D it'll be an adventure for jesse also :D what say?

  8. Was great to meet you again, even so I forgot to mention you in my write-up. (might just add you, before you start to spam or flame me).
    I came by car - while it was dreadful to see the jam, I quickly moved away, parked 2 minutes away and walked to distance. The big question for all: Where did I park, lol. My secret

  9. aihh.. again.. I miss it. sigh.

  10. Thanks MOTT!
    Whoa Gwen, from Old Klang Road to Midvalley?!!? *gack*
    Egghead, we like to live dangerously. :lol:
    That's good advice Cekya. I will try it someday. :)
    I doubt that will be anytime soon, Leo.
    Why thank you, Silly Pat! :)
    Hahah Deepsy. That would be too adventurous for me. Err... you do know that Komuter stops at Midvalley, don't you?
    Hahahah Andreas, I was not aware that there were secret parking spots there. :)
    Aiya Gina!

  11. yea i know it stops at midvalley, but i have no idea where in midvalley it stops :-s , i'd rather stick to my usuall route dowan to get lost , and the ask for direction like orang asing :P

  12. Think of it as working out lol

  13. you people were?
    oh....i saw the baby....but hehe..not the parents..!

  14. when we going to Amcorp Mall brudder.. ? ;)

  15. When it stops, you'll know where you are, Deepsy. If not then just follow the crowd. I can imagine they'd be going anywhere other than MidValley! :lol:
    Ah yes, Gwen, I could always use a workout.
    Hahah, we're shy people, Cheayee.
    Nice try, Paulos! :)