Monday, November 14, 2005

Monkeying Around

Whenever we go home to Taiping these days, we always go to the zoo. It's like an unwritten parenting rule of some sort. So there we were over the weekend introducing Jesse to his animal friends when suddenly Mae grabs the boy and starts running towards some monkeys.

"Jesse, see! The monkey piggy-back his friend!" Mae shrieks excitedly in broken English to the equally excited boy. We had been carrying him on our backs and so he understood the term, piggy-back well enough. And so, mother and son ran enthusiastically towards a group of monkeys roaming around the zoo compound.

And then, Mae made an about-turn. "Okaaaaay," she rolled her eyes, "they're NOT piggy-backing!"

It's never a pretty sight when animals do what animals do to make more animals. I whipped my camera and ran towards the subjects but alas, Guy-Monkey came before I went.


  1. hahahaha.... that is not piggy bck... there is another term for it... perhaps later then... much later. cheers!

  2. LOL!!
    I guess Mae needs to watch more National Geography and Animal Planet :P

  3. so u watch them copulate eh ?

  4. i had a baboon wank in front of me once. was that a compliment? i hope not.

  5. Probably this will save you from explaining to Jesse in the future when he ask, where do babies come from? Just say - you saw the monkeys piggyback in the zoo when you were 1 year and 3 months old? Ha ha.

  6. Piggy back? I thought it was something about a dog?

  7. ha ha ha ha ha ha.....

  8. ROTFLOL! piggy-backing... a harmless term to describe that perhaps? :lol:

  9. hehe. nice to meet u dude. yelled so loud some more. phew.

  10. Jesse thoughts: "No mum you are wrong! That's what you do to have me" *cheeky smile*

  11. jesse first the zoo! lol

  12. hehe, thanks for the laugh, i can always count on your site for something to make me smile :)

  13. Guy-Monkey came before I went.
    oh the irony of that sentence just kills me, uncle. so bila you and mae gonna have another ?

  14. Hi there, Firstly I've got to say I really enjoy your site! It's always very entertaining!
    We've got a soon to be 3 year old girlie and a 9 months old boyie. Gosh I can only imagine what it would be like if it was my daughter. She is at The WHY" stage. Wanna know what my answer would be? "Go ask your daddy!" hahhha

  15. Much later is good, JoeC!
    Indeed, Egghead. That's why I always say HK serials will rot your mind. Watch Discovery.
    Not when you have front row seats, Babe. Hehehh!
    It's the voyeur in me lah, Foodcrazee. :lol:
    At you, or with you, MOTT?! :lol:
    I should have taped it for posterity, Gina. Hahh.
    Yes, yes, Blake. These damn monkeys always trying to emulate other animals.
    Just Another Girl: It was, it was, it was, it was, it was.
    Hopefully not, Dom Goddess. I might get confused. *ahaks*
    I wanted you to enjoy the shock-factor mah, KY!
    Wow, Michelle, if my kid that smart, I'll be euphoric lah!
    Nope Miche, his mother made sure he didn't see a thing.
    Come back often, Jane Jane! :lol:
    I dunno, Leo. But the monkeys were inspiring. ;)
    Dirty trick Chiwi! Thanks for dropping by.

  16. hahaha... I saw a pair of tapir do that once.... when we had a school trip to zoo negara hehe.. attracted a lot of attention there!

  17. hahah! Monkeys are fast eh? :p

  18. i guess the monkeys weren't trying to be other animals (PIGGY-backing), they were just trying to be themselves (MONKEYing around)

  19. I've been seeing a lot of bonking rabbits lately and got so used to it. Animal reproduction doesn't seem unsightly to me anymore.
    However, doggies humping my leg while I'm trying to have a decent conversation takes a little more getting used to. =)

  20. Thanks a lot, Lin! Now you've given me a lasting impression of tapirs. :lol:
    Almost premature, Leokoo. Hahahaahh!
    Well, Anonymous, they were doing it doggie-style. :lol:
    Not unsightly eh, Ripcord? Perhaps I could interest you in animal appendages - coming up in the next entry. :)