Friday, September 23, 2005

Cheap Diapers & Other Stuff!

This is a community service announcement. Diethelm is having a warehouse sale tomorrow and Sunday from 10:00am onwards. I got this via email along with an Excel file (geddit here) of the prices. Here are some previews.

Mamy Poko Disney diapers are incredibly cheap! Medium-sized 52-pack are only at RM 25. It's usually RM 33.90 or on a good day RM 31.90. That's a saving of RM 6.90 per pack. Buy 10 packs and you save RM 69.90. My goodness. Imagine the savings you get if you buy a thousand packs!? Heh.

You also get some nice deals from Mattel toys, Kellogg's cereals and a whole load of other stuff. I can't really tell you how you'd save since I only know the price of diapers. Yup. Just diapers. I'm ignorant about everything else.

Parents will appreciate this. I know I will. And no, I don't get anything from promoting this. Diethelm is not even my client or anything. But heck, if you save some money, you owe me Char Kuey Teow!

UPDATE @ 10:57am
Mae and I made our way there early this morning because Mae's sis had a staff entry card. Apparently, staff get to shop at 8:45am! However, upon arriving at 8:30am, the crowd had already formed outside the gate. Inside, we saw a whole bunch of people buying stuff, carrying crates of MamyPoko diapers and Sofy sanitary pads. We ran to the counter - but alas, it was all gone. Some dumbass at DKSH (the company holding this sale) decided to let people in at 7:30am. There was no control so people bought as many as they liked. There was an auntie with a push-cart carrying some 6 crates of diapers. Grrrr.... And we got nothing. *sigh* Luckily we managed to get some good deals for Kelloggs, Mattell, Fisher & Price, Toblerone and M&M. So if you're going there solely for diapers, think again.


  1. oh, I'm sure that all the parents out there are dying for a great news like this. thanks for sharing!

  2. why the nice warehouse sales always few days before the end of the month wan? they bakat with credit card company isn't it? *sigh*

  3. woah, diapers are expensive back home. How much for a 112 pk of Huggies Newborn ... or Pampers Swaddlers?

  4. *unload everything from car boot
    *lock house
    *everyone in the car
    *close car doors

  5. I never knew the price of diapers...until I had to visit a new mum and thought of buying her something practical. Oh gosh! Diapers ARE expensive compared to buying a bottle of, say, baby shampoo or baby bath. Gotta visit again for full moon. Do I still get her diapers or something else now? Sigh.

  6. It's jam-packed, Greenapple. Proceed with caution.
    Hahah, they know when to strike at your financeslah, Maria.
    No idea lah, Gwen. We never use those. MamyPoko is the best brand for babies. We actually bought some sample packs and did a test. :)
    :lol: I hope you managed to get some good stuff, Egghead.
    Diapers are the most pratical gift anyone can give, Primrose. :)

  7. thanks for the info! I'll definitely go!!!!

  8. *emergency break half way after listened to James update on MyFM!!
    *turn back and headed to Jusco instead :(

    so cheappppppppp!!!!!! then again, like I actually have the time to go, line up outside and then line up inside to buy la. SIGH.
    but..good to know.
    can't believe how hoard-ish some ppl can be. Wish Diethlem would limit to say, 3 packs per what carrefour / giant does. then, it'll be more fair... sniff sniff

  10. Someone got a Barbie for my Gal, so thankful for her. I can enjoy the sale, even though I am 375++km away. Sorry that you who didn't get any cheap diapers, cannot fight with those aunties there, shopping freaks.

  11. oh and diapers can't be a baby shower gift ... but have you never heard of gift certificates? LOL

  12. Eh no way! Pampers Swaddlers is what the hospital provided us and what we use. The sides are stretchy and the texture of the diaper is like cloth! :) It costs about USD$32 at cheapest for 206-pk ... :(

  13. those people who buy a lot i think are usually small retailiers who will buy them back to sell!
    well james you didn't managed to get the diapers but you got lots of food items i see.

  14. awww.... sory that you didn't get the diapers you wanted. what a shame. will let u know if i get any news of more of these warehouse sale. dksh is my company's client.
    take care.

  15. yeah,im going man!!!
    check out another malaysia's blog !

  16. Gwen,
    Malaysia doesn't have pampers swaddlers. And the Pampers baby-dry is totally different in quality! Over in US, we buy Pampers Swaddlers or Huggies Supreme. But in Malaysia, only Mamypoko is similar in quality. Both Pampers and Huggies are pretty pathetic, totally different from the ones in US!!

  17. :( that sucks... maybe I should stock up on them and give them as gifts back home lol! I've never heard of Mamypoko before ...

  18. i hate fighting wid aunties n will try not to go near any warehouse sale :p sure loose to aunties one hehehe

  19. Whoa.. tell me about warehouse sale! There were at least 3 in PJ just last weekend. Wrote about it in my blog. Neways, I think there must be some kinda conspiracy going on, with all of 'em holding sale at the same time. lol :))

  20. hahaha...aiyo too late aldy when I read this.
    When I was in college, we often joked about one day we'll only talk about diapers, and only diapers. That day is now!! LOL!

  21. James is so damn si lai nowadays.

  22. Hope you managed to get something, Simmie.
    :lol: Egghead! We should have gone to Jusco too!
    Yeah, MOTT, the organisers did a really bad job with the sale.
    Yeah Michelle, Barbies were going cheap that day.
    But why, Gwen. Diapers are the most practical gift of all!!! :)
    Nah Lucia, we only got a few things.
    That's nice Adriene. I'd appreciate that!
    Hey Karma.
    Andrew is right, Pampers and Huggies is pretty tragic.
    :lol: And to think that I was in my battle-mode, Babe.
    Far too much competition for me, Lenny. :)
    Wahahah, how right you are, Papi!
    What to do, Gina... *sigh*

  23. Wow, that's such a good deal for the diapers. Emily uses Mamy Poko as well and I only buy when there are sales - cheapest is RM35.90! Normal price is RM39.90 so I guess it's cheaper in KL.

  24. Well, sometimes babies are born premies, so the diapers might be too big. Or if your baby is born like my Stewart, newborn diapers might not fit and you have nowhere to put them! As far as I know, most sales in KL are final aren't they? But for here at least you can return them.

  25. Oh um ... they have limits here on big sales like that. Say 5 per household. :( That really bites that they were all gone.
    I have a question though about parenting:
    When Jesse was an infant (1 mth approx) did he ever let you carry him? Or would he cry like mad everytime Mae put him down or gave him to you? Coz I'm having this problem with my hubby and I can't even shower because Stewie won't let me put him down and hates when my husband carries him! Changing holding positions hasn't worked, neither has talking to him or singing to him. My poor husband is distraught, want to help put his mind at ease?

  26. You guys prolly know this by now already but anyhow.
    The couple in Cinderella Man is (aptly) named James and Mae too. They have 3 really cute children, but none of them are named Jesse though.

  27. Wait.. I didn't mean to sy that Jesse isn't cute :) He is!

  28. Gwen: Awww, poor little Stewie. We didn't actually have too much problems with Jesse. Though, there was a time when he was a little sticky to Mommy. And so we decided that I would be the one to pick him up whenever he cried. You could try that. Good luck!
    I'm sort of a Cinderella Man myself, Candice. Except, in my version, I'm just a guy who gets left at home to do household chores. *ahaks*