Sunday, September 4, 2005

Stand By Me

stand up and be counted

The boy stands, unassisted! OOooWahhh!!!!!

We were watching the Malaysian Idol result show tonight, which is incidentally Jesse's favourite show, when I decide to experiment with the boy's motor skills. Most babies his age have begun walking, but Jesse is a slowpoke in that area. Come to think of it he seems to be a little behind in the other stuff as well, but more on that in another post. So, yeah, we've been encouraging him to walk by holding him up by his hands but he'd always chicken out when we loosen our grip.

So there we were, tonight, during a commercial break when I held him up by his hand. He stood up supporting himself on my hands when I slowly let him go. He was a little wary at first. And so he bent his knees a little and assumed the Tan family secret Crouching Tiger kungfu stance, lowering his centre of gravity considerably until he found his footing. And just like that the boy stood tall!

Mae and I were astrounded. We cheered the little guy and he smiled from ear to ear, amazed, at his newfound ability to stand on his own two feet. What an important milestone! I know how silly this must sound to you folks, but every tiny little thing that Jesse does is such a major achievement to us.

That's it. I think we have officially been inducted into the insufferable, annoying parents Hall of Fame. :) Better run or soon we'll be cornering you with our 1,500-picture slideshow of Jesse in various actions.


  1. Another milestone for Jesse Boy!!! Congrats, James and Mae!!!

  2. There's a difference between those terrible slideshows (if your kid is one of those butt ugly babies) ... but when I do a slideshow, most of my friends die a horrible death from cuteness poisoning.

  3. congratulation on this great achievement! Lil' Jesse. Ah, James, you're more than welcome to share all these with your fellow blog readers ...
    To me, it is a simple, yet happy moment like this that I'll refer as true happiness. Absolutely precious.

  4. It doesn't sound silly at all. Congratulations, Jesse! Now learn how to run so you can keep your parents fit by chasing after you! :lol:

  5. give it time and patience... he will be walking and jumping in no time... but that time will come more headache... like what I have now :P

  6. slow n steady... no need to rush them... :D

  7. Yayyyyyy to Jesse and you take your time darling!
    Hey no complaining I was a slow baby! I took 2 years to talk! After all the fear I might be mute, the day I started my parents wished I never had! ;)))

  8. Congrats! Jesse decided to stand up during the M'sian Idol show you say? Maybe he's trying to tell you something? So... where's the 1,500-picture slideshow????? C'mon show lah. Kekeke.

  9. And many more miles to go, Jason. :)
    Thanks Jacky.
    Cuteness poisoning, huh Gwen. This I gotta experience. :lol:
    Aww, that's nice of you to say, Emma.
    Not if we get a leash first, Sashi. Hehhehh...
    A small price to pay for endless hours of entertainment, Egghead! :)
    No rush, Babe. He's pretty much his own boss.
    Hahahhh... so now you can't stop, Visithra? :)
    Yes, Mumsgather, the boy loves Malaysian Idol. It's the only show we've actually seen him stop and watch. :)

  10. Hey save some hard disk space for the next child....

  11. oh yeah! go go jesse, go!
    in no time at all, he will indeed GO and you and mae will have a hard time keeping up with hm. :)

  12. yayyyyyyy!! good on you jesse!!! :D see you made ure mummy and daddy so proud :d .. pretty soon u'll start chasing girls ;) what say daddy james ? :P

  13. Wah, can stand alredy. In no time, u guys'll be chasing after him LOL!!
    U can also try this. U and Mae sit facing each other about 3 feet apart. Mae can hold on to Jesse, while u urging him to come to u. Slowly, sit further and further apart, and he'll be walking in no time! Tat's what we did. :)

  14. Wow..! so clever jesse..!
    I learned not to compare my brat with other kids her age.. because each and every individual is different.
    I honestly believe that she will reach her milestone .. when she reaches it.. no need to force her to do anything.. all things will come naturally.. :)
    So donch fret.. James.. :)

  15. soon, u will demand him to sit down and be still....if u can.

  16. Hahah... good point, Michelle. Maybe I need to back everything up on DVDs. :)
    True, though at this time of writing, we're still looking forward to that, Lucia.
    Daddy'll be proud, Deepsy!
    Good tip, Papi. We'll try that out.
    No force, BigBoK. We're patiently waiting. :)
    Hhahhah, I know what you mean, Li!

  17. How exciting! My twins didn't walk til they were 16 months, and I about cried when they finally did. :)
    I think that sharing baby's milestones is THE thing to do.

  18. clap clap clap clap hurray for jesse!
    sorry for the delayed reaction... ;-)

  19. Wow, I guess I'll just be patient for another half-year, Sarah!
    Thanks MOTT!