Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Sexual Circus

Mae and I were loafing around in front of the TV last Friday when a promo spot of Cirque Du Soleil came on air. Cirque Du Soleil, if you didn't know it, is one of those artsy-fartsy new-age circus act - where they intertwine a stylised visual and auditorial experience into a regular circus act. Sexy stuff.

"It's like a sexual circus," I gave Mae a shit-eating grin as I attempted to educate her. We stare at the TV, fixated, as a bevy of scantily-clad ladies writhed and gyrated erotically. It was too much for Mae. "So?" Mae scoffs, as she gives me this mildly annoyed look, "you want me to do THAT?"

That caught me with my pants down completely by surprised. Why on earth would I want a circus act in my bedroom? Though, now that it's laid out in the open like that, I have to admit it's... erm... intriguing. Heh!

My wife thinks I'm a perv. I'm not. Not really.


  1. hahahahahaha. anyway, kinda dissapointed they're not going to perform in msia :(

  2. hahahahahahahah walau ... tht was funny... james educate us more on this circus :D

  3. Hehehhehehe!!
    that's too funny.. James..!

  4. fulamak... which channel you saw that promo??
    tell me so I can check it out with my wife... LOL
    maybe she might ask the same question and I'll be prepared for it :P

  5. no need lar, just put up a stainless steel pole in the room...... ahaks! :lol:

  6. Too much info...too much info...
    Wait, I think I said the same thing a few posts down. :)

  7. And you watch it for 'arts' sake. Yea rite.

  8. Hahaha James. Still in the baby making mood are you?!

  9. :lol: at belacan's comment. If she doesn't want to do it, you can do it what... heheheh!

  10. Cirque du Soleil owns!
    There was something similar in Genting last year, I went to watch it, it was pretty good.
    It was called Fantastica!.

  11. ahhh..cirque du soleil=kama sutra in disguise?
    think i'd be the clown... kah kah kah

  12. lol.. oh come on, all men are pervs, like it or not. :P

  13. Heh, heh! You have your own stunts, I'm sure. *winks*

  14. Yeah, Kim, otherwise I'd go. For inspiration. Hehhehh...
    Not much I can tell you, Deepsy. Unless you get me some tickets.
    See BigBok, I'm a regular circus act.
    Hahh, I think it's on 8TV mostly, Egghead.
    :lol: That's a good suggestion, Belacan!
    No Sarah, we can never have too much info. :)
    Why not, AhPink? :lol:
    Aren't we all, Mumsgather? Hehhh...
    DomesticGoddess: Then, I'm afraid the pole won't last too long.
    I'm still kicking myself for missing Fantastica, ST! *sigh*
    Big top Kama Sutra, MOTT?
    Not true, Kat. You're a perv too, even though you're not a man. :lol:
    OoOo... now if I answered that, Primrose, then it will truly be too much information.