Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Real Man

Most guys like cars and everything to do with them - car shows, mods, F1, WRC, GT Queens and so on. I like only GT Queens. I'm just not that much of a car guy. In fact, for most part of my life, I can never identify a vehicle I see on the road. In fact, I can identify kitchen utensils more than automobiles.

Lately, however, I had been given the task of recommending some cars for the company. And so I took on the task industriously - as I do with any task given to me. *ahem* And over the last month or so, all I have been looking at are brochures, catalogs and automotive websites. As a result, I now know more cars than I used to.

"That's a Alfa Romeo 156," I tell Mae. She nods knowingly and so I add smugly, "Yes, I recognise them now," and added a little "Hmph" for effect.

"Wow," Mae exclaimed animatedly, "you're like a real man now." Like.

I shall have to educate her tonight. After I'm done fixing the kitchen faucet, repairing our vacuum cleaner and doing all the macho shit I have to do all day.


  1. yeah, real man fix faucets, heh heh

  2. mebbe mae is more adept in the plumbing area? heh heh heh....

  3. Oh? Fixing the kitchen? I thought you were gonna erm... show her your macho, manly side in the bedroom... kaka*

  4. m.o.t.t - mebbe mae is more adept in the plumbing area?
    nice one dude. nice one. Let see if in 270 days after the fixing of the faucet will result in a companion for jesse.

  5. LOL! So I guess the next step will have to be football, F1, harley davidson, 500cc bike, cuban cigars, plumbing and don't give a damn to what Mae say... right?

  6. gosh means my boiboi became a real man when he was 1 yr 7 months old!!!! he could recognise some car logos and models. at 3 yrs he more terror than i do, he even knew which were bentley, WRC citroen/pug!!!! he has stopped watching barney and asked me to switch on Initial D for him... and yes he can even drift (OMG) using his feet powered vehicle!

  7. sooo, after weeks and weeks, you only manage the work out alphabet A? man, ya got a loong way to got, fella. good luck. cheers!

  8. i can recognise Lexus, 350z my fair lady, porsche, red ferrari tooo...does it mean im a man too?*giggles*

  9. "you're LIKE a real man now" !!?!?!? must ask Mae what does that mean.. ;I
    It's like.. before .. you weren't.. now that you can recognise cars.. you are.. :O
    I wonder what ladies would think about guys who go... "hey that's the dress I saw in that magazine", "ohh and she's wearing that shade of pecan lavender scented lipstick... "..
    you can tell that I don't know what pecan colour looks like.. nor would I bother.. but.. I should learn soon right? *grin*

  10. Ehehehee... no wonder i suddenly turn boyish when i talk about cars with my girlmates... LOL!

  11. i am sure that Mae doesn't mean it that way ... just some random words ... don't take it that seriously ...
    i am sure she has no doubt that you're THE man of her life ... and Jesse's life, and possibly your mum's life.
    Now go prove it to her further by making a brother/sister for Jesse! Ha!

  12. educate? you r not refering to ABC and 123, r u?
    hehehe ;)

  13. im a lil bit like u too.. not the car fan..
    and u have a nice header :P

  14. Yes Meng, it's all in the plumbing. *ahem*
    One can only hope, MOTT! :lol:
    X-rich's Gal, anything I can do in the kitchen, I can do in the bedroom. Bwahahah.
    Hah, you're an optimist, aren't you, Leo?
    Man o man, Egghead. Looks like my only thing in that list is plumbing.
    :lol: You have an interesting kid, Babe.
    Yay, Visithra? :)
    What can I say, Joe, I'm a slow poke. Hehh...
    You better check your package, Ahlian! :)
    Paulos, you can only conquer the womenfolk if you fout out what makes them tick, even if it's pecan lavender scented lipstick. :lol:
    Ah, Alison, that's your inner boy-child coming out.
    No worries GreenApple. If I can make one, I can make another. Hahhh
    There's plenty you can do with ABCs and 123s, Papi!
    Thanks SmashpOp!