Monday, September 12, 2005

Women That Women Hate

Some people are only adored by members of the opposite sex. While men and women both love Gwen Stefani and George Clooney, the same cannot be said for Nicole Kidman. Most women I know can't stand Nicole Kidman.

We were out shopping for some concert and music DVDs. Jesse seems to prefer such shows, with a special preference for Malaysian Idol, I might add. And so we ended up checking out Speedy's collection. But music DVDs were expensive ranging anything from RM69.90 to RM99.90. And then I found a cheap, lovely disc for all of RM29.90.

"Check it out, boy," I tell Jesse, "it's Kylie!"

Unbeknownst to me, I had inadvertently spoken the magic word that would open Pandora's Box and unleash all hell on earth. "NO KYLIE!!!!" Mae's thunderous voice booms across the land. At that precise moment, I saw my life flash before my very eyes. As the blood returned to my hands I timidly put the offending DVD back to its lonely spot on the shelf as it awaits to entrap another unsuspecting male.

That's when I remembered, most women can't stand Kylie. I can only wonder why.

Must be the very same reason that men hate that that achy-breaky SOB, Billy Ray Cyrus or, Fabio. But Fabio is special. Even birds hate the bastard.


  1. Why no Kylie? I don't get it, because she is too sexy considering the fact that she is kinda "old"?
    Hmm, if no Kylie, what about Beyonce?
    I would gladly borrow you my Beyonce DVD if you promise to give it back to me. *grins*

  2. i love nicole kidman too...
    erm, btw... i wonder when people started knowing kylie... when she release her 8th album in 2001? or "Locomotion" and "I should be so lucky"...

  3. Kylie is short. But hmmm... Fabio? Fabio Capello - the coach of Juve? Fabio Cannavaro (sp?) - Italian national captain?

  4. And who the hell is Fabio?

  5. Uhm, nevermind. I actually bothered to click on the link. Why do girls like him again?

  6. I like Kylie. Especially how she handled the cancer and all.

  7. Hey.. i love nicole kidman.. and grew up with kylie monogue..!!

  8. I love Nicole Kidman and I like Kylie's old songs. And I dislike Fabio, too - he's totally NOT on!

  9. i love kylie. ya calling me a man?!?

  10. Kylie is hot okay.
    So is Nicole Kidman, esp when that dumbass Tom did to her, I would skin him alive.

  11. i am a woman and i love nicole kidman. beautiful and talented too. good acting skills.
    kylie? ok lah. boleh tahan. no hate her nor love her.

  12. kylie? no problem. nicole kidman? hmmm, perhaps, but not too bad ... but i does dislike zhang ziyi, a lot.

  13. I think woman fear them... fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate... yada yoda yoda... LOL
    Great lesson for men!!

  14. :lol: I always knew there was something special about you, Minishorts.
    Nah Jason, Beyonce has got nothing over Kylie. Hehhehh...
    Ooh Totoro, that's so telling of your age. :)
    Rajan, no one is really concerned about Kylie's height now, are they? :lol: And Fabio, who knows?
    Yes Kat, she certainly showed women that she's got a lot more depth since the incident. :) And how can you not know the Fabio who graced the cover of every Mills & Boon novel you ever read. :lol:
    Yes BigBoK, we certainly saw how Kylie grew, didn't we?
    Guys like Kylie's new songs, Ariel. Hahahahah. Oh wait, I think we just like her MTVs!
    OooOoerRR, Suanie. I'm not going there. :lol:
    Ah, now that you mention it, Cyber-Red, both Kylie and Nicole have women rooting for them now. Hmm... I guess this makes my blog entry a little out of date. :)
    Then you are a woman of exquisite taste, Lucia. :)
    Do they, Primrose? Hmm.... interesting. I thought gays only likes Barbara Streisand and Annie Lennox.
    Why Zhang Ziyi, Emma?
    Kylie who, Sarah!??!?!?!
    :lol: You slay me lah, Master Egghead!!! :lol:

  15. Oh god. Not Achy Breaky Heart! Nooo! Why James, why did you have to bring that up? Why????

  16. Aiyo. Takut bini also huh.
    Did the pants change color kah? :lol:

  17. Kylie will give Lil'Jesse ultra high expectations of women, period. There, Dr James Belacans has spoken :lol:

  18. Hey I love Nicole, Kylie, Catherine Zeta Jones, Elle McP....But I dislike Michael Jackson.

  19. hmm.....i think most ladies like nicole kidman. Wrong choice there pal. Try Paris.

  20. Actually, I was serious... the only celebrity named Kylie that I know of has the last name Minogue...and surely your wife can't be jealous of HER?? Is there another up and coming Kylie that I need to know about?
    Gosh, this brings back some crazy memories of my friends and I doing the Locomotion on stage at our annual school concert....and I can't believe I just admitted that on the internet.

  21. Hmm, I think I like most celebrity women because I'm bisexual. However, psychologically, I think women hate some women because they can't find any flaw in them and are afraid they are dumpy and ugly, hence their counterparts would rather be with that celeb than them.
    You gave the example Gwen Stefani. I would think most women aren't as intimidated by her because she can be deemed too "outrageous" for most men so she's quite 'safe'. However, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore etc. They have careers, families/kids AND they look gorgeous. Only so few women can age gracefully like Kylie has, so it's easy to see why most women would hate them.
    Aiseh, panjangnye.

  22. I love Nicole Kidman. It will be disturbing if my son prefers Fabio to Kylie? No?

  23. I used to love Kylie.. then i went to Melbourne and everywhere i went it was Kylie Kylie Kylie Kylie. Three weeks of Kylie can get a girl very turned off.

  24. I've been in Australia for more then 3 years now and I've never liked Kylie. Aussies, on the other hand, love her to death, er, cancer, I mean.

  25. fabio should consider changing his name to FLABBIO.
    *think i'm gonna puke*

  26. Whoa. That's a revelation, Gwen. :)
    I'm still reeling from typing his name to give you a proper answer, Sashi!
    Wise is the man who fears his wife, Anjali. :lol:
    Kylie might be a little too short to give anyone HIGH expectations, Belacans. Heheh...
    How can anyone dislike Michael Jackson, Michelle? :lol:
    Told you I was outdated, Fashionasia. But I think you're spot on with Paris. Hehehh...
    :lol: Kylie grew up quite a bit since Locomotion, Sarah. Okay, okay. She grew up a lot!!!
    Yes, Olivia, I think so too.
    Oh boy Gina, if Jesse ever prefers Fabio to Kylie, I'll bang my head against the wall.
    Three weeks of Kylie will have the opposite effect on men, Annu.
    Ouch, Bohemianlisa!
    :lol: Flabbio eh, Lynee. That's funny.

  27. what's wrong with kylie?? can't get her offa your mind? :)
    at least it's not Angelina. yowz.