Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Two Shots

Yesterday was a rough day for Jesse. Having turned one recently, it was time once again for his shots. This time, he would be getting vaccinations for MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) and another for Chicken Pox.

"How bad will it hurt?" I asked Dr. Soh remembering that a doctor once told me that it was the drug, and not the needle, that determined if a shot was painful. "The chicken pox one will be bad," Dr. Soh proclaimed solemnly.

My heart sank. But the good doctor had more bad news. "You hold him over your shoulder," she said, "and we'll go zoop! zoop!" If it weren't my son, I'd have found that funny. Because her hand gestured like boxers do, when they do their one-two combination jabs. Plus, she said, "Zoop! Zoop!" which is something you never expect doctors to say.

I held the boy up while Mae stood behind me with a toy. Jesse tinkered with it cheerfully, laughing and babbling, oblivious to the fate he was about to suffer. It was heartbreaking. And then it came. Zoop! Zoop! Once on his left buttcheek and another on his right, giving new meaning to the phrase, "turn the other cheek."

The boy cried and cried. And nothing I did would console him. Then Mae took him and he regained his composure in record time. 30 seconds tops!

I tried to carry him after. Someone needed comforting, but I think it was mostly me. But the boy flatly refused to have anything to do with me. I had betrayed him. I had thrown him to wolves and he wasn't about to let that slide. I took a whole day for me to be his Daddy once again

*sigh* Fatherhood can be tough.


  1. awww Jesse keeps grudges. hehehe but its so cuteeeeeeeeee. Sorry James, Jesses too cute to support ya ;p

  2. tat's why I don't follow my son to his injection anymore...
    if anyone cause pain to him (deliberately like those dr), I don't think I can control myself and might do something that might end myself up some lockup at sg. buloh... :P

  3. I dunno if I got lucky or what but the last time my daughter gave a response like that was during her DTP/HepB + Hib + Pneumococcal + Polio vaccination @ 6 months. The fact that she was screaming made it easier for the doc to slip in the polio drops ;)
    Every other vaccination was pretty much uneventful. She did give me a strange look as she got her chickenpox & MMR shot though :P

  4. hehehehehehe jesse merajuk with the daddy ah? buy him ice cream and chocs or even toys to make up la ;)

  5. jesse tough boy la. just crying for mummy to hold him only la. try this the next time.... don't bring mummy... he'll prob try to be MR. MACHO, to prove he's THE MAN! ha ha ha

  6. hey i wish i was a dad! :P but nah, not for many many many years yet. i want my own naughty kid~~~ lol

  7. I hope Jesse is feeling better after the needles. my brat still haven't had her chicken pox yet.. coz' our family doctor is a slacker..!
    Yes.. fatherhood is very tough.. James.. but it is also very rewarding.. and i'm sure you know it.. :) just that like my spouse... he didn't know what he was getting into .. when he agreed to have kids with me.. hahahha!!

  8. hahahaha that's what Stewart does with Sean now anyway. He won't ever let his daddy carry him, and will cry his lungs out. But as soon as Sean passes him to me, instant stop!
    lololol my poor hubby so devastated that our darling son doesn't like him ... how ar? What to tell him???

  9. try not to lose that trust yr kid has in u. perhaps u might want to consider telling him the truth, that it will hurt a bit. Thats wat i do to my kids.

  10. don't worry, children won't hold grudges for too long... see, it took you less than 24 hours to win him back what :lol:

  11. i am a coward mom...dare not see my children kena cucuk. it is so paining for me! i told hubby, you better bring them go in for the jab, i'll wait outside, i worry that i will be the one crying instead of them.
    but as soon as mommy hold them, the crying stopped. :D

  12. It is better to be jab, a ant bite pain than to suffer the disease right. It wasnt like throwing him in the wolves but preparing him to defend the wolves with some tiny winy pain.
    By the way, I didn't jab my gal with MMR so early, I delayed it until she is 15 months, opps which is now :P . Next week probably.

  13. Dear Mr James,
    I have been retained by Mr Jesse Tan as his legal counsel. I am required to inform you that my client is considering taking legal action against you for exposing him - and his butt - to hazardous conditions (i.e. a sharp needle). We are fully prepared to take this case to court unless you are prepared to agree to the following:
    1. No more shots without my client's written permission. Illiteracy is not an excuse - you'll just have to wait till my client learns to read and write.
    2. My client, after his traumatic experience, will need plenty of time to recover from his ordeal. Hence my client expects to be allowed to sleep as long as he wants, at any time he chooses, and fully expects his parents to be ready with his meals and toys whenever he awakens.
    3. My client feels a change in environment will do his recovery a world of good. Please book a flight immediately to Disneyland HK. My client has generously permitted you to join him on this flight too.
    4. My client requests that you bank in RM10 daily in his bank account (open one if there isn't one right now) as well as another RM 100 into his attorney's account. Hourly.
    Further demands will be revealed as and when is ncessary. Please consider this demands carefully. We do not wish to drag you into court, but we will if you ignore them all.
    Thanks and regards,
    Messr Dhich und Bwallies, Att. At Law.

  14. gee... must keep my son away from Sashi, the lawyer... (running away with tails between legs)

  15. Dude .. sorry to do this to you .. but you just got tagged :

  16. the first time boiboi had his jab he cried his lungs out, the subsequent trips, all his daddy did was psyche him up by telling him wat doc will do and he will only experience minimal pain. hey u know, it worked!!!
    only when he grew older, he cried just a wee bit and stopped rather quickly.

  17. I'm sure it's cute when they're young, Visithra. :)
    :lol: I know exactly what you mean, Egghead.
    Looks like Charis is a tough cookie, Bob!
    Nah Deepsy, when anyone pisses him off, he only wants Mommy! *sigh*
    Hah, I can only hope you're right, MOTT!
    Ahhh, you'll enjoy it Nerdnook!
    He's feeling a lot better now, BigBoK.
    I think daddies need a support group, Gwen. :lol:
    I believe you're right, Trust. We've been very honest with him so far - especially with Goodbyes, but I guess it just didn't occur to us for this. Thanks for the advice!
    Hopefully it never gets longer than 24 hours, DomesticGoddess.
    Hahha Miche, I know what you mean. Sometimes we can't bear to see Jesse hurt too.
    Better go quick Michelle. When Jesse turns 18 months it'll be time for his booster shots.
    :lol: Ann!!!
    No wonder I have so much character, Ah Pink.
    Sashi: Why, that little traitor... :lol: You kill me lah, dude!
    Good for Boiboi, Babe!

  18. I know how that felt. But Yiyi's paed tried to re-schedule the jabs so that she doesn't get two jabs at the same time. Help a bit lar.
    Also, we talked to Yiyi before the jab, to let her know what to expect. And she didn't cry one bit..hehehe...