Wednesday, September 21, 2005

As Seen On TV

Inspired by Lilian's take on House, here's a quickie review of what's playing in our household these days. Sorry, no links. Too damn lazy. :)

Is this the best new dramedy series or what? Hugh Laurie plays the cynical but clever Dr. House. The show revolves around the ongoings at the hospital and the baffling cases they get every week in which Dr. House, armed with his wit and sarcasm, saves somebody's life. Okay it sounds stupid when I tell it like this but trust me. Good show.

Like every woman in the world, I love the women of Wisteria Lane. Wait. That didn't sound quite right. Hah! But a good show, this is. Okay, so I cheated and watched everything on DVD and I know who killed who. Muahahah.

We love Malaysian Idol, even though we're not particularly fond of Daniel, Nita, Farah, Faizull, Ash, Xerra, Ejay, Adam, Azam, Trish or Atilia. Okay, maybe we like Farah a little. At least enough to send in two votes this entire season. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to save her. We fully expect the finale to suck eggs but we'll still watch. Besides, Jesse really like the show. It's the only show he watches from start to finish. Strange.

Now here's some real talent. We have a bunch of guys and girls fighting it out to be the frontman of this over-the-hill rock outfit that was once pretty cool before Michael Hutchence went and killed himself. Anyway the show kicks ass - except that I think Dave Navarro, occasional axeman for Red Hot Chilli Peppers, looks kinda weird in a poofy sort of way. Grow some stubble, dammit! Still, Mark Burnett rules! Finale tonight. I hope Mig wins. He reminds me of a young Mick Jagger.

Who can get enough of watching crazy people eating bugs and all kinds of shit? Apparently, we have Fear Factor Malaysia now but something tells me that's gonna suck.

We love CSI. CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI:NY, CSI:Batang Berjuntai! We love 'em all.

It's time again. Personally, I feel that Amazing Race has nothing on Survivor, being a shitty game of chance and all. The only thing that made me a fan was Boston Rob in the last season. Too bad he lost. He was one competitive SOB - the kind of guy people pay good money to see. I don't care for nice guys. I want the best guys to win because they did their best, not because the producer fixed the game and had a plane wait up. Mark Burnett sucks!

We love The Donald. Richard Branson is a dumbass compared to Donald Trump. Rebel Billionaire sucks. Donald Trump should fire Richard Branson. Mark Burnett rules!

We never watch sports. Unless it's got sexy women in tights, or men intentionally hurting each other. We don't watch football - not enough blood. And we don't watch F1 either - not enough crashes. That's why we don't subscribe to any sports channel. But that might change when the new season of The Contender starts on ESPN.


  1. Hugh Laurie rules as Dr. House!! And yes, Mark Burnett alternately suck and rule in my household too. ;)

  2. Haha, my sentences went crap.
    Yeah, who knew Angela Forrest could have %%%CENSORED%%%. I always thought it was the %%%CENSORED%%%. And Rex %%%CENSORED%%%? She didn't %%%CENSORED%%% ... my goodness. I hope in the next season Andrew Van de Kamp gets a central role. Ought to be a hell of a load more funnier.
    I'm worse. I downloaded the whole thing.
    *piak* Rajan for revealing the ending! Lucky I censored you, otherwise all the women who read this blog will hate you and you'll be a bachelor for life!!!

  3. Hey, you should have watched the last F1 race at Spa, there were crashes, spin offs and even a tantrum thrown by Michael Schumacher.

  4. James, CSI Rocks!!! Esp NY :D :D , and then Amazing Race is Damn Chun cant wait for the new Season, where the whole family gets involved ;) maybe they got cute sons to look at hehehehehe.... and Rajan $%G%^#!!!! tell us the ending for what ?? :( Now no need to watch D.W anymore :((

  5. deepsy: If that's the ending kua... hahahaha. Ending more fun lor... Trust me. I watch 23 episodes. In two days. I mean, I didn't exactly tell anything %%%CENSORED%%% or anything, right?
    Oh, wait.

  6. CSI kicks %%%CENSORED%%%! Can't wait for CSI : Batang Berjuntai!

  7. Rajan : Hmph!!!! :( :( :( :( no fair now no more fun to watch D.W grrrrr :( hehehehe okie okie im fine

  8. yeap... I also desperately finished the "housewives" on DVD one go... cannot tahan all the suspense after each episode...
    now only waiting for the Dr House's DVD to come into the "market" :P

  9. rajan: hahaha... you're CENSORED!
    thanks james for saving us from having to read that. i think half the fun of watching DH is waiting impatiently for the next ep and filling my head will all kinda theories ;)

  10. Yah, Norzu. Look at the guy! I mean, when we see him in those short little spots where he say, "I'm Hugh Laurie and your watching House," it's almost surreal.
    I just save you from being a virgin for life, Rajan! Hehehh. Revealing endings is a crime punishable by a massive rubber-band assault on where the sun don't shine!
    :lol: Boolicious, I only watch F1 whenever someone crashes. I wish someone will quickly make a one-hour special on spectacular crashes.
    Deepsy, I wanna see families go at each other's throats. Muahahahah!!!
    I'm watching every single episode of House, Egghead, but if the DVD comes out...
    Yeah, CC. I wished they'd start season 2 already!

  11. Wah, fatherhood reduced you into a couch potato. I still have no time to watch tv yet.

  12. I don't like Desperate Housewives. *is prepared with her bulletproof vest*
    There's just something too "soap-operaish" about it. I watched a few episodes and just couldn't get into it. House is a little too dry for my taste, give me good ol E.R. and Chicago Hope anytime! Why do you like watching all the shows that I dislike? Grumph. All but Fear Factor. I LIKE Fear Factor heh heh ... My current favorites are Girls Next Door (the Playboy Mansion girlfriends series) and Nip/Tuck (a provocative series about plastic surgeons) Neither which will probably never ever be aired on Malaysian TV. :P

  13. The Donald is King. He Who Flies In His Private Jet is ruler over all he surveys. All hail The Donald!

  14. I guess it is out of line to tell who gets kicked out next on The Apprentice?
    Thanks James, you saved my... life?

  15. I've always been a couch potato lah, Gina. Remember those times when I said I couldn't come out? Yah, something good on TV. :lol:
    I like Nip/Tuck too Gwen. We had one season of it here! Or was it two?
    Be careful, Sashi. You might be arrested for practicing Ajaran Terpesong!!! :lol:
    *pia* Rajan!

  16. hey i don't watch Desperate Housewifes also i know who killed who and all the plots! Muahahahar :P

  17. i dun like CSI... reminds me too much of my work la.
    but desperate housewives is good lol

  18. JD won ;p hehehhe I knew he was going to win MIGs too sweet for a rock band ;p

  19. fall is here, again ... all the shows are up, once again, and compete for the viewers/audience rate.
    i'm so looking forward for the Apprentice, 4th season... 18 contestants! Donald Trump is so cool in the show ... haha. And he sang in the Emmy's ... how hilarious.

  20. Hahah, watch it lah, DGoddess!
    Wha..!?!? You're a CSI, Lynnee?!?!
    Yeah, Visithra, I sort of expected JD to take it too. His "Pretty Vegas" pretty much clinched the deal for him.
    Gack* The Donald sings, Greenapple!?