Friday, September 2, 2005

I Need a Brain Transplant

One of the things that happens when you get older is your memory tends to fail a little. When I was sprightly young lad of 22, I'd remember everything - faces, names, numbers, passwords and everything that required remembering.

These days, 12 years on, I can't remember anything without writing it down. Somedays I'd even forget to write things down. And when I did remember to write, I'd forget where I wrote it. *sigh* Someone suggested I get a PDA. I doubt it would help very much since I'd probably forget when I left the damn thing. As it is, I'm having enough trouble with my keys and mobile phone. Heh!

I'm not sure why it is, but I suspect my failing memory has a lot to do with my work. The advertising industry is a pressure cooker on the brains. And having to worry about sales and bottomlines isn't helping any. Maybe I oughtta quit the damn job and sell Char Kuey Teow or something.

My Mother-in-Law tried to help, bless her wonderful heart. "Gingko Biloba is good for the memory," she told me some years back. The woman is a walking encyclopedia of remedies and nutrition - sometimes annoyingly so. Heh! Unfortunately, the Gingo Biloba didn't help. I could never remember to take it.

So yeah, if you ever bump into me on the street and I have this glazed-over look in my eyes and saliva dribbling down my chin, don't worry too much. I probably just forgot your name.


  1. Early signs of "Alzheimers"? LOL! Kidding. :P
    Its just part of life, nothing to worry about, right? Right? Errr... right?

  2. It's ok, Uncle. :P I'm 24 and I have those problems as well! Just be thankful you have only one kid and know his name. My mum frequently calls us by different names because she forgets sometimes :P

  3. Hey.. James,
    I was just telling my spouse i need to invest in a digital recorder.. because i can't remember anything these days.
    But i think for me.. it's because of having my brat.. after having her.. my brain cells just went out the window.

  4. Just NEVER. EVER. call your wife Roma. NEVER.

  5. Ah James, I'll just send you to Hospital Bahagia :D it's nice there, no? heheh

  6. I can exchange mine with you if you wan... but I dun think it'll help much since I dun recall names at all.. only looks and "names" I use to describe them :P

  7. I read your entry yesterday and today read again. Really cannot tahan liao. WE MIDDLE AGED GUYS ARE NOT GETTING OLD NOR FORGETFUL!
    We work hard, play hard, etc etc etc.
    Err, where am I ah? What am I doing here ah? Forgot what I'm supposed to do here. Aiyah, must be getting old liao. Haha

  8. don't worry, james. you are not alone. i need a brain transplant too.

  9. Hey, I'd invest in your Char Kuey Teow venture! ;)

  10. Must be the effect of your mom dropping you on the head when you were born. Geeez.. took so long to take effect. He he he.

  11. Don't worry Jason. You'll get here someday. Hehhehh!
    You mom forgets your name, Gwen? Ouch! You must have been a rotten kid. :lol:
    I can't even remember having brain cells, BigBoK!
    OooOoerrRR! Good advice there, Melo-Jo!
    Leokoo: You're not speaking from experience, I hope! :lol:
    Hahahh, then you have a more dangerous condition, Egghead.
    I dunno, Willwolf. What were we talking about anyway?! :)
    We should have a support group, Lucia!
    Not so fast, Sashi. I might forget orders. :)
    My mother never dropped me on the floorlah, Gina. That must have been your mom. *ahaks*

  12. Need to exercise your brain cells...the more you exercise, the more youthful it will be. I used to be able to remember 52 verses a year, weekly memory verse in Sunday School and did win a prize for it. Practise your memory verse to get your memory on track...:P