Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Month-Long Birthday Festival

Yesterday was Mae's birthday. But we didn't actually celebrate, save for the steak meal we had last night.

Instead, I was on leave and at the doctor pretty much all morning for a follow-up medical exam. That turned out to be a long wait at the clinic for a short time with the doctor. To make matter worse, his female clinic assistant walked right in on us while the good doctor was examining my... erm... self. Heh. Damn woman has done that to me twice in the three times I have visited this clinic. If she were a sweet young thing, I'd be flattered. Thankfully, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health. And no, I wasn't flattered, thank you very much!

Anyway, Mae had a day off too, helping her cousin with the wedding preparations for this weekend. Despite both of us taking time off work, we didn't get to do any celebrating. These days, finding time for each other seems quite tough with us juggling our work, family commitments, church, bla bla bla.

And so, looks like it's gonna be another one of our newly-instituted month-long birthday festival in the Tan household. The last one we had was in March to commemorate my day of birth. It was glorious month filled with Paan Mein and Char Kuey Teow meals. Ahhh... I'm such a simple man, with simple needs.

Mae, however, if far more complicated than I am. *shudder* I'm expecting a series of shopping trips.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Mae..

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday Mae!!
    I wonder what James got you?? hopefully not only "a clean bill of health" :P
    and James... what'd you have dude??
    xx enlargement procedure?? *LOL

  3. Happy Birthday Mae!
    James, did you get her some white roses? You know the ones she likes! Am looking forward to seeing those food posts. Yum!

  4. Mae HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Make sure you get James to buy you anything you want :)) , James congrats on the clean bill of health :D oh , pics of the steak please :D

  5. Oh boy, James got visually molested. :)
    Happy Birthday to Mae!

  6. ahahaha... shopping. Kesian. I hate shopping, boring like heck. Don't forget to take her to Tiffany's again.

  7. happy birthday Mae!
    Erm, I think the nurse did it on purpose. Maybe she liked watching it, erm... do tricks.

  8. Happy Birthday Mae!
    :lol: James, maybe the 1st time she didn't have a good view that's why she walked in on you again! :P

  9. Woo! My birthday was yesterday too! And I took the day off too! Oooo...we're so Scary :)
    Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday, Mae! ;)

  10. belated birthday wishes to mae! i guess she doesn't remember me since it was a one-time meet and also the fact that she met many people that day.
    so james, you passed your medical exam with flying colours ah?

  11. Thanks for all your wishes folks! Mae is too shy to log her appreciation here.
    Egghead, I have no use for an enlargement procedure. *ahem* :lol:
    Thanks for the reminder, Boo. It's been awhile since I blogged about food. :)
    Aw, sorry Deepsy, we forgot to bring our camera to the steakhouse.
    :lol: Lilian, I feel so violated.
    You hubby is so lucky, Gwen. *ahaks* I'm gonna die for saying this.
    Hahahah Totoro, If it can do tricks, I'd have joined the circus.
    Heheeheh, you may just be right D.Goddess!
    Wow, Anjali. You must be clever and beautiful too. *james goes for the great save*
    Of course she remembers you, Lucia!

  12. Ya.. i hate it too.. to be honest.. even though i am a woman..! they love to come in at the most inappropriate time..!