Friday, September 9, 2005

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Jesse got his first haircut last Saturday. The boy's hair had grown quite unruly for awhile now, looking every bit like the little thug that he is. So, Mae and I figured we would take him to the barber. And there, I would be able to take a few snapshots of his first ever haircut and keep it for posterity.

Unfortunately, my mother-in-law decided to take matters into her own hands. She snipped off my baby's beautiful hair while Mae and I had gone out for an appointment. I was devastated!

You see, I enjoy being a father. I cherish every one of Jesse's firsts, and I relish being part of it all. I helped bathe him at the hospital when he bathed for the first time ever. I put on his first diaper. I wiped his first poop. I was there when he first crawled. I was the first to see his tiny little first tooth. And I wanna be there for it all. When he walks his first step. When he start his first day of school. When he drives for the very first time. When he graduates. When he loses his virginity. Okay, maybe not that last one. But you get the idea.

So, yes. My mother-in-law robbed me of my firstborn's first haircut. Despite her good intentions, I have to admit I'm a little upset. I had wanted to take some photos of the boy's first haircut. But most of all, I would have been happy just to have been there for him - this being his first haircut and all. And even though her hairstyling didn't suck too badly, it wasn't great either.

Now I'm thinking revenge. And whaddya know, my mother-in-law's firstborn just happens to sleep in my bed. Muahahahhaa...


  1. u are so funny la james :)

  2. They say that kids/life take the fun and romance out of a marriage, but you truly are proving conventional wisdom wrong!

  3. Oh dear! Sob sob! Boo Hoo Hoo! Nvm lah James, you could have nicked his ear if you had tried to do it yourself the way Mr MG nicked my poor baby's ears with the shaver when he was trying to put the finishing touches to my rather poor home haircut.

  4. evil at work... hmmm
    someone better warn Mae... or else she might wake up one day and find all her hair gone... (first botak of James MIL's family) :P

  5. Keep some chunks of hair in Jesse's photo album. :D

  6. :lol: Go make a 2nd baby and you can share his/her 1st haircut!

  7. oh oh, Mae is "sleeping with the enemy"! :lol:

  8. OOooooooooo.. what a bummer..!
    luckily my MIL won't do something like that.. kekekke!!
    But nevermind lah.. ! you got lots of first to enjoy.. just give this one to your MIL .. ;)

  9. I tot only wars btw DIL and MIL. Now SIL and MIL, u so farnee. :D

  10. But Mrs Reader, I'm crying inside. ;)
    I think you just have to learn to enjoy it, JC.
    A shaver, Mumsgather!?!? Poor kid. :lol:
    Nolah, Gwen. I suspect Mae will look nice bald.
    Hahah... you never know, Egghead. She might even like the new look!
    D-oh!!! Thanks for the reminder, Primrose.
    Hahah, that's good advice, DomesticGoddess!
    Nothing like sleeping with the enemy too keep the excitement alive, Belacans. :lol:
    I guess I'll have to Big BoK!
    Michelle, I guess I'm petty, unlike most other SILs. Hehehhh...

  11. James... not many men are like you. They give blank stares when one talks about strawberry marks (they'd prob think it's a hicky), SIDS or meconium.
    I really "tabik" you for being there for him.

  12. hey james, the hair cut Jesse had, perhaps, was a revenge set by your MIL ... for you are the man who steal away her precious firstborn's heart ... haha.
    karma .. karma ..

  13. If my MIL (or anyone for that matter) did anything to my kids w/o checking with me first, I'd turn into crazy woman. You guys are very patient.

  14. i did snapped the pic n my mom thot i'm nuts

  15. Nice of you to return the favour from your mother-in-law! =) Take a picture and post it.

  16. Aww, MOTT! I need you to write that in an email to Mae. :)
    Nah, Emma, they were just glad to be rid of her. :lol:
    No Sarah, I did give Mae a hard time about it. Not my finest hour. :o(
    Mothers will never understand, Babe!
    Ah, Ripcord, as tempting as revenge sounds, I worry about repercussions should Mae get her hands on a pair of scissors. And it's not the hair I worry about. ;)