Monday, September 19, 2005

A Heart For Hope

Yvonne is 19. She has Neurofibromatosis. While most people her age are out there living their life, she is fighting for hers.

Today, there are numerous tumours growing in her brains, her spine, her neck and even her fingers. But the ones that are most dangerous are the ones that grow in in her brain. There are three. One grows on her brain stem threatening to take away what's left of her hearing and, possibly, her balance. And that, is her best-case scenario. Worst-case; it grows to cut off oxygen supply to her brain and she dies.

Her best bet now is a surgery in US. But that will cost a whopping RM 200,000. However brain surgery is a delicate procedure and so far, only the doctors in US have been able to offer her a good chance of a safe surgery that would also preserve her hearing - the 5% that she has left of it.

Yvonne needs RM 200,000 by Christmas this year. But she will not take your money without giving something back. She is making T-shirts for sale, to raise funds. I am helping her with the design. My company has also helped negotiate a good price for the production of the T-shirts with our vendor. We now need someone to help come out with a name for Yvonne's campaign.

Lance Armstrong has his LiveStrong and Bob Geldof has his LiveAid. We need one for Yvonne's campaign too. As per Yvonne's request, I have incorporated a heart in the design of the shirt. She wanted something that would symbolise love. A campaign name along those lines will help. The picture is the design that we have pretty much settled on. Right now, our working name is Heart4Hope. If you have a better suggestion, do leave it in the comments section, and we can get started on the production. Beyond that, you could contribute to Yvonne's operation by buying a T-shirt or two.

You can find out more about Yvonne here:
Some people have told Yvonne that she is being lavish, and that she could probably get the operation done at a fraction of the price somewhere else. Some people have also accused her of exaggerating her condition. Perhaps these people need a brain surgery more than Yvonne. But right now, Yvonne has asked for help. If you can, please do.


  1. Cannot think of anything but just want to say, God bless.

  2. Appeal to private corporations for donations?
    By the way, my son's hospital delivery bill is half that amount. RM100,000!!!
    So you can tell the naysayers that RM200k for her surgerty is considered affordable! I hope this revelation will help out some.

  3. this design looked great, i hope u guys make them in larger sizes :D

  4. I think Heart4Hope sounds really good. Where can I get my T-shirt?

  5. ditto to Hwee Mei's comment!

  6. to those people who Yvonne-critics, the best you could do is just shut up and hope that someday people might not do the same to you...
    to Yvonne, my wife and I will certainly contribute to your surgery as soon as I find out how to do it via pay pal... give me a sec :)

  7. ahh, uncle james if you need help do tell ... i'll get help from my mates and promote this campaign.

  8. Thanks Lilian.
    Wow Gwen, that's a lot of money for having a baby!!!
    I'm sure there will be, Babe!
    Thanks HweeMei. Will announce here as soon as it's available.
    Looks like we might just use it then, Mayyinn.
    That's a frightening thought Egghead. Let's hope no one ever has to learn anything that way.
    Thanks Leo!

  9. Great Design!! Hey make it more HOT, limited edition, opps watch too much Apprentice.

  10. Pls let me know where to get the t-shirt too... I have been following Yvonne's blog and your blog for some times...I understand her blight...feel for her too...I wish to help her too...pls let me know what else to help...other than giving a lot of money, that is...sorry about that...

  11. God Bless ure nobel deed, and above and beyond that GOD BLESS Yvonne , where can i get this t-shirt and how much will it cost got XXL size ah ? let me know the details and how i can help james , mayhaps i can talk to the lion's club of taman tun and see if there is a way to sell the tshirts to others :) will get back to u on it :) till then wish u all the sucess in giving this young girl a chance to see a better tomorrow ....
    how about Live4Tomorrow for the name :)

  12. You kind, kind soul (just to be a heboh, I knew Yvonne longer than all of you! Hahaha... gee, first celebrity I know. What to do...)

  13. You kind, kind soul (just to be a heboh, I knew Yvonne longer than all of you! Hahaha... gee, first celebrity I know. What to do...)

  14. Yeah, definitely will donate...should try the mainstream media as well. I remembered not so long ago, a well-to-do TV personality solicited public donations as well. This is a more deserving case. Please post updates on the donation drive. Cheers.

  15. Also, not sure if a case of pantang, but if can do away with the "4", so much the better. If I think of anything, will post.

  16. Thanks Michelle. And oh, you're fired. :lol:
    Sure Jennifer, I'm sure any kind of help will be good.
    Thanks for the offer Deepsy. But do let Yvonne and I work out the logistics first and we'll see what happens.
    Waah Rajan, like dat also can heboh ah? :D
    Thanks for offering, JC. But do wait for more details on the t-shirts first. Yvonne will probably blog about it. :)

  17. That's because I had C-section and regional anesthesia. Poo.

  18. heya james, nice work. i'd definitely get one. maybe you could incorporate "" somewhere? on the back of the shirt or something... it might get more people to visit her site.

  19. Kewl design, James. And thanks for doing ur bit - lookin fwd 2 gettin d tee. Will pass d word on once details finalised. I agree wif JC's take on '4' -lest pantang folks mistake it as d death of hope ;)

  20. Ugh, Gwen. Yeah, C-section will suck your resources quick.
    Yes CC, we do have something in mind.
    You're the expert, Chun. Will give serious consideration. Thanks. :)

  21. ah james.
    didn't comment earlier coz got baby brains....but a sales campaign slogan hit me as i was preparing tom's lunch....( for thought).
    "buy me a tomorrow"....? OR
    "buy one more tomorrow".... ahhh...something like that la.
    ok... not a GRRREAAATTTT idea.. but was thinking about the DKSH's warehouse sale and how some ppl buy like there's NO tomorrow..and here she is, hoping for a tomorrow.
    ok...time to switch back to baby brains again.

  22. oops..just read deepsy's comment.
    sorry..didn't swipe her idea or i said.. baby brains. sigh.... three years..and counting.