Monday, September 5, 2005

I'm A Freakin' Movie Star!

Okay, maybe not quite. But I did play a bit part in a short film. My colleague Cracker's brother called me up last weekend and asked if I would participate in his short film project. Being the attention-whore that I am, I of course agreed.

The project is a Chinese black comedy and I would play the part of a Triad boss. Hehhehh... I did say it was a comedy, didn't I? Anyway, I'm a bit of a wuss in the film. Which is NOTHING like my true, macho self. *ahem*

The shoot was at some creepy haunted house somewhere near Seputeh. And for my 1 minute presence on screen, they bloody shot me for 3 hours. That was my Sunday. Anyway, that's done and I debut in few months time on Astro. I'm not sure if I can stand to watch myself since I always look like crap on camera.

Oh well. Autographs, anyone? :)


  1. eh you got any idea what is the exact date of the screening anot ?

  2. Yeah, annouce the screening in your blog and we all will glue ourself to the TV on that time.
    I do want your autographs, but do sign in on your cheque book and mail it to me. Oh, leave the amount blank, I will fill it up for you. :bpbpbpb (Kidding)

    You played the part for free?

  4. what's the name of the film???

  5. dont complain laaa james.... back when i was doing my single camera production subject, i used to spend endless hours behind the camera!! at least u get special treatment with the make up people doing the touch up's for you ... :P royalty i tell u hehehehehe

  6. when famous aldy, don't forget us k? LOL!!

  7. Yalor (referring to Gina's question), you got paid or not? But congrats on your first foray on the silver screen idiot box!
    But me dun have Astro wor. Can record and upload to for all of us to see ah?

  8. Wow..!! i'm star strucked..!! yes.. autograph pleeeaseeeeeeee...!!

  9. oh no! i don't have astro. gonna missed this great chance to see one of our bloggers as a star on tv. :(

  10. yeah... upload it somewhere (maybe just for the 1 minute :P)
    I will be your new manager!!
    All autographs need to be pre-approved by me first :P

  11. remember to gip us the lead when it will be shown ;)

  12. How much do you get paid for that? Do tell us when it come on air in local TV channel. Or rec for us and blog it. Autograph? Please sign on your blog and I print it...hehehe :D

  13. Tell us, which channel on astro? on what day?

  14. ya, better tell us, ok? i go ask my fren to dvd record it, hehehe

  15. Hahh... right now still no detail, Wingz!
    You're too clever for me Jason. You can be the president of my fan club. *ahaks*
    Of course mah, Gina. Didn't I say I was an attention whore?
    Hahah, I have no idea SK! In fact, I don't even know what the story is about. I got on set and did exactly what they wanted me to do. :)
    Nahlah, it's a short film projectlah, Deepsy. Mana ada budget for make-up? Besides we're all supposed to look like crap.
    Wahahaha, that cracked me up Papi!
    I'm not sure you'll wanna see it, Ariel. Besides it's one of those arty-farty short film that'll leave you stumped and possibly annoyed too! :lol:
    Move along, move along, BigBoK. Nothing to see here. :)
    Ehehh... that could be a blessing in disguise, Lucia.
    Chewah, not even on air got Manager already. You're too good to me lah, Egghead!
    Will try, Babe. :)
    It's a short film they're submitting for a contest, Michelle.
    No details yet, DomesticGoddess.
    Wah, and make pirate copies ah, Belacans? Hahahha... I am not worthy!

  16. ahem...ahem...can't wait to see you on screen. DO let us know the exact screening time and date : )

  17. LOL. U R a drama king anyway, James so its befitting lah. I once "starred" in a corporate training program video. Geez! I should have insisted they paid me for being in it since they were using it to paid participants. Haha.

  18. to look like crap also u have to use make-up laa otherwise ull look like a white ghost ... hehehehehe

  19. Yalor wanna see dates don't forget - and then can mail autograph ah? ;p pwetty please ;p

  20. James...
    I'm quite pleased with your job thus far. You've been entertaining your readers well and I think it's only right if I do what I ought to do...
    ... I have decided to pay you $ for maintaining your blog so amazingly well!
    Please let us* know your bank account # for cash deposit.
    *(as other discerning readers might be interested to do likewise)
    Will I have problem to deposit 1 cent?
    cheerios, a discerning reader

  21. You'll know when I know, TangerineKiwi.
    You should ask for royalty payments, Mumsgather. And then you'll be on easy-street!
    I can NEVER look white, ever, Deepsy! :lol:
    :lol: We'll see, Visithra. *primadonna behaviour setting in*
    :lol: Thank you discerning reader. You have taste. Hahhahah