Thursday, September 1, 2005

Picnic In The Park

lil' Jenny trashes Jesse at congkak

We had a rather fun little Merdeka Day yesterday. The folks from my church Cell Group decided to go on a picnic and so we headed off to Taman Rimba Kiara, which is a nice, secluded little forest park near Taman Tun. There, we ate Nasi Lemak, Beehoon, Potato Crisps and goodness knows what else! My mind is a blank - either from waking up too early on a public holiday or from the superbly, delicious Nasi Lemak we had. Yumm~

When I was younger, I cringed at the thought of going for picnic. Picnics are for nerdy people, I'd tell myself. But now that I have become a nerdy person myself, it makes perfect sense. It's nice, lying down on a mat in the midst of nature and eating away without a care in the world. There's something very pristine and pure about the whole deal. But mostly, I just like the lying down part. :)

So, yeah, it was fun. Mae and I enjoyed ourselves. Our buddies from cell liked it too. And Jesse quite enjoyed the change of pace. So if you've never gone on a picnic before, do go. It's always wonderful to gate-crash Mother Nature's place and make a mess. Heh.


  1. Love picnics.. ALOT..! even when i was younger... :)
    Now if only my brat would eat our food.. it would be perfect..!!

  2. Oh! I thought picnics were for outdoorsy type people. (Not me.)

  3. wahh i remembered how my parents used to plan these family gatherings and we'd all go to titiwangsa park... had quite a few of those while i was growing up... its trully the best way to unwind and spend time with family and friends :D btw .. jesse looks soooooooooooo cute :D

  4. my parents used to have picnics at templer's park. will get a few of their frens & kids... it's like a huge party. we loved it then... but now... we super kiasi to bring our kids to such places hahaha :p time for revival!

  5. BigBoK, who's got time to eat with all that flora and fauna to explore! :)
    Nah, lazy folks can go picnicking too Sarah!
    Cute? I though he just looks stoned in that shot, Deepsy!
    Time for revival indeed, Babe! :)

  6. wah... it's been like 20 years already since I went for a picnic, didn't know picnic spots still exists after all the development in klang valley...
    Good to know there are a few picnic spots left to go... hmmm... will plan one soon :)

  7. babies are always cute!!!! no matter how they look in photographs they are always always always cute!!!!!!!